Friday, 5 December 2014

Christmas Fayre and more at St Michael's Church

This weekend bring the Christmas feel to the area with the annual Christmas Fayre at St Michael's Church at 10.30 am on Saturday 6th December why not pop along and grab a bargain and help local good causes.

Also it is the debut gig for those youngsters who have been learning the ukulele over the past few months a real must to see and hear.

Sunday as well as the traditional service in the morning we have the fantastic Chris-tingle service for the young children a must for the kids and those of us who are just young at heart.

So there you go something to start the Christmas season off ?

Cleaning up again

Gerry earlier this year on one of his regular litter picks
On a cold day Cllr Gerry Curran spent several hours clearing up the areas of Woodhouse Road and the entrance to Redland Park.

Gerry said: "The area looked quite bad so I got the litter picker from the car and started to clear up the area and I was soon feeling warm and had a feeling of satisfaction at a Job well done".

Gerry is often litter picking in the Twerton area and if you want to join him and email to find out which days he is out and where he will be.

Thursday, 4 December 2014

Pavements in parts of Twerton

We have asked the council to investigate the issues of green moss growing through some of our paths in Pennard, Green Cleeve Green and Shaws way that have recently been slurry sealed to protect them from wear and tear.

We are concerned that this moss could become slippery in the winter months and want to make sure that all of our residents are safe.

The council have been quick to respond saying that they will investigate the matter and bring about a resolution as quickly as possible.

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Camely Green

We have asked Curo to pay some attention to the crumbling wall by the garages at the rear of Cameley green.

On inspection the wall is slowly giving way and if not attended to will collapse leaving a danger for pedestrians in the area.

We have asked Curo to secure this area and make the wall safe as soon as possible

Monday, 1 December 2014

Dominion Road

 We have asked that the council clean up the footpath that runs from Dominion Road to Freeview Road, we have also asked that the whole of Dominion Road is litter picked as soon as possible.

It seems that this area has been missed in the last few weeks and we are keen to see it brought back up to standard.

The pictures clearly show that this needs to be sorted asap.

Monday, 10 November 2014

New Road Markings

New road markings and remaking of road junctions has been taking place in Twerton over the last few weeks after we chased up the issues of worn out markings.

We have noticed a few mistakes that have been made and we are talking with council officers about having corrections made

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Bath City Farm 8th November

Looking for something to do then have a look at these exciting things to do 1st you can support

Bath Charities Annual Fair at the Guildhall  Saturday 8th November 11am-3pm: The farm will have a stall at this event in the Guildhall, where you can stock up on our delicious homemade chutneys, handmade crafts, and stocking fillers from the farm.

And after all that fun you can go along to 

The Annual Big Bonfire Event and BBQ Saturday 8th November 6.30-9pm:  at the farm its an event that we can testify to being a great evening out for all the family.

Thursday, 30 October 2014

Out on the Doorstep in Landseer Road

We have had a very pleasant session talking with residents in Landseer Road who have told us that they are pleased with the work rate of their local councillors.

Having said that there are matters that need to be resolved and we as of yesterdays entry been chasing the large mounds of bark that have jus been dumped in two areas and we have requested that these are raked out properly.

We have also noticed that the are is in need of a good litter pick and Gerry will be in the area on Friday to give it a good clear up.

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Landseer Road

We have asked the council to clear up the mess that they have made making alterations to the former planter areas between 32/37 Landseer Road.

We requested that these areas were cleared up some time ago and will ensure that these areas are put right as soon as possible.

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

This Week at Bath City Farm

if you hurry you might just catch today's activity at Bath City Farm

Apple and Pumpkin Day  Tuesday 28th October 11am-2pm:  Join us for a day of apple and pumpkin related fun, including; apple tasting, bobbing and juicing, and pumpkin carving. 

If you miss today then there is more fun on Saturday 

Hedgehog Half Term Activity  Saturday 1st November 10.30am-12: (ages 5-12) Hedgehogs deserve a Happy Christmas too and you can help by making a hedgehog hibernation nest to take home for your garden.

Monday, 27 October 2014

Dominion Road

We have asked the council to clear the lane of litter that runs from Dominion Road to Freeview Road.

