Monday, 20 June 2011

Car Park done at last

Work being don this morning
We are pleased to see Somer Housing have at last resurfaced the car park at Naish House on Shaws way that I asked to be done over six months ago.

Although disappointed that it has taken so long to get this car park resurfaced I am pleased that the work has at last been done.

Sunday, 12 June 2011

Twerton infants new frontage open

We were both pleased to be able to attend the opening of the new frontage of Twerton infant school.

The new mosaics made by the Children that Welcome people to the School took months to make and are a credit to the Children and the Staff.

The new frontage makes the School a welcoming place for visitors children and parents alike.

Well done to all at the School this is fantastic.

Twerton Pact

The next Twerton Pact meeting will take place on 15th June at Twerton Village Hall Landseer Rd at 7pm on 15th June.

These Pact meetings are a chance for residents to have a say on what goes on in the community and to work with local Councillors and the Police to resolve issues of concern.

Both Twerton Councillors will be at this meeting but may arrive late due to other council commitments.

New council in Liberal Democrat hands

The liberal Democrats have taken control of Bath & North East Somerset Council.

one of the first things carried out by the new council was to pledge to reverse the decision to close Culverhay School that was started by the previous conservative administration, this work is well underway.

Both Twerton Councillors Tim Ball & Gerry Curran have senior positions in the new administration with Tim Ball taking on the cabinet role of Homes & planning with Gerry Curran becoming Chair of the Development Control Committee.

We will keep residents updated on this web site about developments with Culverhay.