Monday, 30 March 2015

A vision for our community

After delivering for the Twerton Community for the past four years and keeping up our record of action in Twerton it is time that we laid out some of the priorities that we have developed locally after talking and listening to local residents.

This is a list that we call six to fix but is not exhaustive and will be added to.

1) Introduce traffic restrictions by the School on Poolemead Road.

This will help ensure the safety of children going to the school and slow down traffic which is needed in this area. We have already introduced a scheme on Newton Road that is working well.

2) Bring in more street parking bays.

The amount of cars parking on our roads are making it difficult for traffic to be able to navigate some of our streets and we will introduce off road parking like we have on Poolemead Road or formal bays like we introduced on both Newton Rd and Wedgewood Road.

3) Sort out entrances to Innox Park and introduce a lighting Scheme across the park.

The gateways need replacing and enhancing in this area and a low lighting scheme alongside the new path that we have introduced will give an element of safety and well being in this area.

4) Restructure of Kelston View.

This road has become particularly bad over the years and needs not to be just slurry sealed like in the past but fully reconstructed like we were able to have done in Newton Road a few years ago,

5) Repair Communal Wall across our area.

We area working on a plan with Curo and the council to have many of the walls that are crumbling and unsafe in the area repaired and the infrastructure improved.

6) Improve Local Bus services for all residents.

We are working with the local bus companies to get a better offer for local residents.

We have already in the last few years got a 30 minute service introduced to Odd Down on the number 20 Wessex Route and are working to get the 15A bus reintroduced to take students directly to Bath Spa university and ease the load on the local buses.

The new electronic timetables and new bus shelters with seats that we have had introduced on the number 5 bus route have added to passenger comfort, now need to ensure that First Bus keep to their timings.

We are also looking at other operators to ensure competition and ensure quality of vehicles is enhanced.

Sunday, 29 March 2015

What a difference a sign makes

We are pleased to see that at last the convenience store on Newton Road has a new sign on it displaying the words Twerton Local and is now part of the Nisa chain of shops.

It seems a long time since the previous sign was damaged but we are pleased that the sign is now up and the shop looking so much better.

It also over 40 years since Cyril Bond first opened a shop on this site, how times have changed.

Poolemaed Road

 We have asked the council to introduce new white lines in front of several access paths on Poolemead Road to allow elderly and sometimes disabled residents to be able to get from the road to the safety of the footpath towards their homes.

At the moment this paths are often blocked with parked cars, the picture clearly indicate two sets of steps with lines in place and the path opposite with no lines.

We would hope that the council would be able to carry out this work quite quickly making the whole area much safer.

Electric Cables down

Please be wary of trees falling in the high Winds today we have already reported trees down in the field behind Redland Park where a large falling tree has pulled down electric cables.

If you have a problem with falling trees today either phone us or ring the councils out of hours emergency number on 477477.

Please stay safe the wind today may cause a few problems.

Newton Road ( Traffic Calming )

We are pleased that the construction works are now complete on Newton Road allowing much safer access to the local School.

In the next few weeks traffic regulation orders will be imposed on this road preventing cars being able to pull up or stop in this area during school hours.

This area has suffered form children being involved in accidents over a number of years now and we hope that these new measures will help prevent further accidents taking place.

Woodhouse Road, Walwyn Close

we are pleased to see the work being carried out to the blocks of flats in Walwyn Close and Woodhouse Road to replace the front doors and make the fire doors in the communal areas more secure.

A matter has arose that the adjustments on the communal doors has caused them to slam shut vibrating throughout the flats.

We have asked Curo to resolve the matter of the slamming doors as soon as possible before it drives the residents mad.

Thursday, 19 March 2015

Bus Shelter Twerton High Street

we are please that the New bus shelter has at last gone in on Twerton High Street, although not quite the one we would have liked but we are pleased that we pursued the argument to get this one installed.

The reason that it has no back is that it is against a listed wall that needs constant access and if we put a back on it we would not under planning law be allowed to have it there.

We hope residents are happy that the Shelter has gone in it will make an ideal shelter for the many elderly residents that use this stop.

Thursday, 12 March 2015

Bus Shelter damaged

The Council are repairing the bus shelter on Newton Road that was recently vandalised after we reported that it was damaged.

The bus shelter has not been in more than a few months and already we have this mindless vandalism.

The shelter should be repaired shortly but if you have any idea who has vandalised this shelter then please let us know.

Newton Road Name plate

We have asked the council to reinstate the road name plate at Newton Road.

The name plate was knocked over several weeks ago after work was carried out by Curo contractors working on the houses in the area.

We would hope that this work would be carried out in the next few weeks.

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Poolemead Road, Shaws Way

We have asked the council to take action to restore the damaged grass area that has been overridden by local buses.

We have also asked the council to look at the issue of parking on Shaws Way that prevents buses being able to get around the corner correctly and thus running over the curb and causing damaged to the grass area.

It is important that we get this issue resolved as soon as possible.

Friday, 6 March 2015

Heritage Day Saturday 7th May

An exhibition of heritage memorabilia and other from the past is being held at Bath City Football Club this Saturday It takes place this Saturday from 10am till 4 Pm.

From past experience this is well worth a visit even if you are nit a heritage buff.

So if you are at a loose end this Saturday why not pay a visit and see what is on show or for sale.

Tree planting Bath City Farm

Don't forget There is a tree planting session this Saturday 7th March from 10.30am-3pm to help plant 300 beautiful native saplings, generously donated by More Trees BANES (, and create a hedgerow across one of  the fields.  

We've put in an order for sunshine, but there'll be hot homemade soup and refreshments available in case there's a chill in the air! 

Sunday, 1 March 2015

Community Litter Pick Saturday 7th March

Gerry Curran always active in our community
Councillor Gerry Curran is continuing with his regular litter picks in Twerton and this time he is organising a community litter pick in Redland Park Woodhouse Road & Walwyn Close.

The litter pick will start in Redland Park at 10.30 am where we will meet at 10.30 am moving through Redland Park and onto Woodhouse Road and Walwyn Close in the afternoon where we will finish at about 3.30pm.

If you are able to join us we will be pleased to see you. Litter pickers can be provided but if you have your own please bring it along.

If you are not able to join us at the start and can join us later please ring 07970461674 to find out where we are.