Thursday, 28 January 2016

Twerton residents face council tax rise

A decision of the ruling conservative administration on Bath & North East Somerset Council means that residents will face a 3.25% increase in council tax this year.

We are concerned that already hard up residents will be expected to pay more for ever reducing services.

In Twerton we have had the recent problems of the council not collecting our recycling waste and still have problems with the litter left behind on our streets and yet we are expected to still pay more.

We will be keeping an eye on what services they still plan to cut further due to government reductions in funding and will press for our residents to receive the services that they need.

Councillor Tim Ball has published the political response to the budget proposals here.

Monday, 25 January 2016

Pennyquick playing fields and Carrs Woodland

We are pleased that the council have listened to our demands for new and improved play equipment for our playing fields.

A paper for the release of funds for a new set of swings and Pennyquick Playing fields and the replacement of the goal posts is about to be agreed.

Carrs woodland will also benefit from a capital grant of £5,000 for entrance improvements.

This money for these projects comes from previously released developer contributions from building sites in the area.

Further monies are due to be released later this year and we are pressing for them to be spent on new and improved cycle track facilities and Pennyquick Playing fields, and improvements at Innox Park to play equipment and park infrastructure.

Friday, 22 January 2016

Illegal Parking Don't get caught

After increasing pressure from residents saying that they are fed up with some residents constantly parking on double yellow lines or across pavements both the Police and the Council have agreed to take some action.

The council who are responsible for illegal parking on the Highway will be enforcing the double yellow lines that are in place and persistent offenders will receive heavy fines, ( remember a double yellow line is enforceable if you park on a grass verge or pavement behind the yellow lines ).

The Police have reluctantly agreed to prosecute persistent offenders who are parking on the pavements in local roads, Some residents have already received warning notices about pavement parking so if they continue they are liable for hefty fines.

It has to be remembered that in Twerton we have many people with severe mobility problems or issues with vision parking on the pavement puts them at risk.

Please be considerate about how you park on our local roads to ensure that we all stay safe, particularly the vulnerable and young children.

Thursday, 21 January 2016

Street Cleaning

We have made complaints to the council that recycled waste has not been collected in several roads in Twerton and gave heard from residents that some have food waste that had not been collected fir several weeks, we have asked that this is corrected without delay.

The matter of street cleaning and the amount of rubbish that is lying in most roads in Twerton is a direct consequence of the recycling not being collected and blown around the streets.

We have reported the situation in many roads and asked that this is sorted out.

If your street has not been cleaned or your recycling has not been collected please let us know or contact council connect 01225 394041,

Bath City Farm activities

Bath City Farm has provided us with details of their program of activities at the Farm for the coming few months.

If you have not been active at the farm before why not join in these fantastic community activities and not only help the Farm and the community but also learn a new skill yourself.

Follow this link to see what is going on BATH CITY FARM

Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Recycling Collections still being missed

Despite the councils announcement that the industrial dispute over recycling collections is now over recycling collections are still being missed in Twerton.

We have been told that another attempt to collect will be made tomorrow Thursday and residents who have not had a collection this week should put their recycling waste back out for collection.

Monday, 18 January 2016

Planning application for new classrooms

A planning application has been has been submitted to build two new classrooms at St Michael's  Junior School to replace the old wooden huts that have stood on the playing fields for a number of years now.

If you want to look at the plans or make comments then please follow the link to the planning application papers here.

Cllr Tim Ball has already indicated that I will be supporting this application and have informed the planning department.

Thursday, 14 January 2016

Freeview Road Parking problems

We are working hard to address the awful parking problems on Freeview Road where cars are constantly parking on the pavement halfway along the road.

Councillor Tim Ball has called for a meeting of The Police, Curo, and the council highway officers to discuss how we can deal with the problem and bring about an urgent solution to the problem.

Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Recycling collections in Twerton abandoned this week.

For those residents who were due to have their recycling waste collected this week that was not picked up on Tuesday are being told that it will not be collected until Tuesday 19th Jan.

Affected residents are being asked to take their waste back in and put it back out next week.

We have pressed the council to ensure that any recycling not taken back in is cleared as soon as possible to avoid more mess on our streets.

The council has a duty to ensure that Waste is cleared away and must ensure that its contractor delivers on its obligations.

Hanna Close

We have asked Curo to explain to us why the garages that were demolished at Hanna Close before Christmas have been left in the mess that is pictured here.

The garages were previously set on fire, we will update this blog as soon as we get a reply from Curo.

Dominion Road sign

We have asked the council to remove the paint from this road sign and bring it back into a reasonable condition.

We would hope that this work would be carried out in the next few weeks.

Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Deadline for B&NES home improvement grant approaching

Hurry to access Council home improvement grant

Bath & North East Somerset Council currently has a grant of up to £6,000 available through the Energy at Home scheme to help you make energy saving improvements to your home

The grant can be used to help cover the costs of improvements such as:
  • improved heating systems (including gas and oil fired systems, and electric storage heaters),
  • internal, external, or cavity wall insulation, and loft insulation, 
  • upgraded glazing including secondary glazing, double glazing and external doors,
  • and renewable energy technologies.
Installing measures like these can help improve your home’s energy performance, reduce the amount you spend on your energy bills, and help keep your home warm and cosy over the winter.

This grant is available to all 
home ownersprivate landlords and privately renting tenants.  You do not need to be on a low income or an elderly person to be eligible for this grant, but you do need to be signed up before the end of February. 