We have also asked for Dominion Road to be cleared of litter as soon as possible.

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

3G Planning application Bath City

We have a planning application for a new 3G Telecommunications mast at Bath City Football Club.

Residents with an interest in this matter should make their comments to the council planning department.

Twerton                         App Ref:           14/04323/TEL

Parish:             N/A

Registered:       22nd September 2014                            Expiry Date:     16th November 2014

Location:          Bath City Football Club High Street Twerton Bath BA2 1DB 

Grid Ref:          (E)372633 - (N)164562                            LB Grade:         N/A

Proposal:         Proposed upgrade works to existing telecommunications at 3GR Twerton Park (Bath City FC)

Officer:             Alice Barnes

Applicant:        EELtd And HUtchinson 3G UK Ltd
Agent:    WHP Wilkinson Helsby - Acquisition Design And Construction
C/o Agent
The Ponderosa
Scotland Lane
LS18 5SF

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Planning application The Rectory Watery Lane

We have a planning application for a tree order as listed below.
Ward:               Twerton                         App Ref:           14/04592/TCA

Parish:             N/A

Registered:       7th October 2014                                   Expiry Date:     18th November 2014

Location:          The Rectory Watery Lane Twerton Bath Bath And North East Somerset BA2 1RL

Grid Ref:          (E)372344 - (N)164677                            LB Grade:         N/A

Proposal:         Group of 5x Conifers - fell. 1x Beech - crown lift to 6 m

Officer:             Jane Brewer

Applicant:        Diocese Of Bath & Wells
Agent:    Adrian Feeney
C/o Mr Paul Toseland
The Old Deanery
28 Brooklyn Road

Saturday, 11 October 2014

Twerton Post Office is changing for good

The Post office are about to make a major conversion to its operations on Twerton High Street.

The attached documents will allow residents to access Post Office services for much longer during the day which we believe will in the long run benefit the community.

Please see attached documents which hep explain what is happening in more detail.

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Mill Lane

We have been informed that Mill Lane that leads to the Lower Bristol Road from Twerton High Street will close overnight for essential safety work on the railway bridge on 3rd November at 10pm and will reopen on 4th November at 6am.

An alternative route is available and is:

Lower Bristol Road, Bellotts Road, Ringwood Road, Millmead Road, Dartmouth Avenue, Lynmore Avenue, Shophouse Road and High Street.

Monday, 6 October 2014

Parking Restrictions Poolemead Road

Last week we raised the issue that the order to remove double yellow lines from the road opposite to the island at Wedgewood Road had been approved.

We can now confirm that these yellow lines have now been removed allowing for off road parking as originally intended.

We have already heard from a number of residents we are pleased that we have been able to resolve this difficult problem.

Thursday, 2 October 2014

Community speed watch (Twerton)

The Police are setting up a community speed watch scheme for Twerton for which volunteers in the community can then run.

We all know the roads where there is speeding traffic and we all moan about it, now let's pick up the mantle  and do something about it.

If you are interested in taking part in community speed watch then you will need to be trained and have a bit of time on your hands.

To find out more about this exciting scheme the either contact Pc Adge Secker at Bath Police Station by dialling 101 or contact Tim or Gerry and we will pass your details onto  Adge.

Wedgewood Road Bus Shelter

The Bus Shelter at Wedgewood Road is going to be replaced with a new shelter and seat in the spring of 2015

In the mean time we have arranged for the light fitting that is damaged to be repaired, we would hope that this would be done quickly.

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Bus Shelters and Bus Stops Kelston View

A new Bus shelter has been installed on Kelston View by Wedgewood Road flats as part of the Bath Transport package to encourage greater bus use across the area.

The controversial bus build out by 38 Kelston View will soon be removed and the original bus stop put back as it was. This was brought about by complaints from local residents.

Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Produce Market at Bath City Farm this Saturday!

Bath City Farm are holding their final Produce Market of the year, this Saturday 4th October, 11am – 1pm.

