Thursday, 21 March 2013

I have asked that the mess that has again been dumped on the footpath at Connection Hill opposite the electric sub station is cleared up as soon as possible.

This mess is here on a regular basis if you know who is doing this please let us know as it is not acceptable.

By Councillor Tim Ball

Walyn Close Flats fly tipping

I have asked that the mess is cleared away from the recycling area outside of Walwyn Close flats, this rather annoying as it is there on a regular basis.

It is also not very good to look at for the residents if you know who is causing the mess please let us know.

I have also asked the council to work closely with Curo to find a permanent solution to this issue that can not be allowed to continue.

By Councillor Tim Ball

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Litter Pick & Childrens play area

Cllr Gerry Curran joined children from St Michael's Junior School on a litter pick in Carr's Woodland off of Walwyn Close Twerton on Monday 18th March.

Gerry Said: "The area was full of litter and it was great to have the children along to help us adults clear up, It is a shame that people can not take their litter home with them instead of dropping it where they are stood".

There was also a lot of fly tipping that had taken place in the woodland area that has been removed with help of the councils waste department.

After an hour of litter picking the Children went onto a new woodland play area created by the councils parks department, in which the natural elements are put to good use such as fallen trees and tree stumps.

"We hope that the Children have as much fun using the new play areas as we had looking around them".

The areas above and to the left hand side are the new play area's created for children from natural materials.

The play area can be accessed from Walwyn close by entering the woodland trail and following it 300 yards, It can also be accessed from the Woodland trail from Pennyquick View with a slightly shorter walk.

By Councillor Tim Ball

Saturday, 16 March 2013

Blockbusters Closing Wednesday

It is common knowledge that Blockbusters is closing in Twerton after the National chain went into liquidation I have been told today that they are closing on Wednesday next week.

We all expected that the Twerton Blockbusters Store would remain open as it was a profitable part of the business.

I now understand that the rumours about Morrison's taking on the store are correct and that they have bought the building and not just bought out the lease that Blockbusters had with the building owner.

I have no official confirmation of the issue of Morrison's opening a local store in Twerton but have no reason not to believe this not to be correct.

I would hope that the current staff in the Blockbusters store would be able to gain employment with the new owners.

If  Morrison's take on this store as local shop it turns back the clock nearly 30 years when retail last used the building and the Co op ceased trading in the High street before returning 5 years ago further down the High Street as Southern Co op.

Helping children to enjoy the benefits of playful risk

Children are being encouraged to enjoy and learn from challenging play opportunities with a “Risk Benefit Toolkit” launched by Bath & North East Somerset Council.
The Council has adopted a Risk Benefit approach to children’s play. This toolkit will help Council staff and other organisations working with children to weigh up benefits as well as risks when making judgements about places to play or activities to do.
All of this supports the Council’s commitment to provide “challenging and stimulating” play opportunities which allow children to develop and grow, as outlined in the Council’s Play Policy and endorsed nationwide by the Health & Safety Executive.
Bath & North East Somerset Council is committed to offering children and young people opportunities for them to enjoy their childhood and prepare for adult life. These essential opportunities for exciting play enable children to develop and grow; and it’s through childhood play that we first learn to spot risk and deal with it appropriately.
It’s all about finding the balance between enabling children to get the benefits of challenging and exciting play without putting them at risk of serious injury. The Risk Benefit Assessment process helps to make a sensible, professional judgement on this and is now promoted by the Health & Safety Executive as the best approach.
To celebrate the launch of this approach, children from St Michael’s C of E Junior School will test out a newly created playful space at Carr’s Wood, Twerton, in Bath on Monday 18 March featuring fallen tree climbs, hilltop lookout, swing and balance/clamber logs – after “doing their bit” for the community and helping to clear litter from the woodland.
For more information on the Council’s Play Policy and where to find opportunities for challenging play, visit

Friday, 15 March 2013

Energy saving open house in Twerton

Energy saving open house.
Visitors who drop in can see advisors demonstrate how to take meter readings, set central heating controls, explain practical measures to address condensation and damp, and show how making small changes in the home can result in savings on fuel bills. Each visitor can take home information leaflets and a free thermometer card and magnet. The first 100 visitors get a free Winter Warmth pack!
56 The Hollow, Twerton, Bath BA2 1LZ (map)
12 March-14 April
Tuesday (late night opening): 3-7
Wednesday-Saturday: 10-2pm
The Open House is part of the Winter Warmth Club project that we're delivering with Bath & North East Somerset's Housing Services department.
In partnership with West of England Care and Repair, British Red Cross, Age UK and Curo, the area's major social housing provider, we're offering a variety of help and advice, particularly aimed at older people. By calling CSE's Home Energy Team on 0800 082 2234, people in the area could access: 
  • Discounted heating repairs and improvements - using trusted contractors to repair heating and hot water systems
  • Supplying oil-filled radiators if heating can’t be reinstated quickly
  • A referral to get funding for energy efficiency improvements like loft insulation
  • Winter safety checks
  • Draught proofing – doors, windows, chimneys, loft hatches, etc.
  • Loft clearance in preparation for insulation
  • Path clearance
  • Hot water tank or pipe lagging
  • A personal visit from Red Cross staff or volunteers
  • Advice on benefits, grants and services that can help
  • Advice on fire hazards from Avon Fire and Rescue
  • A free Healthy Homes pack, containing essentials for winter weather and power cuts
This scheme is funded by the Department of Health. More information on the council website here.

