Saturday, 14 December 2019

Rubbish and Recycling

Part of the issue with litter on our streets is the incorrect presentation of rubbish and recycling for collection.

In Twerton and Whiteway we have rubbish collected every fortnight on a Friday and recycling is collected every week on a Friday.

Every household across the area should have either a black bin or black reusable rubbish sack in which to put their household waste, we would encourage as many households as possible to recycle their waste as this reduces the amount of rubbish to be put into these containers and therefore means extra black bags are less likely to be put out.

The flats across the area have a slightly different storage solution, a number of these have dedicated large bins in bin stores which should only be used for household waste and not for anything else like broken appliances etc.

Recycling containers are not restricted, every household is entitled to green boxes, blue sack (for cardboard) and black food containers.  

The food waste containers come in 2 sizes a small caddy for internal use and a larger one that you can then put the bags from the internal caddy into.  Food waste can be put out in plastic bags, or you can get caddy bags from the Council.

The green boxes are not restricted to a single box per household, if you require more receptacles for your recycling please do get in touch with Council connect or you can order additional boxes here, This link also shows exactly what can be recycled and when your collection days are.

The Council also offers a garden waste recycling service, you can either purchase single use green waste bags or you can pay an annual charge and use a wheelie bin to put you green waste out every fortnight.

If you have any questions about the rubbish or recycling service, please do get in touch with Tim or Sarah.  We are keen to get as many residents to present their waste correctly to help improve the condition of our streets.

Wednesday, 11 December 2019

Twerton and Whiteway Issues

Tim and Sarah were both elected to represent all the residents in Twerton and Whiteway during the elections in May 2019.

Since those elections they have been working hard both in the community and in conjunction with the Council and Curo to help individual residents.

Tim and Sarah hold a monthly ward surgery on the 1st Saturday of every month in Rose Cottage on Twerton High Street, between 10am and 12noon and are also available every 3rd Saturday at Bradbury's Caff on Mount Road.

Please do contact either of them if you have an issue or concern that is not being addressed or if you need help that you are not receiving and they will do their best to help you.

Saturday, 7 December 2019

Road and Footpath Resurfacing

As part of the 2019 election campaign, Tim and Sarah agreed to continue to fight to secure funding to get roads and footpaths that are in a poor condition across Twerton and Whiteway resurfaced.

We are pleased to confirm that a number of these have been addressed in that last few months, however there are still more that need urgent attention, including Poolemead Road, Wedgwood Road, Haycombe Drive and footpaths such as the one linking Sheridan Road to Long Valley Road.  

Tim and Sarah can confirm that these remain to be a focus for them to ensure everyone can move around the area safely.

If you have anything in your street that is not being addressed, please do get in touch.

Friday, 6 December 2019

The Hollow - Planning Application

As many of you know, there is yet another on-going planning application for Private Houses to be built on the land below the Bath City Farm on The Hollow.

The applicant has put through several different variations on their application in a bid to build on this land.

The Councillors for this area have been vocal on their objections to the building of private homes on this land for a number of reasons and Sarah Moore has registered to speak at the Planning Meeting on 18th December in which this application is to be heard.

We will of course keep you updated on the outcome of this application as and when more details become available.

Thursday, 5 December 2019

Planning applcation Clyde House High Street Twerton

We have a planning application at Clyde House 56 High Street Twerton for tree works at the property.

Please follow this link if you wish to inspect the application or make comments.

Clyde House

Wednesday, 4 December 2019


During the recent wet weather, the condition of the drains across Twerton and Whiteway have shown how the lack of maintenance has resulted in so many being blocked and unable to handle the rainfall.

Tim and Sarah have asked that all the drains in the area are cleared before the weather becomes too bad to ensure that as much rain water as possible can soak away and not cause other issues on our roads and footpaths.

If you find a drain that is blocked you can either report this direct to the Council via the fixmystreet app (free to download from app stores and very easy to use) or contact Tim or Sarah direct.

Saturday, 30 November 2019

Your Councillors and Curo

Since the Summer, Tim and Sarah have been having a monthly meeting with various staff at Curo.

This increase in direct communication means that issues can be discussed and an action plan put in place to try and tackle them.

During the meetings ward specific and individual resident concerns have been raised and acted upon.

These meetings are proving very productive and will continue in the future, so if you live in Twerton or Whiteway and are struggling to get action from Curo, please do let Sarah or Tim know and they will be able to discuss this with you and possibly raise this during their monthly meeting.