They will be selling fresh vegetables (including squashes, savoy cabbage, leeks and peas), jams, chutneys, bread, Gloucester Old Spot Pork, fresh cut flowers and crafts. We have some great value strawberry plants, redcurrant/blackcurrant bushes, Sweet Williams, pansies, chilli plants, sweet peas, vegetable seedlings and herbs.

There will be live music and a bouncy castle too, so a great day out for a good cause!

Go along and have fun?

New Double yellow lines and removal of Double yellow yellow Lines

New Schedules for no waiting restrictions have just been published and these will affect 2 Twerton Roads.

1) Waiting restrictions (  double yellow lines ) will be put into place on the northern spur of Landseer Road to ensure that emergency vehicles can gain access to Landseer Road.

2) Waiting restrictions ( double yellow lines ) will be removed from a section of Poolemead road to aid the provision of off road parking.

These have both been consulted on with local residents who support these proposals.

The new schedules take affect as of 15th October 2014

Possible delays due to road Works

With Scheduled resurfacing works taking place in Haycombe Drive for 3 days later this week there is a potential for delays to the number 5 Bus service running through Twerton.

We would advise residents to ensure that they leave home in plenty of time to reach their destination.

Thursday, 28 August 2014

Twerton walk around with Curo

We had a good walk around with Curo on Wednesday and managed to resolve several issues and noted further works that need to take place.

Thanks to Zack and his team from Curo.

High street

We noted some cracked paving Slabs that are in need of repair, and we will follow these up with Highways.

We also noted that there are repairs needed to the stairwell at the Parade.

Clyde Gardens.

We had discussions with residents about the trees behind some of the houses that are between them and the railway.

The residents want some of the trees reduced in height and we will be writing to rail track asking them  to cut them down to a lower height.

Landseer Road

We were pleased to see the area much tidier than it has been for a while and noted that Curo had been using community pay back the day before to clean the area up.

The issue about the overgrown area near to 32 & 33 is about to be resolved with the area being turned into parking, unfortunately we have no date for when this may be carried out.

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Delivery vehicles on footpaths

We have complained to several hot food companies about their vehicles particularly small motorcycles ridding on the footpaths in Twerton.

We have asked that the companies inform their staff that the practise must stop before some one gets hurt.

If you get a hot food delivery then please also do your part and ensure that your food is delivered safely and do your part to ensure that all of our children can play safely.

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

High Street Twerton

We have asked that the white lines that prevent obstruction are replaced on High Street that were removed during recent resurfacing works.

The white lines on the corners of the entrance to parking between 37 & 38 High Street are of particular concern and we have asked that they are replaced as soon as possible before an accident occurs.

We have also asked the Police and the councils parking services to watch out for double parking on the High Street and take action against any offenders.

Friday, 22 August 2014

Kelston View Bus Stops

In a meeting with Council officers this morning we came to agreement to remove that build out close to 36 to 38 Kelston View.

The reasons for this is that the bus stop is very rarely used and the build out in this location removes valuable parking spaces.

Buses will still pull up at this bus stop if required by someone waiting at the stop but there will be no bus stop making on the ground restricting any parking.

To be very clear the only bus that may need to use this stop is the number 20 service.

Thursday, 21 August 2014

Twerton Walk around with Curo

We had a very good walk around yesterday with Curo staff  and identified some items that need to be sorted out in the area.

Many thanks to Zack and his team from Curo

Newton Road

We walked along Newton Road and resolved that there needed to be work carried out on several sets of steps pictured to put railings on and repairs made. We also looked at a garden that needed to be reseeded.

Camely Green 

It has been reported that a road sign to the rear of 78 needs to be replaced we would hope that this would quickly be sorted.

Cleeve Green 

We have reported the missing Road sign close to 21 Cleeve Green which we would hope to have sorted shortly.

We have also again reported the crumbling wall beside number one for urgent repair and attention.

Pennard Green

We have reported the collapsing wall by the garage block for attention although it odes not seem dangerous at the moment it requires work to be done, we have also reported the dumping of garden waste in black sacks at the same location.

Shaws Way

We have reported the condition of the road surface behind 12 and the poor condition of the footpath beside the same house as well as the condition of the path from number 3 Shaws Way up to number 12 and have asked that it us given some attention.

