Wednesday, 3 March 2021

The Hollow - Inspectors Decision - APPEAL DISMISSED

Tim and Sarah are pleased to confirm the outcome of the recent independent Inspector's decision over the Planning Application for the land on The Hollow is as follows:

Appeal Decision

Site Visit made on 10 February 2021

by Nick Davies BSc Hons BTP MRTPI

an Inspector appointed by the Secretary of State

Decision date: 03 March 2021

Appeal Ref: APP/F0114/W/20/3248964

Land Between City Farm and Cotswold View, The Hollow, Southdown, Bath BA2 1JN

• The appeal is made under section 78 of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990 against a refusal to grant planning permission.

• The appeal is made by Mr Nick Warfield (Freemantle Capital Partners (Hollow) Ltd) against the decision of Bath and North East Somerset Council.

• The application Ref 19/00786/FUL, dated 22 February 2019, was refused by notice dated 20 December 2019.

• The development proposed is erection of 9(no.) dwellings with associated access, parking, drainage and landscaping.


1. The appeal is dismissed.

Preliminary Matter

2. The Council’s decision notice refers to a Soft Landscape Plan numbered 1380-02-P5. The evidence indicates, however, that the drawing considered by the Council when making its decision was numbered 1380-02-P4, so that is the drawing that I have also considered.

Main Issues

3. The main issues are:

a) Whether the development would conserve the Outstanding Universal Value of the City of Bath World Heritage Site;

b) The effect of the development on the character and appearance of the surrounding area; and,

c) The effect of the development on the biodiversity value of the Twerton Farm Site of Nature Conservation Interest

Full details of the decision can be found here.

Friday, 26 February 2021

Shophouse Road highway repairs



Shophouse Road, Twerton

01 March — 31 March


Delays likely - Road closure


Works location: Shophouse Road, from its junction with Innox Road to its junction with Lansdown View


Works description: 2021 Carriageway Patching Repair Scheme


Responsibility for works: Bath and North East Somerset Council


Current status: Planned work about to start


Works reference: QD0104406088


Bath Clean Air Zone

From 15 March, you may need to pay a daily charge to drive in Bath’s Clean Air Zone if your vehicle does not meet required emission standards. 

Bath is introducing a class C Clean Air Zone, which means that charges will not apply to private cars and motorbikes (even if you use them for work). This excludes taxis and private hire vehicles. 

If you plan to travel through the zone shown on the map, or your destination is within the boundary, you may need to pay a Clean Air Zone charge.

The zone covers the city centre, but air quality will improve across the city. You can check the area the zone covers by viewing the map here.

You can also check if your vehicle is compliant here.

Below is a list of all the roads where the zone starts/finishes and cameras are installed:

Contravention Locations

Landsdown Road                                        Richmond Road
Camden Road                                            Gays Hill
London Road                                              Warminster Road
North Road                                                 Sham Castle Lane
Bathwick Hill                                               Pulteney Gardens
Widcombe Hill                                            Prior Park Road
Lycombe Hill                                              Wells Road
Bloomfield Avenue                                     Oldfield Park
Upper Oldfield Park                                   Westmoreland Road
Brougham Hayes                                       Lower Bristol Road
Stothert Avenue                                         Upper Bristol Road
Victoria Park                                              Weston Road
Cavendish Road                                        Lansdown Place East
Upper Lansdown Mews                            Cleveland Place
Sydney Place                                            Bathwick Street
Walcot Street                                            Saracen Street
Manvers Street                                         Dorchester Street
Pines Way                                                 Ivo Peters Road
Chapel Row                                              Charlotte Street

Thursday, 25 February 2021

Our response to the proposed charging of Rubble/Plasterboard

During the full Council meeting on Tuesday 23rd February, the Conservative group on the council proposed an amendment to the tabled budget proposals put forward.

This amendment was to remove the new charges for residents to dispose of Rubble, Plasterboard and other building materials.

Tim and Sarah chose to vote against a Conservative amendment that would have seen a further £71,000 of cuts to the budget in an area that has already been stripped to the bone by previous administrations, the proposal from the Conservative Councillors clearly stated “by identifying operational efficiency and agency staff cost savings” which would have resulted in job losses.

The pandemic and the lack of government financial support has left the councils finance in a perilous state.

To be able to fund additional street cleaning in Twerton and other outer areas of Bath, particular savings or increased revenue had to be implemented.

