Friday, 30 November 2012

Bath City Farm Family Fun Day

Bath City Farm are holing another family Fun Day on Saturday 15th December at Bath City Farm Kelston View from 11am till 2pm.

The Fun Will include a

Santa's Grotto
Arts and craft
face Painting
Lucky Dip 
Christmas raffles
Soup Mulled wine and Apple Juice

Christmas Fete

You can tell Christmas is coming when the Fetes start coming thick and fast.

This Saturday 1st December 10am till 1pm St Michael's Church in Twerton are holding as Christmas Fete at the Church to raise money for a youth trip with Mercy in Action.

The Fete will include as Santa's Grotto, why not pop along and pick up a bargain and support a good cause.

By Cllr Tim Ball

Bench Twerton Hight Street

The bench outside the learning centre in Twerton High Street has been controversial for quite some time and was temporally removed before it was put back at my request.

The issue is that there has been some anti social behaviour related to the bench.

1) The bench has been used in the day time by some alcoholics in the area but this is a police issue to move them on and not a reason to remove the bench I have chased the Police to resolve this issue.

2) The Bench has been used late at night by young people travelling back from town and noise has been generated this is another Police issue and no reason to remove the bench.

The bench is used by many elderly residents in the day time when visiting local shops and I believe that until we have an alternative this bench should remain.

By Cllr Tim Ball

Pots Holes

I have asked the council to repair the large pot Hole in the road behind 33/35 Shaws Way that has been causing problems for motorists and residents.

If you know of a Pot Hole please do not wait for an accident to happen please report it to council connect 394041.

By Cllr Tim Ball

Street lights Shaws Way

I have asked the council to deal with the problem of the street lights that have been on all the time at Shwas way for the past few weeks.

If you see street lights that are either on for too long or not working then please phone council connect 394041.

By Cllr Tim Ball

Road signs

I have asked for the road sign that was knocked out of the ground at Poolemead Road to be replaced as soon as possible.

I have also asked for the blank sign at Windrush Close to be replaced.

By Cllr Tim Ball

Bath Recycling Centre set to reopen

The Bath Recycling Centre at Midland Road is due to reopen on Monday 3rd of January after being closed for essential Maintainance.

By Cllr Tim Ball

Friday, 9 November 2012

Cars causes Havoc at Shaws Way

A car has crashed through the new railings by Naish House on Shaws Way after loosing control coming down Poolemead Road just before 8am this morning from information that I have received from Police on duty.

If the timing is correct it's a relief that it was not later with Children going to the local schools.

I have chased up the matter with highways to have the dangerous posts removed.
By Cllr Tim Ball

Monday, 5 November 2012

Litter picking

I had a good day litter picking in the Twerton area on Friday and cleared the area from the top of Watery Lane up to Linley Close and around to the back of the Centurion public house.

I am out most Friday's picking so if you want to join me then give me a ring to find out where I am.

By Cllr Gerry Curran

Wedgewood Road

I have asked for the missing  Road sign that details the location of 2/26 Wedgewood Road to be replaced as soon as possible.

This area is difficult to find the location of houses as it is and I would hope that the sign is soon back in Place.

By Cllr Tim Ball

Friday, 2 November 2012

Newton Road Bollards

I have asked that the wooden bollards that have been knocked out on Newton Road are replaced as soon as possible.

I am not sure why thes bollards are not in place and if they have been deliberately knocked out but they will soon be replaced.

I am working with Curo Housing group to resolve the parking on the grass on other parts of Newton road that is making the road looked very unsightly with churned up grass..

By Cllr Tim Ball