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Walwyn Close

We have managed to get agreement with Curo for them to clean the pathway between 6 & 8 that leads to the doctors surgery. We have had many complaints about this path over the past few months about it not being cleaned.

We have also asked the council to replace the hand rail to the rear of these properties that has been removed and also to repair the crumbling steps that are on the path towards the doctors surgery.

We would hope that this work would soon be carried out.

Saturday, 9 August 2014

Shaws Way ( Bus stop proposals )

 After receiving requests from residents for a bus Shelter at Shaws Way we are pleased to have reached a tentative agreement with council officers for a bus shelter to be placed at the current bus stop on the inward travel direction near to the Poolemead Road Junction.

We have also reached agreement for a new litter bin to be placed at this bus stop, the bus stop will also have a seat.

We are still waiting for firm details and will publish these shortly.

Friday, 8 August 2014

Bus Stop issues resolved at Twerton High Street.

We have now been able to resolve the issue of the Bus Stop outside of Clyde House in Twerton Highhigh Street.

Many residents have complained over a long time that we have not been able to provide a bus shelter at this point.

We are now pleased to be able to report that on Wednesday this week we were able to agree proposals  for the erection of a bus shelter at the above location.

The problem that was occurring was that the Shelter is to be against a listed wall and that the owner requires access to.

We have overcome this issue by having a shelter without a back using the natural wall as defence against the weather a free standing seat will also be provided.

We would hope that this would be installed before the worst of the winter weather.

Kids activities

Every Friday until the Kids go back to School is a drop in at Rose Cottage from 10am till 2pm.

There is still time today to come on down with your kids if you live in Twerton.

There is one condition however and that is you must stay with your children to ensure their behaviour as they are not being supervised except for by you.

You can enjoy?

Cups of Tea, coffee, Hot Chocolate or cans of drink for only £1

Their are also several light snacks even hot ones for just £1

Juice for Children is free.

So come on down to Rose Cottage and enjoy a nice cup of tea or Coffee as your Children play with other children in the area.

These events are being sponsored by Curo

Sunday, 3 August 2014

Twerton residents encouraged to remember lost ones from WW1

The Royal British Legion is encouraging everyone in the UK to turn off their lights between 10pm and 11pm on Monday 4 August 2014 – leaving only a single light or candle for this symbolic act of reflection and hope. 

The lamps are going out all over Europe, we shall not see them lit again in our lifetime.”  Sir Edward Grey, Foreign Secretary, uttered these words on the eve that Britain officially entered the First World War. Exactly 100 years later, the Royal British Legion is inviting millions of individuals, households and companies to join together in a national moment of reflection.

The Royal British Legion hopes that there will be one million candles across the UK to remember each and every one of those Service men and women who gave their lives in World War One. 

Further information can be found by following the link below:

Saturday, 2 August 2014

Examination results help and advice for students

Students whose exam results aren’t quite what they expected are being offered expert advice and help to plan a new future.

Bath & North East Somerset Council is offering young people a personal advice service through its teams of Personal Advisers and Youth Workers.

They can provide information, advice and guidance on further education courses, apprenticeships, training and job opportunities to students whose summer examination results were not as good as they expected.

To access the advice, please call01225 396980 or pop into one of our sessions:

·         Peasedown Youth Hub -  Thursday,  21 August 10am to 12 noon with brunch included;Friday, 22 August 10am to 12 noon.
·         Southside Youth Hub –Thursday, 21 August 2pm to 4pm.
·         The Hollies, Midsomer Norton – Thursday, 22 August 2pm to 4pm.
·         Radstock Youth Hub –Tuesday, 26 August 2pm to 3pm.
·         Time Out, Keynsham –Tuesday, 26 August 2pm to 5pm.
·         Chew Magna, Friday 22 August Mobile  10am - 12pmat Chew Valley Lake car park without cafĂ©.

Friday, 1 August 2014

Good news for local Children with park upgrades


Local Children are to benefit as both our local parks are to have an upgrade Bath & North East Somerset council are planning at Pennyquick park to:

Remove the existing equipment from both play areas and installing a new safety surface. In the area for younger children, we plan to replace the Fun Buggy and Rocker Rabbit with a new toddler multi-play unit and in the area for older children: to install new state-of-the-art play equipment.