We have chosen this route to increase the councils revenue so we can increase street cleaning and also avoid any redundancies that I am sure like us, you would wish to avoid.

Tim and Sarah have both raised the issue of charging our residents that are already struggling and we have been assured by the Cabinet Member that he is seriously looking at alternative ways of dealing with this area.

We will be happy to confirm what has finally been agreed as soon as possible.

Monday, 22 February 2021

Weekly Planning Applications - 22.01.2021

 We have one application in this weeks planning list for Twerton and Whiteway:

Ward:               Twerton                                                    App Ref:            21/00748/FUL

Parish:             N/A

Registered:      15th February 2021                                Expiry Date:            12th April 2021

Location:         22 Innox Road Twerton Bath Bath And North East Somerset BA2 1EG 

Grid Ref:          (E)372881 - (N)164265                           LB Grade:            N/A

Proposal:         Erection of single storey rear extension

Officer:            Chloe Buckingham

Applicant:        Mr And Mrs Ashley And Alicia Isaac

Agent:    Mr S F Cruse

22 Innox Road



Bath And North East Somerset



91 Ivy Avenue



Bath And North East Somerset


To view the case click on the link here

Wednesday, 17 February 2021

Current situation at the Culverhay/BCA site

While discussions are continuing for the future of the Rush Hill site, we wanted to provide the community with an update of what has happened so far.

The Learn@Mat senior school provision has expanded on the site and continues to provide quality education to some of the most vulnerable children in B&NES. The council are in the process of acquiring funds to relocate this excellent provision into the former area occupied by Bath Spa. Creating a modern and safe learning environment. The planned launch date for this enhanced provision is September 2021.

To ensure the site is occupied while the council look to bring much needed vocational learning back to the site. The council have moved in its heritage archive team in to occupy a small section and are in negotiations, for a short term lease, with the local Hindu community to open up the main hall as a community centre and place of worship. 

B&NES musical service also have plans to use the hall for group music lessons that are Covid secure moving forward to complement the online sessions currently being given. 

You will also see that B&NES has contracted the main building space out in the immediate short term to a national film crew to use the space for an upcoming TV series, bringing in much needed revenue and ensuring the building is kept in use before permanent arrangements are made.

Long Term Plans

The council is still in negotiations with a number of educational & sports providers including Bath College to bring much needed vocational learning back to the site. This is in conjunction with other partners on how best we can utilise the Gym and pool facilities for both future tenants and the wider community.

Councillor Sarah Moore said "As a member of the site steering group, I am pleased to see our commitment to continuing education on this site is looking more possible".

Monday, 15 February 2021

Weekly Planning Applications - 15.02.2021

We have two applications in this weeks planning list for Twerton and Whiteway:

Ward: Twerton App Ref: 21/00528/FUL

Parish: N/A

Registered: 10th February 2021 Expiry Date: 7th April 2021

Location: 55 High Street Twerton Bath Bath And North East Somerset BA2 1DD  

Grid Ref: (E)372534 - (N)164675 LB Grade: N/A

Proposal: Erection of a two storey rear extension and single storey side extension. Change of use from 3 bedroom residential dwelling (Use Class C3) to a 6 bedroom House in Multiple Occupation (HMO) (Use Class C4)

Officer: Hayden Foster

Applicant: Long                                     Agent:    Ian Knight

                        c/o agent                                     Unit 7

                        Unit 7 The Quarterdeck                 The Quarterdeck

                        Port Solent                                    Port Solent

                        PO6 4TP                                        PO6 4TP

To view the case click on the link here


Ward: Twerton App Ref: 21/00547/TCA

Parish: N/A

Registered: 8th February 2021 Expiry Date: 22nd March 2021

Location: Jubilee Centre Lower Bristol Road Twerton Bath Bath And North East Somerset BA2 9ES 

Grid Ref: (E)372588 - (N)164770 LB Grade: N/A

Proposal: T06, T10 (Sycamore) - Cut back to 3m from building. T6, T07, T10 (Sycamore) - Crown raise to 4m. T02, T03 (Sycamore) and T04, T05 (Elder) - Fell.

Officer: Jane Brewer

Applicant: Mr Wright    Agent:    No Agent

Silverback                                     Arboricultural 


The Cottage

High Street

Iron Acton

BS37 9UG

To view the case click on the link here