The Energy at Home scheme will continue to be available after this particular grant ends, with access to other local and national grants, however funding to this level, accessible for so many people, and for this range of measures is unlikely to be available again... contact the Energy at Home Advice Service today!

0800 038 5680

Hope on Drainage problems,

Bath & North East Somerset Council have responded positively to questions about drainage problems at Kelston View and Watery Lane.

We have clearly pointed out to them that drains are silted up and some completely blocked and we are concerned about low level flooding or even worse if water run offs move further down hill being unable to drain away.

We however live in hope that these drains will soon be cleared.

Monday, 11 January 2016

Ignorant person dumps hyperdermic needles

Why oh Why are some people just plain ignorant and could not care about others.

It was Sunday morning that a phone call came through from a resident telling me that some one had dumped a bag full of used hyperdermic needles and condoms in a hedge at Eleanor Close.

This sort of behaviour is not acceptable under any circumstances.

We would like to thank the council for having these quickly removed after we reported them.

Thursday, 7 January 2016

Planning application former toilet block Dominion Road.

A planning application for the former toilet block in Dominion Road Twerton for the development of a one bed roomed dwelling has been referred to the Development control committee for determination by CLLR Tim Ball.

If you would like to take a look at the application then please follow this link 15/05546/FUL here where you may also make comments.

Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Community engagement

A lively visit to Rose cottage this morning with lots of people to talk to.

It is nice to be able to engage with residents in a friendly community cafe that truly represents the local community.

It has also been good to be able to help several residents with issues and concerns that they have.

Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Disruption to Recycling Collections – update: Tuesday 5 January

The Council have been advised that there is still ongoing industrial action by staff working for their recycling contractor Kier, in the form of an overtime ban. 

 As a result of this, if you were due to have your recycling collected on Tuesday 5th January (including those re-scheduled from Saturday  2nd January) there may be some disruption to your recycling and food waste collections.  

If your recycling and food waste was scheduled for Tuesday 5th January and has not been collected please put it back out for collection tomorrow (Wednesday 6th January).

The recycling centres at Keynsham, Old Welton and Bath are open Monday – Friday 8am – 4.15pm.  Facilities to recycle all of the materials collected as part of the kerbside recycling collections, including food waste are available at all three sites.

We have reported several streets that have not been collected today and have been assured that these will be collected on Wednesday.

Blocked Drains

We have reported blocked drains in both Kelston View and Watery lane to the Council in the past few days and have asked that they are cleared as soon as possible.

It is important that all drains are kept clear and if you know of any further drains that need dealing with then please let us know.

Monday, 4 January 2016

Disruption to Recycling Collections

The council are advising staff working for their recycling contractor, Kier, have begun industrial action in the form of an overtime ban.  As a result of this, if you were due to have your recycling collected on Saturday 2nd January there may still be some disruption to your recycling and food waste collections.  If your recycling and food waste was scheduled for Saturday 2nd January and has not been collected please put it back out for collection tomorrow (Tuesday 5th January).

Today’s scheduled collections (Monday 4th January) did not happen. Please hold onto your recycling and food waste and put it out for collection on Monday 11th January 2015. 

Council recycling centres at Keynsham, Old Welton and Bath are open Monday – Friday 8am – 4.15pm.  Facilities to recycle all of the materials collected as part of the kerbside recycling collections, including food waste are available at all three sites.

We are not sure how Twerton recycling will be managed on Tuesday but we would have thought that this service would be collected as normal we will update information as we receive it.

Beware rogue tree surgeons

Members of the public are urged to be vigilant of rogue tree surgeons after numerous reports of cold-call tradesmen operating across Bath and North East Somerset.

“Several local residents have been approached by tradesmen posing as qualified tree surgeons offering to cut down or provide maintenance to garden trees in exchange for cash,” 

Not only is this potentially dangerous for the tradesmen, it can also cause lasting damage to the tree, possible damage to the property and, in some cases, may result in enforcement action from the Council.”

Bath and many of its surrounding villages and hamlets are covered by Conservation Area designations. In addition, some trees (including trees located in private gardens) may be subject to a Tree Preservation Order (TPO) – which protects specific trees, groups of trees or woodlands in the interests of amenity. The Council must be notified six weeks in advance of intended works to a tree located within a Conservation Area or covered by a TPO unless a specific exemption applies (such as where a tree poses a risk to the public). To cut down, uproot or destroy a tree covered by a TPO or within a Conservation Area, or to authorise such an action to take place, is considered an offence under the Town and Country Planning Act 1990. Rogue tree surgeons are therefore leaving landowners potentially liable to criminal prosecution.

Work to trees will often require careful consideration by an experienced Arboriculturalist or a person who is practiced in assessing the health of trees and their appropriate management. Tree works should also ideally be undertaken outside of the bird nesting season (March – October) to prevent destruction of eggs and harm to birds protected by the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981.

The Council would advise anyone who is considering undertaking or contracting work to trees on their property to first ensure that the trees are not located within a Conservation Area or covered by a TPO. The Arboricultural Association provides a Directory of Tree Surgeons on their website which lists professional, qualified tree surgeons by name, area or postcode. The website also contains information relating to good tree care.

If residents remain in doubt as to the works that can be undertaken to trees covered by a TPO or located within a Conservation Area they can contact the Council for further advice and guidance by emailing Trees_andWoodlands@BATHNES.GOV.UK or calling 01225 394041.