We  will publish designs as soon as we have them including local consultation events.

Innox Park

The new path through the park is due to be installed during the autumn we will publish further details as soon as we have them.

Thursday, 31 July 2014

Newton Road Traffic Calming

Bath & North East Somerset Council will soon be consulting on the alteration of traffic restrictions on Newton Road to go along with the proposed traffic calming that will be installed in the Autumn.

We will place links to the consultation on this blog.

We have badly needed traffic calming on this road for a long time now and we are pleased that the funding has been found to ensure that the safety of the children of this area has been placed as a priority.

Tuesday, 29 July 2014


Bath City Farm are holding their monthly Produce Market this Saturday (August 2nd), 11.00am – 1.00pm.

Why no go along and buy some fresh fruit and vegetables, plants, breads, chutneys, jams and crafts.   All proceeds go towards the running of the farm.

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Fence at The Hollow

We are pleased to see that the fence at the Hollow from Kelston View to Cotswold View has had its height drastically reduced and is not so overbearing on the skyline.

This is a good result for members of the local community who campaigned so hard about this fence that was erected without planning permission in the first place.

We will keep an eye on this area to make sure that it remains that way.

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

St Michaels Junior School

We have asked that the bollard that has been knocked down outside the School entrance is replaced as soon as possible.

We are pleased that despite repeated requests that the bollard that was knocked down has been removed.

We would hope that a new bollard would be put in place shortly.

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Litter bins Hollow &

We are pleased that the litter bin has been replaced at the Hollow and also that the litter bin that was broken at Freeview road has also been replaced.

We are keen to ensure that all of the litter bins in the area are fully functional and are fit for purpose.

If you know of any bins that need replacing then please let us know.

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Newton Road

We have asked for the School Crossing Patrol sign at St Michael's Junior School to be cleaned as soon as possible.

As can be seen in the picture the sign is covered in green moss and is hard to see by cars approaching the School from Twerton High Street.

We hope that this will be done quite quickly in order to ensure the safety of local Children.

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Innox Park

Spent an hour on Saturday morning clearing up litter in the park with Sarah Moore.

Although it looked like some one had cleared up quite a bit before we got there we still removed a good bag full of  rubbish.

It seems like some youths are gathering at the top of the park drinking at night, an we have asked the Police to keep an eye on this area.

Monday, 23 June 2014

Woodhouse Road and Carr's Close

We have asked the council and Curo to clear up the filthy mess that we found in Woodhouse Road and Carr's Close this morning.

There as we can tell is no excuse for allowing this sort of mess to build up and we hope that they
would get this sorted out as soon as possible.


Newton Road ( St Michaels Junior School )

We have asked for the bollard that has been knocked over outside of the Junior School to be
reinstated as soon as possible.

This is not the first time that this bollard has been knocked over and we will be chasing to try to find out who has knocked it over.

It is clear that as this is a concrete bollard that there must be some damage to the vehicle that hit it over, If you know who did this then please let us know.

Wooshouse Road

We have asked the Council to ensure that the grass beside 25 Woodhouse Road is cut as soon as possible,

This Council owned patch of land often gets forgotten as it is in amongst other areas that are covered Curo.

We have also asked that it is included on regular schedules.

Walwyn Close Twerton

We have asked the council to clear up this mess close to the Doctors Surgey at Walwyn Close as soon as possible.

It looks like this has been dumped deliberately and if you saw who did this then please let us know?

Missing an broken litter bins

We have asked that the litter bin that has been removed by the footpath close to the White horse Public House is replaced as soon as possible.

We have also asked that the litter bin by 13 Freeview road that is in the verge of collapsing is replaced as soon as possible.

We hope that these will be replaced shortly.

Friday, 13 June 2014

Newton Road (Traffic Calming)

We had a very good meeting at St Michael's Junior School on Tuesday regarding the proposals for traffic calming outside the School.

The proposals are being finally put together and will be out for consultation in the next few weeks .

The Scheme is a £35,000 scheme that will include build outs new sight lines new road markings as well as restricted parking during School hours.

