Monday, 31 December 2012

Free warmer home check-ups for elderly and disabled from new service

A brand new service provider funded by Bath & North East Somerset Council offering practical services supporting elderly, disabled people of any age, and vulnerable people to support them to live in warm, safe, and secure homes is offering free home check-ups in the run-up to Christmas and into the New Year.
West of England Care & Repair is now providing Home Improvement Agency services to residents in partnership with the Council in an initiative funded by the Department of Health. They offer practical help services such as small repairs, minor home adaptations and housing related advice including support to make choices about where to live.
From now until 2035 the over-65 population is likely to increase by 50%, and the over-85 population is likely to increase by 110% over the same timescale.
The area is facing a ticking demographic time bomb as the number of older people continues to rise rapidly. This service is part of Bath & North East Somerset Council’s overall £5 million commitment to people with intermediate or low level needs to ensure those residents are supported to live in their own home as long as possible and preventing the need for costly residential or nursing care placements.
Craig Wilson, West of England Care & Repair’s Chief Executive, said, “We are encouraging homeowners over 60 and disabled people of all ages to contact us to book up a free warm home check-up. As well as giving you advice on essential home maintenance we are also giving out free packs to people in need which include a hot water bottle, snuggle blanket, socks and gloves, and an insulated cup.
“We want to make sure people get advice on keeping themselves and their home warmer this winter. The free warm home check-up includes advice on loft insulation, smoke and carbon monoxide alarms, central heating systems and draught proofing amongst other things.”
West of England Care & Repair can help on most housing issues from repairing a leaking tap, to replacing a bath with a walk-in shower to re-wiring your house.
Residents can also find out more about help available to keep warm at home and prepare for severe winter weather by contacting the Council Home Energy Team on 0800 082 2234.
Advice and support on applying for grants and benefits for housing work and help fundraise for clients on low incomes is also available on 0300 323 0700 or visit

On your doorstep

Early in the New Year we will be calling on residents in Twerton with personal visits to all houses in the ward over a period of a few months.

When we call if you are out we will leave you a calling card to let you know that we have been so that you can contact us.

We believe that it is important to speak to as many people as possible to get an idea of the issues that need dealing with in the area.

New Flats progress

The Building of Flats on the corner of Shophouse Road and Twerton High Street is going well and the area is looking much tidier than it has for a long time.

The new flats will also provide very needed new homes in the area.

By Cllr Tim Ball

Sunday, 30 December 2012

Save a life this New Year report a drunk driver

Below is a Christmas message for all people tempted to drink and Drive or take drugs and drive to same message applies for the new year.

Have a happy one and heed the message below.

Drinking or taking drugs and then driving is a lethal cocktail, so we are urging party-goers to leave their car at home this Christmas.

As the festivities get underway, our Roads Policing Unit has already kicked off its annual Christmas drink drive campaign - Operation Tonic, with nearly 50 people being arrested for drink or drug driving in the first week.

This year we are encouraging people to shop a drink or drug driver by calling 999 or texting the word drunk to 81819 on their mobile phone together with any information which might help us respond. This might include the vehicle registration number of the vehicle and its location and, if you can, the name of the person. These texts are treated in the same way we treat 999 calls.

For more information about Operation Tonic, visit our Christmas mircosite

Twerton PACT December 13th 2012

The meeting was held at Southside youth centre and was chaired by Cllr Gerry Curran in the absence of the PACT Chair and local head Teacher David Goucher.

The priorities that were agreed are.

Agreed 13th December 2012
1. Speeding vehicles on Kelston View. BANES Highways to be consulted with regard to conducting a traffic survey and local police team to conduct speed checks

2. Vehicles parking in Poolemead Road impeding pedestrian access of the footpath from Kelston View. BANES parking services to evaluate the need for road markings to be installed.

3. Street drinking in Twerton High Street. Local police team to continue to deal in a robust fashion acts of anti social behaviour involving street drinking.
View previous priorities
Next public meeting
All members of the public are welcome to attend
9 May 2013 at 7:00 PM (In 130 days)
at St Michaels School
You can contact your neighbourhood team if you wish to have the opportunity to meet with them prior to the next meeting date.

Pact meetings are organised by the Police and not by the local council or Councillors who attend to give support the Police decide on the location of the meetings in consultation with the PACT Chair.

PACT meetings currently rotate between Southside Youth Centre, St Michaels Junior School and Twerton Village Hall. In the early days of the PACT meetings Southside Youth Centre was not used due to refurbishment works but is now on the rotating Schedule of meetings.

By Cllr Tim Ball

Flytipping Dominion Road

I have asked for the large waste bag that has been dumped on the pavement by Bath City Football Club entrance to be removed as soon as possible.

