Monday, 20 February 2017

Shaw's Way ( footpath )

We are pleased to see that the footpath from 3 to 12 Shaw's way has been resurfaced as we requested some time ago.

The footpath before it was repaired was full of potholes and trip points and we are pleased to see that they have been removed.

Sunday, 19 February 2017

Sea Gulls

The council budget for 2017/18 was approved which included an allocation of £57k for the gull strategy.  This will enable the council to repeat its successful programme of egg and nest removal in the same locations/wards as last year, namely:

Abbey/Kingsmead/Newbridge/Twerton/Widcombe/Westmoreland and the former factory site occupied by Welton Bibby and Baron in MSN

The council be again be working with NBC Bird and Pest Solutions as it's contractor.

The council are finalising the project plan at the moment and will provide more details in due course, however the key milestone dates are:

·         Publicity launch of programme in w/b 6 March when expressions of interest for treatments can start to be made with NBC Bird and Pest Solutions

·         Treatment programme will take place from mid-April through to the end of May, before chicks begin to hatch.  Revisits will then be programmed in to those premises visited in April and May to deal with any eggs which have been re-laid

Please keep an eye on this blog for more information that we will publish when available.

Friday, 17 February 2017

Kelston View - Good News

As many of you may be aware, during 2016, local resident Sarah Moore led a campaign, assisted by local Councillor Tim Ball, to make the roads across our area safer for all users.  

The campaign included surveys, petitions and numerous meetings with Council Officers and the Divisional Director for Environmental Services to ensure the issues that affect everyone in this area were highlighted.

We are pleased to confirm that we have secured £125,000 to be spent specifically on the severely deteriorating road surface on Kelston View.

We appreciate this is not enough to replace the complete road, however, we have been told that some of the road will be re-surfaced with micro-asphalt and the worst area in the middle of Kelston View will be subject to a new process of re-stabilisation and re-surfacing.

The Council have agreed to include Sarah Moore in any discussions that take place throughout this work to ensure that residents views are taken on board throughout.  If you wish to make any comments or express any views on this work, or would like to be kept informed of progress of the work, please do get in touch.

Councillor Tim Ball and Sarah Moore will continue with this campaign to ensure other roads across the area are also fully repaired and not just patched, this may take a bit longer to achieve, but we will not stop until every road in this area is sorted. 

Please contact either Liberal Democrat Councillor Tim Ball or Local Campaigner Sarah Moore if you would like to discuss this or any other issues you may have.

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Lower Bristol Road (possible hold ups)

Beware of possible hold ups on the Lower Bristol Road from today 14th February through to 20th February .

Works are being carried out by Wessex Water, BT and Western Power at different locations from Twerton Mill student accommodation to Vernon Terrace.

Please be prepared for some delays.

Monday, 13 February 2017

What’s on at Bath City Farm

Go and explore the farm and get involved in some of their interesting projects or events. There is something for everyone, young or small, big or old(er). From building bonfires in the wilderness to caring for chickens, to toddlers groups and cookery. Everyone is warmly welcomed. 

Please head to their website and download the latest ‘What’s on Guides’

see you at the farm soon.

Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Safer Roads - Wedgwood Road

Continuing on our Safer Roads campaign, we are pleased to confirm that the signs we had requested are now being put up to make our residential roads safer for everyone.

New road sign on Wedgewood Road

We requested some of our roads had HGV restrictions to ensure the safety of children walking to school, cyclists and all other pedestrians.

Our residential roads are not capable of sustaining the level of heavy vehicles that are currently using them and this will hopefully also help to ensure the road surfaces we do manage to get repaired and replaced last longer.