We have agreed with the head teacher of the school that he will publish the finalised plans on the school website as well as being carried out on this blog.

The matter of road safety as far as children in the area is concerned has always been a concern and this should help ease the situation.

The Scheme is scheduled to be implemented by November this year.

Thursday, 12 June 2014

Missing Buses & Lower Bus Fares

I have had cause to tackle first Bus for failing to run a service on the number 5 bus route last night for what I have been told by passengers was up to 2 hours between about 7.15pm till 9.15 pm towards Twerton.

The problem is that although First knew there was a problem running buses to Twerton they seemed to make no effort to inform passengers waiting at the bus station or those on route to Twerton.

A very valid reason for buses not running properly was very evident as there was a very serious house fire on the Lower Bristol road at the time but this was not communicated.

I remember a child an inspector took pride in making sure that passengers were aware of a problem it seems that this failed completely last night.

First have agreed to look at their procedures and to find out what went wrong.

On a good point First have just told us that they are reducing their fares for Families and Children please follow this link for that story

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Bus Stops Kelston View

We have been having a few issues with bus stops on Kelston View in the past few moths and just when we think that we have got it sorted another problem occurs.

The first issue was with a bus stop being put in outside of Wedgewood road flats that was taking away valuable parking spaces.

We are pleased that this matter has now been sorted and the bus stop is being altered to reinstate the parking spaces.

What we could not believe is that just when this matter was resolved that the council started to put in a bus build out by 38 Kelston View that we and residents had already objected to as the bus stop is never used, again removing valuable parking spaces. This work has now been stopped until we are happy with the situation and can resolve the issue of further parking spaces being lost.

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Dominion Road

We have asked that further dislodged paving stones are put right in Dominion Road.

It seems to be a constant thing in Dominion Road that we are having to carry out this out this sort of work but essential for public safety.

If you area aware of any other issues then please let us know and we will attend to them.

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Working with Curo in Twerton

We had a very good meeting with Curo last night where we discussed some local issues that need resolving that includes.

Land reorganisation of who owns or does what and to try to rationalise who is responsible in certain areas it was proposed that Redland Park could be a pilot.

We also discussed the amount of fly tipping at at Carrs woodland and we are planning a clear up of the land in September this year.

The condition of Linley Close garages was raised and we explained that we are unhappy that it has taken Curo since March to get this area cleaned up.

We are hopeful that the  footpath at Hinton Close will soon be passed to the council so that it can be secured and used to create extra space for the Hut  and its uses.

Monday, 2 June 2014

Continuing successes for Connecting Families initiative

A Bath & North East Somerset Council initiative to support local people with serious issues affecting their home lives has had a positive impact on the lives of 58 families since it launched in April 2013.
Connecting Families is run by the Council working with local partner organisations, and provides an intensive programme of support to families.
As a direct result of this there are children back in school who were previously playing truant or excluded; high levels of youth crime and anti-social behaviour have been reduced; adults are moving off benefits and into work. As a direct result some of the cost to local public services and burden on the taxpayer are reduced too.
In one case, a young person who has not been in education or employment for over a year is now attending a local Further Education College, has secured a work placement and housing. He said that without Connecting Families he “…would still all be sat at home claiming job seekers allowance and would have no motivation”.
Another 15-year-old who had not been to school for two years is now receiving education through the Hospital Education Service as a result of Connecting Families. She says she is now more confident, is able to deal with her anxiety and depression and has secured a place with training provider KTS.
The scheme is on track to meet the Council’s target of making a difference to 215 families in Bath & North East Somerset by May 2015.
Here in Twerton we are pleased at the amount of families have received help from this initiative and are now on the road to a better life.