If you know who dumped this bag then either let me know or contact council connect on 394041.

By Cllr Tim Ball

Rubbish Poolemead Road & Kelston View

It is a shame that after the collection crews worked on Saturday to remove much of the rubbish and recycling form the houses in Twerton that several roads were left in such a mess.

I have asked that Poolemead Road and Kelston View are cleaned up as a matter of priority as they have been left in the worst mess as far as I can see.

If you are ware of any area that is still in a mess perhaps you would let me know or contact council connect on 394041.

By Cllr Tim Ball

Saturday, 22 December 2012

Swimming at Christmas in Bath

Now that the World has not ended and the kids will soon be getting on parents nerves it is good to know that Culverhay Sports Centre at Rush Hill will be opening for the Kids to go swimming whilst the main pool at Bath sports centre is closed.

Please follow link below for opening times.

Friday, 21 December 2012

Changes to waste collections over the festive season

There are no waste or recycling collections on:
  • Tuesday 25 December – next collection day Saturday 29th December
  • Wednesday 26 December – next collection day Wednesday 2nd January 2013
  • Tuesday 1 January – next collection day Saturday 5th January 2013.
Garden waste and Christmas tree collection
There are no garden waste and Christmas tree collections for 2 weeks from Monday 24 December. Normal fortnightly collections will begin again on Monday 7 January 2013.
Recycling Centres
Usual winter opening times from November to the end of March are:
  • Monday to Friday 8am – 4.15pm
  • Saturday 9am – 3.45pm
  • Sunday 9am – 1pm
Festive closures:
  • Tuesday 25 December       Closed
  • Wednesday 26 December Closed
  • Tuesday 1 January 2013    Closed
Did you know?
The amount of wrapping paper estimated to be thrown away in the UK at Christmas could stretch around the equator nine times or to the moon if each sheet was laid end to end. Every year the UK throws out an estimated 4,500 tonnes of tin foil over the Christmas period. This is enough to cover around 1500 square miles - roughly the size of Suffolk. But wrapping paper (white backed non foil types) greeting cards, gift tags and aluminium foil can be recycled in your green box.
You can make full use of your food waste recycling collections for all food waste including bones. For tips to save money and cut down your food waste this Christmas visit www.lovefoodhatewaste

By Cllr Tim Ball

Linley Close

I have met with Curo looking at the recycling area at Linley Close which has been a mess for quite a while.

Curo are looking to place fencing around the area similar to the black fencing around the flats at Linley Close.

I would hope that this would be in place early in the new year.

By Cllr Tim Ball

Blocked Drain

I have asked for the blocked drain to be cleaned out at Pennard Green between 14/16, with the amount of wet weather I am hopeful that this will be done quite quickly.

If you know of any other blocked drains that need clearing please let me know or contact council connect on 01225 394041.

By Cllr Tim Ball

Thursday, 13 December 2012

Carrs Woodland Group

Councillor Gerry Curran is in the process of setting up the Carrs Woodland group to meet again to bring about improvements to the area in Twerton.

If you are interested in either joining the Woodland group or rejoining, then please contact Gerry to find out how to take part, email Gerry at 

Litter Wedgewood Road

I have arranged to have the litter removed from the hedgerows in ad around the bus stop at Wedgwood road circle.

Some of the litter has been there for a long time and has got itself lodged in difficult places to get out as this now looks very messy particularly in the winter months.

Christmas & New Year Buses

Christmas Eve

All First services will be operating to a Saturday timetable, except for Bath Park & Ride and service 15, which will operate a Monday to Friday timetable.
All other bus services will operate to their normal timetable.

Christmas Day & Boxing Day

 No bus services will be operating on Christmas Day or Boxing Day.

Thursday 27th & Friday 28th 

 All First services will be operating to a Saturday timetable, except for Bath Park & Ride and service 15, which will operate a Monday to Friday timetable.
All other bus services will operate to their normal timetable. 

Saturday 29th & Sunday 30th

All First Buses running to a  normal Saturday & Sunday Timtable

New Years Eve

All First services will be operating to a Saturday timetable, except for Bath Park & Ride and service 15, which will operate a Monday to Friday timetable.

New Years Day

Services 1, 5, 6, 7, 10, 12, 13, 14A, 17, 173, 178, 179, 332, 338, 339, 376 & 678 will be operating a Sunday service. All other bus services will not operate on New Year’s Day. 

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Online Christmas shopping – know your rights

 Online Christmas shopping – know your rights

This article first appeared in the Guardian on 3rd December 2012

As Cyber Monday heralds the start of a month of present buying, we look at your rights and how you can avoid looking like a turkey this Christmas.

