Monday, 29 October 2012

Linley Close

We have complained to Curo Housing with regards to their recycling at Linley Close garages.

At the moment the recycling is in a loose area and it gets scattered widely across the area and is a target for fly tipping.

We have asked Curo to put their recycling in a compound at a nearby block of flats to stop this mess that is currently being made.

By Cllr Gerry Curran

Sunday, 28 October 2012

Landseer Road

We are working on this area and have made great efforts to get the area cleaned up Cllr Gerry Curran said: "I spent some considerable time on Friday this week clearing the area of litter and removing some of the brambles and stinging nettles from an area where the old Cherry Tree was cut down."

The area has been a problem for quite a while and we need to resolve several issues in this area.

Cllr Tim Ball said: "The council have agreed to clear the bed in front of 32 Landseer Road this winter and prepare it for seeding or turfing. This will be co-ordinated with the replacement of the Cherry Tree".

By Cllr Tim Ball & Cllr Gerry Curran.

Thursday, 25 October 2012

Landseer Road Cherry Tree

I have asked the council to replace the Cherry Tree that was cut down a few weeks ago out side of 32 Landseer Road with another one, the tree was apparently dead.

I have also asked that the area is given a good clear up with brambles and nettles being cut back form the shrub bed  area.

By Cllr Tim Ball

High Street

I have asked for two very dangerous paving slabs to be replaced on Twerton High Street one outside of the CO-OP and the other alongside Blockbuster.

I would hope to see these replaced or repaired in the next couple of weeks and will keep a check on the area to ensure progress.

By Cllr Tim Ball

Litter pcks continue

I have continued my litter picks on Friday of Last week and spent time picking up litter in Dominion Road and Freeview Road.

In all I collected several bags in the time I was out and met several people who were surprised to see me picking litter but also very pleased that it was happening.

I will be out again this Friday if you want to join me then let me know via my contact details.

By Cllr Gerry Curran

Old park area Redland Park

I have managed to reach agreement with Bath & North East Somerset Council to remove the fencing around the old park area in Redland Park.

The fencing will be removed in the next few weeks and the area will be grassed over abandoning the wild flower area that never worked.

By Cllr Tim Ball

Monday, 8 October 2012

Changes to number 5 bus time table

First have announced changes to the number 5 time table as of 7th October.

The timetable will be revised and the frequency increased on Mondays to Fridays from every 15 minutes to every 12 minutes. 

The frequency will be reduced on Sunday & Bank Holidays evenings from every 30 minutes to every 40 minutes. The service via Haycombe Drive to run later, until 1900 on Mondays to Saturdays. 

Saturday, 6 October 2012

Knightstone Action day 10th October

Knightstone Housing will be running and action afternoon on Wednesday 10th October from 1pm till 3pm for residents of Boyce Close Long Valley Road & Tanners Walk.

If you are a Knightstone resident why not pop up or down to Tanners Walk and have a chat with Knightsone staff.

Both myself and Cllr Gerry Curran will also be in attendance and look forward to meeting local residents we will also take the opportunity to knock a few doors and talk to more shy shy residents.

By Cllr Tim Ball

Litter Pick Long Valley Road

I had and enjoyable afternoon litter picking with a friend along Long Valley Road on Friday Afternoon.

It was nice to meet local residents and do a good deed for the community.

 In a short period of time we collected two bags of rubbish and left the area much cleaner than we found it.

By Cllr Gerry Curran

Friday, 5 October 2012

New metal fencing is soon to be erected at the bottom end of Redland Park to match work already done in other Parts of Redland Park.

The Work will be carried out in late October on Curo properties, I have also persuaded Curo to put this high quality fencing on one property in Newton Road that leads into the estate as this will tidy up the area and give a greater impact on Redland Par itself.

By Cllr Tim Ball

Thursday, 4 October 2012

Waste Centre to Close

The dates have now been confirmed for the above temporary closure of the recycling Bath recycling centre for essential Maintenance. 

The site will be closed   - from Monday 8th October and will be reopening 8th December.

For latest news please visit

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

one House into two flats proposal

We have a planning application this week in Freeview Road that splits a family house into two self contained flats if you want to view the application or make comments then please follow the link below.

Conversion of house into 2no self contained flats
Application reference: 12/04136/FUL received on 17/09/2012