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Cars obstructing steps Poolemead Road

I have asked the council to put down white lines in front of the steps a the top of Poolemead Road.

It seem that visitors to the youth centre are parking in front of these steps making them impossible to use for local residents.

The steep banks on this part of Poolemead Road make the getting across the road bad enough without  this indiscriminate parking.

It normally takes about six weeks from request for lines to go down and I am hopeful that this will be achieved on this occasion.

By Councillor Tim Ball

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Trip Hazards reported

I have asked that all of the paving stones in Twerton High Street are checked for trip hazards after a resident had quite a nasty fall yesterday.

I have been along High Street today and have noticed some very nasty trip hazards as shown in the picture.

by Cllr Tim Ball

Sainsbury's shopping trolley removed

The shopping trolley has now bee removed from Cleeve Green and I have received a phone call to say that it is gone.

A thank you to Sainsbury's manager for managing to get this removed, It is a shame that I could not get this response from their customer services.

I hope that they will take this on board that shopping trolleys left where children can get to them can be dangerous and need to be swiftly removed.

However thanks goes to the efficient manager for resolving the issue on this occasion.

By Councillor Tim Ball

Kelston View litter problems after recycling collection

I have asked that the council cleans up Kelston View after the recycling collection yesterday. The area was left in a mess.

I have been informed that council staff are being deployed to clean the area up and that the recycling firm have been brought to task over the issue.

Carr's Woodland Litter Pick.

Bath & North East Somerset Council, with support from St Michael’s C of E Junior School,

have organised a litter pick at Carr’s Wood.

Followed by a double launch:

a new natural play space in Carr’s Wood the Council’s new document on Playful Risk: Risk-Benefit Assessment.

The document will support organisations to weigh up risks against the benefits when making opportunities for children to play.

Any questions, or to let us know you are coming, please contact: Jeremy Dymond – Play & Community Development Officer

Walwyn Close, 1 - 3pm this Monday (18th March)
If you are able to join in, please meet by Carr’s woods at:

Walwyn Close, 1 - 3pm this Monday (18th March)

Missing Hand Rail

I have asked Curo when we can expect to see the hand rail that was demolished by a car a few months ago put back into place.

The hand rail was very helpful to many people to hang onto it was also a good barrier to keep cars off of Pennard Gteen.

I hope that Curo are able to help us out in this matter shortly.

By Cllr Tim Ball

Sainsbury's unhelpful after trolley dumped

I have asked Sainsbury's in Bath City Centre to remove the shopping trolley that has been dumped at Cleeve Green.

I am a little shocked at the response from Sainsbury's customer services who told me that the trolley would not be moved until next week.

With this attitude from one of our major retailers is it no wonder we have so many in our rivers or left dumped for weeks on end.

I have now spoken to a member of Sainsbury's management about this and am hoping for a better response although I am not convinced.

It is not correct for the trolley to be moved at the expense of the council tax payer although this may be an avenue that I may need to employ.

It is also not helpful for people to remove trolleys from the Supermarkets and dump them in the street.

Cleaning Standards Naish House

I have asked Curo to clean up the mess outside of Naish House the picture shows the state of the place.

As Curo have a regular cleaner for this building I am a little surprised at the condition.

By Cllr Tim Ball

Friday, 8 March 2013

Winter Warmth Club open House

You are invited to attend the launch of the Winter Warmth Club Open House in Twerton, on Tuesday 12th March.

Drop-in between 3pm-7pm for refreshments and to find out what support is available.

56 The Hollow, Twerton

This recently retrofitted house in Twerton will be open to the public from Tuesday 12th March until the end April

Opening times:
Tuesdays 3pm – 7pm
Wednesday –Saturday 10am – 2pm

Drop-in to speak to an adviser about your energy bills, the energy efficiency measures that could work in your home, and what grants and subsidies and finance you may be eligible for, and to see the improvements made to the house and the information displays.

Litter picking Hanna Close

A large amount of litter was picked up yesterday at Hanna Close particularly by the abandoned land that Curo have left.

Many thanks to Westmoreland Councillor Sharon Ball who cleared this area in a marathon litter pick.

By Councillor Tim Ball

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

More Flowers for Twerton High Street

I am delighted to be able to report that an extra 5 hanging flower baskets will be on display in Twerton High Street this summer.

Th Baskets will be on double hangers on the exisiting poles making our high street much brighter this Summer.

by Cllr Tim Ball