Saturday, 31 May 2014

Bath City Farm a month of activity

Bath City Farm are putting on quite an exiting agenda during the month of June that will benefit the community of Twetton below is an extract from the farm web site.
Produce Market  Saturday 7th June, 11am-1pm
Buy fresh and seasonal vegetables, fruit, eggs, meat, preserves, plants, herbs and crafts and have a great day out! 
No need to book.
Cycle Marathon Fundraiser Saturday 7th June  CLICK TO READ MOREJoin us for a 26 mile cycle ride fundraiser.  Cyclists will start from Bath City Farm and cycle along the Bath to Bristol Sustrans cycle path and back!  The route is family friendly, so you can enjoy a family day out whilst raising money for Bath City Farm.  Contact for more details.
Southside Fun Day for all the family Saturday 14th June, 11am-3pm
Live band, car boot sale and lots more.  No need to book.
Summer Nature Day with Bath Nats  Saturday 21st June, 11am-4pm
Come and see the wildlife at its “buzziest” time of year.  Guided nature-spotting with the experts. Pond-dipping, tree-shaking and bug-hunting – can we find 100 species?  Take nature photos for the Farm Facebook page.
No need to book.
To find out more of what the farm is up to visit their web site

Friday, 30 May 2014

On the hunt for green homes

Residents who have made their homes more energy efficient are being encouraged to come forward and take part in Bath Green Homes – a community project organised by Transition Bath, Bath Preservation Trust, and Bath & North East Somerset Council.

This year’s Open Homes Weekend is on September 27 and 28, and the organisers are looking for people who would like to open their home as part of the weekend.
Homes can be of any age - from a listed property to a modern new build, and of any type - from flats to family homes, owned or rented. All sorts of energy features are of interest, from the DIY and low cost measures such a draught proofing, right through to more elaborate measures such as insulation or renewable technologies.

Full support is provided to people opening their homes including an initial home visit from the co-ordinator, a pack containing all the information and materials you need, an opportunity to meet other home openers, and volunteer stewards to help you on the day. The first step is to register your interest by filling in a survey on website about your home or by getting in contact for a chat. You won’t be committing yourself to anything at this point.

Last year a house on the Hollow in Twerton featured this year it could be your turn.

The Open Homes Weekend is part of a wider programme of events focused on home energy efficiency that will run from September to November 2014. If you are interested in Bath Green Homes but don't feel your home would be suitable, there are lots of other ways you can get involved including volunteering, organising events, sponsoring, supporting in-kind, and spreading the word.
For more information you can follow @BathGreenHomes on Twitter, visit the website or to get in contact by email or telephone 01225 477528.

Thursday, 29 May 2014

Poolemad Road

The consultation on the traffic regulation order for the removal of the double yellow lines opposite the Wedgewood Road roundabout will begin in the next few weeks.

The consultation will entail a local advertised sign and advertisements in the local papers inc the Bath Chronicle.

At the end of the consultation period the cabinet member will make her decision on when these lines can be removed.

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Kelston View

After numerous visits to Kelston view recently we have become concerned about the structural integrity of parts of the road particularly where the number 5 bus runs.

It looks like part of  the road has sunk by several inches and we have asked the council to urgently investigate.

We have also asked that the whole length of Kelston view is considered for resurfacing as it is in a poor state.

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Redland Park

We have asked Curo and the council to undertake some emergency repairs to parts of Redland Park.

1) We have reported the missing drain cover on the lane to the farm by number 85.

2) We have asked that the bollard is put back into the ground by 123.

3) We have asked that the signpost identifying housing numbers at the top of Recland park is put back into the ground as soon as possible.

We would hope that these works would be complete in the next few weeks.

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Dominion Road

We have a planning application for the Erection of 2 semi-detached dwellings with parking and associated works at land between the old Vicarage and 24 Dominion road.

Application reference: 14/01588/FUL received on 03/04/2014

Planning Portal reference: PP-03300102

If you would like to comment on the application or make comments on the application then please follow the link below.

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Looking for something to do?

Street Art, Climbing Wall, Football, Music, Face painting, Craft activities ,junk Modelling, Assault Course Cyber awareness (for parents/carers) Alcohol Awareness
Anti-social Behaviour!, Photography exhibition

Register your phone, laptop, bike

When: Friday 30th May 11am3pm

Where: Southside Youth Centre

this event is sponsored and supported by Curo

Thursday, 8 May 2014

Kelston View

We have asked Curo tp remove this tree that has grown form a sapling in an open plan area.

Local residents have raised concerns about this tree blocking important view points. Due to the type of the tree the roots may also cause damage to neighbouring properties.

