Monday, 24 October 2016

Windrush Close


We have made many requests for the green Algae that is on many of the paths to be cleaned up and despite promises from both Curo and the council not much of it has been cleared.


We have also made requests for some if the trees at the front of Windrush Close to be trimmed back and have their canopies raised.

We will keep on to both the council and Curo until these matters are resolved.

Monday, 17 October 2016

Redland Park ( more new litter bins )

One of the bins put in that will be replaced 
After months of nagging Curo we have at last got agreement that new litter bins will be installed in the next few weeks in Redland Park.

It had been agreed that 5 new litter bins will be installed to replace the ones that were either badly installed or were vandalised.

We hope that the new bins will used well and help reduce the litter problem.

Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Danters Funfair at Bath City

Danter's Funfair will be returning to Twerton Park, next week, from Thursday 13 October until Sunday 16 October 2016.

The operating hours will be Thursday and Friday 17:00-21:00, Saturday 12:00-21:00 and Sunday 12:00-19:00.

As in previous visits, Danter's Funfair will close promptly each evening and the football club will notify the immediate neighbours in advance of these operating hours by letter.

Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Safer Roads - Kelston View - Progress at last

Following the recent complaints raised and meetings that Local Campaigner Sarah Moore and Councillor Tim Ball have had with both Officers and Directors from Bath & North East Somerset concerning the poor state of repair of some of the roads across the area we have received the following response:

"The Principle Engineer Highway Maintenance has visited the site and identified a section of the carriageway at Kelston View Road that requires reconstruction and a section that is suitable for an overlay as part of a trial to improve the ride quality.  The general condition of most of the slabs is good but we will address the particularly bad section as part of next year's Structural maintenance programme."

They also stated:  "As Highway Authority, it is our duty to maintain the highway for road users legally entitled to use the road."

Current condition of mid section of North Way
Whilst we are pleased our campaign appears to have made significant progress, we will not be reducing the pressure we are applying on the council until all poorly maintained roads across the area have actually been sorted.

If you have an issue in your street, please do get in touch with us.

Tuesday, 4 October 2016

New Windows for Redland Park

Curo have submitted a planning application to replace the metal windows in all the flats in Redland Park see below for details.

22nd August 2016
App Ref:
Expiry Date:
21st November 2016
185 Redland Park Twerton Bath Bath And North East Somerset BA2 1SQ
(E)371847 - (N)164888 LB Grade: N/A
Replacement of existing aluminium windows to the properties listed in the accompanying
Design and Access Statement Emma Watts
C/o Agent

The Maltings River Place Twerton Bath

To view the case click on the link here

Clyde gardens ( planning application )

3rd October 2016
14 Clyde Gardens Twerton Bath Bath And North East Somerset BA2 1DG (E)372619 - (N)164677
LB Grade: N/A
Walnut (T1) - remove all branches overhanging property 14 Clyde gardens due to loss of light and excessive mess caused, to cut and remove a section of ivy growing on said walnut - excessive ivy will eventually harm tree
Jane Brewer
Mr Robert Ayre
14 Clyde Gardens
Bath And North East Somerset BA2 1DG

Walcot App Ref:
26th September 2016
31 Grosvenor Place Lambridge Bath Bath And North East Somerset BA1 6BA (E)376144 - (N)166255
LB Grade: I
Beech - Reduce height by approximately 5 metres and the width on both sides by approximately 3 metres.
To view the case click on the link here.
Bryn Hulbert
46 Dursley road Shirehampton Bristol
BS11 9XF