It's that time of year again – the moment you realise that if you want to buy Christmas presents at a good price and get them delivered in time to wrap and put under the tree, you'd better start shopping.
The first Monday in December is usually one of the busiest for online shoppers, although there are many who leave their purchases until later. So what do you need to know if you are planning to join the throng online?

How do I get the best deal?

It's the usual story about shopping around – but there are a couple of price comparison sites you can use if you know what you are looking for.
Google Shopping offers a pretty comprehensive round up of prices – type the name of the item into Google and click on Shopping at the top – but it isn't laid out brilliantly so you will need to scroll through to find the best price.
Kelkoo and PriceRunner also claim to scour the internet for the best price, although they seem to perform better on best-selling items than older goods (I searched for Django Django's album and the The Killing series 1 on DVD and the results seemed to show just one retailer's price).
A new site, Flubit, claims it can beat the best price you find, but you have to wait for it to return with an offer by email so is not ideal for last-minute shopping.

With any of these sites the actual order is placed with a retailer so your contract is with it, not the price comparison site.

Is it safe to shop online?

Under internet sales rules websites should include the retailer's address and an email address, so alarm bells should ring if none of this information is available. You should also be concerned if, when you go to pay, you do not see a padlock or key symbol somewhere on the page, often near the URL.
The best way to avoid rogue sites is to do a bit of research – internet forums are packed with people sharing their stories about bad service and goods that do not appear, so before you buy do a search on the name of the company.
Even if you are shopping on a well-known, legitimate site you should be security conscious. Make sure your anti-virus software is up-to-date, do not use communal computers and create the strongest passwords you can. If a site gives you the choice between storing your payment details or making a one-off purchase, you might want to opt for the latter.
If you are worried you could stick to sites that let you place an order but pay when you pick up an item in store – this at least means you know you have secured the item you want and do not have to queue up. Argos and PC World are among the few retailers that offer this option.

Do I need a credit card to shop online?

You don't, but it is sensible to use one if you are ordering anything costing more than £100, because using a credit card gives protection that isn't afforded by a debit or prepaid card or PayPal. Under section 75 of the consumer credit act, the credit card provider is jointly liable if something goes wrong, so if you place and pay for an order with a company that goes bust before you get your delivery you can claim your money back from the credit card company.
Debit and prepaid card providers do offer a voluntary protection scheme called chargeback which applies on smaller sums. You can find out more about section 75 and chargeback here.

What happens if I change my mind?

If you have had an item made to your specification or personalised – for example, you have had someone's name put on a football shirt – you cannot change your mind.Otherwise, under the distance selling regulations you are allowed to change your mind and cancel an order at any point from the day you place it up until seven working days from the day after it is delivered, but you should do so in writing, either a physical letter or an email. You then need to return the goods.
Some retailers recently got into trouble with the Office of Fair Trading for insisting items had to be returned in their original packaging. Legally, this isn't the case – you are only obliged to make sure the items are returned in reasonable condition. If you had to get them out of the packet to inspect them, that is OK.
The retailer's terms and conditions should tell you if you are responsible for paying to return an unwanted order, so if you have any doubts before you press "Buy", make sure you have checked this out. Retailers with a high street presence will often let you take goods back to their stores, which can be much handier than having to queue at the Post Office. If the retailer does not say who is responsible for paying, it will have to stump up the cost.

If you have any problems cancelling an item, Which? has a range of template letters you can use to take on a retailer.

What happens if it doesn't arrive in time?

When you place an order the retailer should tell you when you can expect it to be delivered – if it doesn't, the distance selling rules assume it will be in a maximum of 30 days. If the retailer fails to deliver within the agreed timeframe it should let you know and, if you decide you no longer want the order, give you your money back.

What happens if it doesn't ever arrive?

If the item does not arrive you should complain to the retailer. If the retailer disappears or refuses to help then contact your credit or debit card company and begin the process of claiming back your money.

A price is too good to be true – does the retailer have to honour it?

Online price glitches can lead to retailers offering goods at incredible prices, and usually spark a surge of consumers rushing to take advantage. Whether the retailer has to honour it depends on its terms and conditions – it can say that the contract is not deemed to have been entered into until it has sent out a confirmation email.
This means that even if you have placed the order and paid the "too good to be true" price, if it spots its mistake later it is within its rights to adjust the price to the correct sum. If the goods arrive at the low price, however, it is not allowed to chase you for the difference.

Monday, 3 December 2012

Missing Buses

I have complained to First Bus today about either missing busses on the number 5 bus route or late running busses the problem time seems to be around 2.30pm and on more than one occasion the bus has either not run or been very late.

