Friday, 28 September 2018

Public Spaces Protection Order (Street drinking)

Following numerous complaints from local residents, we are pleased to confirm we have managed to get agreement from both Bath & North East Somerset Council and the Police to make Twerton High Street a family friendly environment, with the implementation of a Public Spaces Protection Order.  

This means that it is an offence to drink alcohol publicly and if caught may be issue with a Fixed Penalty Notice.

Councillor Tim Ball and local campaigner Sarah Moore were out in Twerton High Street yesterday erecting the notices, which means this order is now legally enforceable and anyone caught in contravention of this order can now be dealt with accordingly.

This is another step forward in making Twerton a community for everyone to enjoy. 

Thursday, 27 September 2018

HMO granted planning permission Windrush Close

Despite residents objections to this planning application and my request for the matter to be determined at Development Control Committee, a delegated decision to grant planing permission has been granted at 2 Windrush Close on 25th September.

The request to determine the application at the Development Control Committee was dismissed by the Chair.

This property now has permission to be converted into a 5 bedroomed HMO.

A copy of the decision is in the Link below.

2 Windrush Close

Tuesday, 25 September 2018

Waterloo Buildings ( fencing improvements)

We have asked Curo to clear away the old fencing at the front of the maisonettes at Waterloo Buildings that has completely fallen apart and left the area in a mess.

We have asked that this fencing is replaced with new kick fencing similar to that used around the outside of McDonald's.

We have also asked that they ensure that their tenants keep the fronts of the properties clear.

Sunday, 23 September 2018

Mandatory Licensing for HMOs is extended

Landlords across Bath and North East Somerset are being reminded that from 1st October all houses in multiple occupation (HMOs), with five or more occupants in two or more households, must be licenced.

The new licensing requirement has been introduced nationwide. Landlords or agents responsible for HMOs that fall under the new definition will be committing a criminal offence if they fail to apply for a licence or a temporary exemption by the deadline.

Private rental properties account of almost a third of all housing in the district. All tenants should be able to live in safe and well managed properties and HMO licensing helps ensure standards are met and maintained.

We are pleased that Bath & North East Somerset Council’s Cabinet has extended the Licensing scheme agreeing a proposal to extend the scope of licensing to cover HMOs which house three or four people in two or more separate households in Bath City.  Further details on the additional licensing scheme will be released in the coming months.

Between the two schemes an estimated 3,000 HMOs will be covered by licensing; 1,000 through mandatory licensing and 2,000 through additional licensing.
Failing to have an HMO licence is a criminal offence and is liable on summary conviction to an unlimited fine or a civil penalty of up to £30,000 per offence.

The other consequences of operating an unlicensed HMO are a restriction on using section 21 of the Housing Act to serve a notice seeking possession and a rent repayment order to recover up to 12 months’ rent. Where there is no realistic prospect of licensing the property the Council may also make an Interim Management Order to take over management of the property.

To apply for a licence and find out more visit the Council’s Housing Services website at

Saturday, 22 September 2018

Be prepared for traffic Chaos

Residents in Twerton and Whiteway should be prepared for several weeks of traffic problems getting to work and back home again.

Residents for a number if weeks now have been experiencing problems with delayed buses and problems waiting in traffic lines for long periods. Much of the problems have been Road works on various Roads in Bath that have been affecting All Bus routes in the City.

It seems that just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse, Well its going to as the Lower Bristol Road is going to be resurfaced in several sections at a time and works will also be taking place on the Upper Bristol Road.

Roads will be closed from 7pm at night till the morning starting on 1st October all buses will be diverted during these hours but will also face disruption in the day time me so please be prepared and adjust your travelling  times.

Works in other locations will also add to travel misery.

Please follow the link to find out more this relates to work starting 1st October.

We will publish more as information comes available.

Tuesday, 18 September 2018

It's good to talk

We have been out talking with residents in Landseer Road recently and have picked up on various issues in the area including anti-social behaviour, broken, dangerous drain covers and street lights that do not work at night, all of which have been reported for repair.

The residents in Landseer Road have also taken ownership of their street by clearing up the streets, planting flowers and shrubs and even installing a seat so they can sit out talking with each other.

We are out in Twerton all year round talking with residents to ensure their voices are heard.

Residents often say they do not know who to talk to about issues  in their community, especially if their landlord, housing association or council are not listening to them and we are keen to make sure everyone across Twerton know we are here all year around, but also make it clear what local Councillors can actually do for them.

A lot of issues raised are things that are down to central government and locally elected individuals have very limited capacity to help, but without being asked we cannot direct people to the correct people that could help.

We also find with the rapid cuts and constant changes in services, residents feel they no longer get value for money from their taxes.

Please do look out for us in your street and don't be afraid to stop us and have a chat, we are keen to make Twerton the best community it can be.

Monday, 17 September 2018

Keep safe take the advice get your gas appliances checked.

After the long hot summer this year its now time to focus on preparing for winter – and we’re urging everyone to take just five simple steps to make sure winter doesn’t catch them out: 
1.       Get gas appliances safety checked by a Gas Safe Registered Engineer – this should be done every year. 

2.       Keep your eye on your appliances: Flames on your cooker and boiler should be crisp and blue, and no sooty black marks on or around any gas appliances.

3.       Make sure you have an audible carbon monoxide (CO) alarm: it might save your life and save you from the debilitating side effects of CO poisoning.

4.       Know the signs of CO poisoning: a headache is the most common but also dizziness, feeling sick, tiredness & confusion, stomach pain and shortness of breath.  The symptoms are flu-like without the high temperature – but very high levels can kill almost instantly.

5.       Save the National Gas Emergency Number 0800 111 999 in your phone so you can call it immediately if you smell gas or suspect the presence of CO.