Saturday, 22 September 2018

Be prepared for traffic Chaos

Residents in Twerton and Whiteway should be prepared for several weeks of traffic problems getting to work and back home again.

Residents for a number if weeks now have been experiencing problems with delayed buses and problems waiting in traffic lines for long periods. Much of the problems have been Road works on various Roads in Bath that have been affecting All Bus routes in the City.

It seems that just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse, Well its going to as the Lower Bristol Road is going to be resurfaced in several sections at a time and works will also be taking place on the Upper Bristol Road.

Roads will be closed from 7pm at night till the morning starting on 1st October all buses will be diverted during these hours but will also face disruption in the day time me so please be prepared and adjust your travelling  times.

Works in other locations will also add to travel misery.

Please follow the link to find out more this relates to work starting 1st October.

We will publish more as information comes available.