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Newton Road

We had a good meeting this morning with Highway officers and the headmaster of the Junior School concerning proposals for traffic calming on the road outside the school.

Plans will now be drawn up on a scheme to slow down traffic and make a safer crossing for children going into school in the morning and coming out at night.

The scheme when drawn up will then be consulted on with local residents before being installed later this year.

The money to pay for this scheme was in the Liberal Democrat capital budget which passed through council earlier this year.

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Kelston View

I had a great time meeting residents along Kelston View this afternoon this afternoon, it was very pleasant to catch up with some old friends.

This afternoon follows up a larger team canvass on Saturday morning led by Gerry Curran.

Issues that have been raised are the subsidence of Kelston View and also that of parking. I picked up quite a few individual pieces of casework that I will be replying to in the next few days.

Thursday, 1 May 2014

Highland & Landseer Road

We have asked the council to clear up the litter and rubbish that has been allowed to build up on the rear footpaths on both Highland Road and Landseer Road.

Both you local Councillors have spent many and hour clearing up litter that has not been very well cleared up in the past.

We would hope that this area would be cleared up in the near future.

Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Redland Park (dogs mess)

Is it your dog that has caused this mess on the pavement outside Bond Court.

The residents of this area are getting fed up with the constant mess on the pavements that can be trod in by children.

There are hefty fines for people who do not clear up after their dog so please ensure that if you are walking a dog then please pick it up after they have made a mess, and also please encourage others to do the same.

Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Kelston View

The Council are currently carrying out resurfacing works along Kelston View and carrying out the requests made by your local councillors to bring this road up to acceptable standards.

Other Roads in Twerton are also scheduled to be resurfaced shortly to repair the damage caused by the winter weather that has caused so many problems.

Friday, 25 April 2014

Rubbish amnesty in Twerton

Curo ran a rubbish amnesty in parts of Twerton over the Easter weekend and earlier this week on several roads, unfortunately they did not inform the council or the Twerton ward Councillors of their proposals.

To make matters worse all of the rubbish was not collected as advertised and it meant some chasing around to get this resolved.

To their credit Curo have realised that communications broke down on these issues and we have reached an understanding with them of how to deal with these sort of issues in the future.

Curo tell us that all of the rubbish should have now been removed but If there is any rubbish left behind in any of the roads that is still not collected then please let us know and we will work with Curo to get it removed.

Thursday, 24 April 2014

Bath City Farm Produce Market

Bath City Farm are running their first ever  Produce Market on Saturday 3rd May, 11 – 1.00pm.

There will be plenty of good value, quality plants for your garden and allotment, including; flowers, herbs, vegetable seedlings and soft fruit bushes. Fresh produce available will include; eggs, salad and peas from the polytunnel, leeks, spring cabbage and rhubarb. We will also be selling fresh bread, croissants and crafts.

All of the produce is made or grown by volunteers, and all proceeds will contribute towards the running costs of the Farm and the volunteer programme.

For our the May launch there will be live music and a bouncy castle.

If you haven’t been to the Farm lately, go and visit the piglets, 3 week old pygmy goats, chicks and Miniature Shetland ponies!

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Bath City Farm

We have a licensing application for four performances of The Little Red Hen by Stuff and Nonsense Theatre Company at Bath City Farm.

These are on the 18th & 19th July 2014 between the hours of 10am until 3.30pm

 Licence Type: Temporary Event Notice 11/04/2014

We do not intend to raise any objection to this event unless you as residents raise concerns.

If you have any concerns then please contact us as soon as possible.

Eleanor Close

We have asked Curo to repair the retaining wall at Eleanor Close to the side of Ellen House.

The crack in this wall has started to expand particularly in the recent wet conditions and we are concerned about its viability if not repaired soon.

We would hope that this matter would be resolved quite quickly and that Curo would respond to this request.

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

The Hollow

We have a Retrospective planning application for the Erection of 1.8m high fence in the field between Bath City Farm, The Hollow & Cotswold View.

Application reference: 14/01245/FUL received on 17/03/2014

Planning Portal reference: PP-03259294

If you have any comments on this application or wish to view the proposals then please follow the link below.