Thursday, 28 August 2014

Twerton walk around with Curo

We had a good walk around with Curo on Wednesday and managed to resolve several issues and noted further works that need to take place.

Thanks to Zack and his team from Curo.

High street

We noted some cracked paving Slabs that are in need of repair, and we will follow these up with Highways.

We also noted that there are repairs needed to the stairwell at the Parade.

Clyde Gardens.

We had discussions with residents about the trees behind some of the houses that are between them and the railway.

The residents want some of the trees reduced in height and we will be writing to rail track asking them  to cut them down to a lower height.

Landseer Road

We were pleased to see the area much tidier than it has been for a while and noted that Curo had been using community pay back the day before to clean the area up.

The issue about the overgrown area near to 32 & 33 is about to be resolved with the area being turned into parking, unfortunately we have no date for when this may be carried out.

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Delivery vehicles on footpaths

We have complained to several hot food companies about their vehicles particularly small motorcycles ridding on the footpaths in Twerton.

We have asked that the companies inform their staff that the practise must stop before some one gets hurt.

If you get a hot food delivery then please also do your part and ensure that your food is delivered safely and do your part to ensure that all of our children can play safely.

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

High Street Twerton

We have asked that the white lines that prevent obstruction are replaced on High Street that were removed during recent resurfacing works.

The white lines on the corners of the entrance to parking between 37 & 38 High Street are of particular concern and we have asked that they are replaced as soon as possible before an accident occurs.

We have also asked the Police and the councils parking services to watch out for double parking on the High Street and take action against any offenders.

Friday, 22 August 2014

Kelston View Bus Stops

In a meeting with Council officers this morning we came to agreement to remove that build out close to 36 to 38 Kelston View.

The reasons for this is that the bus stop is very rarely used and the build out in this location removes valuable parking spaces.

Buses will still pull up at this bus stop if required by someone waiting at the stop but there will be no bus stop making on the ground restricting any parking.

To be very clear the only bus that may need to use this stop is the number 20 service.

Thursday, 21 August 2014

Twerton Walk around with Curo

We had a very good walk around yesterday with Curo staff  and identified some items that need to be sorted out in the area.

Many thanks to Zack and his team from Curo

Newton Road

We walked along Newton Road and resolved that there needed to be work carried out on several sets of steps pictured to put railings on and repairs made. We also looked at a garden that needed to be reseeded.

Camely Green 

It has been reported that a road sign to the rear of 78 needs to be replaced we would hope that this would quickly be sorted.

Cleeve Green 

We have reported the missing Road sign close to 21 Cleeve Green which we would hope to have sorted shortly.

We have also again reported the crumbling wall beside number one for urgent repair and attention.

Pennard Green

We have reported the collapsing wall by the garage block for attention although it odes not seem dangerous at the moment it requires work to be done, we have also reported the dumping of garden waste in black sacks at the same location.

Shaws Way

We have reported the condition of the road surface behind 12 and the poor condition of the footpath beside the same house as well as the condition of the path from number 3 Shaws Way up to number 12 and have asked that it us given some attention.

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Walwyn Close

We have managed to get agreement with Curo for them to clean the pathway between 6 & 8 that leads to the doctors surgery. We have had many complaints about this path over the past few months about it not being cleaned.

We have also asked the council to replace the hand rail to the rear of these properties that has been removed and also to repair the crumbling steps that are on the path towards the doctors surgery.

We would hope that this work would soon be carried out.

Saturday, 9 August 2014

Shaws Way ( Bus stop proposals )

 After receiving requests from residents for a bus Shelter at Shaws Way we are pleased to have reached a tentative agreement with council officers for a bus shelter to be placed at the current bus stop on the inward travel direction near to the Poolemead Road Junction.

We have also reached agreement for a new litter bin to be placed at this bus stop, the bus stop will also have a seat.

We are still waiting for firm details and will publish these shortly.

Friday, 8 August 2014

Bus Stop issues resolved at Twerton High Street.

We have now been able to resolve the issue of the Bus Stop outside of Clyde House in Twerton Highhigh Street.

Many residents have complained over a long time that we have not been able to provide a bus shelter at this point.

We are now pleased to be able to report that on Wednesday this week we were able to agree proposals  for the erection of a bus shelter at the above location.

The problem that was occurring was that the Shelter is to be against a listed wall and that the owner requires access to.

We have overcome this issue by having a shelter without a back using the natural wall as defence against the weather a free standing seat will also be provided.

We would hope that this would be installed before the worst of the winter weather.

Kids activities

Every Friday until the Kids go back to School is a drop in at Rose Cottage from 10am till 2pm.

There is still time today to come on down with your kids if you live in Twerton.

There is one condition however and that is you must stay with your children to ensure their behaviour as they are not being supervised except for by you.

You can enjoy?

Cups of Tea, coffee, Hot Chocolate or cans of drink for only £1

Their are also several light snacks even hot ones for just £1

Juice for Children is free.

So come on down to Rose Cottage and enjoy a nice cup of tea or Coffee as your Children play with other children in the area.

These events are being sponsored by Curo

Sunday, 3 August 2014

Twerton residents encouraged to remember lost ones from WW1

The Royal British Legion is encouraging everyone in the UK to turn off their lights between 10pm and 11pm on Monday 4 August 2014 – leaving only a single light or candle for this symbolic act of reflection and hope. 

The lamps are going out all over Europe, we shall not see them lit again in our lifetime.”  Sir Edward Grey, Foreign Secretary, uttered these words on the eve that Britain officially entered the First World War. Exactly 100 years later, the Royal British Legion is inviting millions of individuals, households and companies to join together in a national moment of reflection.

The Royal British Legion hopes that there will be one million candles across the UK to remember each and every one of those Service men and women who gave their lives in World War One. 

Further information can be found by following the link below:

Saturday, 2 August 2014

Examination results help and advice for students

Students whose exam results aren’t quite what they expected are being offered expert advice and help to plan a new future.

Bath & North East Somerset Council is offering young people a personal advice service through its teams of Personal Advisers and Youth Workers.

They can provide information, advice and guidance on further education courses, apprenticeships, training and job opportunities to students whose summer examination results were not as good as they expected.

To access the advice, please call01225 396980 or pop into one of our sessions:

·         Peasedown Youth Hub -  Thursday,  21 August 10am to 12 noon with brunch included;Friday, 22 August 10am to 12 noon.
·         Southside Youth Hub –Thursday, 21 August 2pm to 4pm.
·         The Hollies, Midsomer Norton – Thursday, 22 August 2pm to 4pm.
·         Radstock Youth Hub –Tuesday, 26 August 2pm to 3pm.
·         Time Out, Keynsham –Tuesday, 26 August 2pm to 5pm.
·         Chew Magna, Friday 22 August Mobile  10am - 12pmat Chew Valley Lake car park without cafĂ©.

Friday, 1 August 2014

Good news for local Children with park upgrades


Local Children are to benefit as both our local parks are to have an upgrade Bath & North East Somerset council are planning at Pennyquick park to:

Remove the existing equipment from both play areas and installing a new safety surface. In the area for younger children, we plan to replace the Fun Buggy and Rocker Rabbit with a new toddler multi-play unit and in the area for older children: to install new state-of-the-art play equipment.

We  will publish designs as soon as we have them including local consultation events.

Innox Park

The new path through the park is due to be installed during the autumn we will publish further details as soon as we have them.