The problem is many parents returning from work having to collect children are left struggling to get to the schools in Twerton.

I will publish first bus response.

By cllr Tim Ball

Innox Park

I have asked the council to cut the edges of the grass that leads into Innox Park off of Shophouse Road the area has started to look rather untidy as this area seems to have been not cut since the rainy period that we have had.

I know that winter is on us but this are needs a good tidy up.

By Cllr Tim Ball

Friday, 30 November 2012

Bath City Farm Family Fun Day

Bath City Farm are holing another family Fun Day on Saturday 15th December at Bath City Farm Kelston View from 11am till 2pm.

The Fun Will include a

Santa's Grotto
Arts and craft
face Painting
Lucky Dip 
Christmas raffles
Soup Mulled wine and Apple Juice

Christmas Fete

You can tell Christmas is coming when the Fetes start coming thick and fast.

This Saturday 1st December 10am till 1pm St Michael's Church in Twerton are holding as Christmas Fete at the Church to raise money for a youth trip with Mercy in Action.

The Fete will include as Santa's Grotto, why not pop along and pick up a bargain and support a good cause.

By Cllr Tim Ball

Bench Twerton Hight Street

The bench outside the learning centre in Twerton High Street has been controversial for quite some time and was temporally removed before it was put back at my request.

The issue is that there has been some anti social behaviour related to the bench.

1) The bench has been used in the day time by some alcoholics in the area but this is a police issue to move them on and not a reason to remove the bench I have chased the Police to resolve this issue.

2) The Bench has been used late at night by young people travelling back from town and noise has been generated this is another Police issue and no reason to remove the bench.

The bench is used by many elderly residents in the day time when visiting local shops and I believe that until we have an alternative this bench should remain.

By Cllr Tim Ball

Pots Holes

I have asked the council to repair the large pot Hole in the road behind 33/35 Shaws Way that has been causing problems for motorists and residents.

If you know of a Pot Hole please do not wait for an accident to happen please report it to council connect 394041.

By Cllr Tim Ball

Street lights Shaws Way

I have asked the council to deal with the problem of the street lights that have been on all the time at Shwas way for the past few weeks.

If you see street lights that are either on for too long or not working then please phone council connect 394041.

By Cllr Tim Ball

Road signs

I have asked for the road sign that was knocked out of the ground at Poolemead Road to be replaced as soon as possible.

I have also asked for the blank sign at Windrush Close to be replaced.

By Cllr Tim Ball

Bath Recycling Centre set to reopen

The Bath Recycling Centre at Midland Road is due to reopen on Monday 3rd of January after being closed for essential Maintainance.

By Cllr Tim Ball

Friday, 9 November 2012

Cars causes Havoc at Shaws Way

A car has crashed through the new railings by Naish House on Shaws Way after loosing control coming down Poolemead Road just before 8am this morning from information that I have received from Police on duty.

If the timing is correct it's a relief that it was not later with Children going to the local schools.

I have chased up the matter with highways to have the dangerous posts removed.
By Cllr Tim Ball

Monday, 5 November 2012

Litter picking

I had a good day litter picking in the Twerton area on Friday and cleared the area from the top of Watery Lane up to Linley Close and around to the back of the Centurion public house.

I am out most Friday's picking so if you want to join me then give me a ring to find out where I am.

By Cllr Gerry Curran

Wedgewood Road

I have asked for the missing  Road sign that details the location of 2/26 Wedgewood Road to be replaced as soon as possible.

This area is difficult to find the location of houses as it is and I would hope that the sign is soon back in Place.

By Cllr Tim Ball

Friday, 2 November 2012

Newton Road Bollards

I have asked that the wooden bollards that have been knocked out on Newton Road are replaced as soon as possible.

I am not sure why thes bollards are not in place and if they have been deliberately knocked out but they will soon be replaced.

I am working with Curo Housing group to resolve the parking on the grass on other parts of Newton road that is making the road looked very unsightly with churned up grass..

By Cllr Tim Ball

Monday, 29 October 2012

Linley Close

We have complained to Curo Housing with regards to their recycling at Linley Close garages.

At the moment the recycling is in a loose area and it gets scattered widely across the area and is a target for fly tipping.

We have asked Curo to put their recycling in a compound at a nearby block of flats to stop this mess that is currently being made.

By Cllr Gerry Curran

Sunday, 28 October 2012

Landseer Road

We are working on this area and have made great efforts to get the area cleaned up Cllr Gerry Curran said: "I spent some considerable time on Friday this week clearing the area of litter and removing some of the brambles and stinging nettles from an area where the old Cherry Tree was cut down."

The area has been a problem for quite a while and we need to resolve several issues in this area.

Cllr Tim Ball said: "The council have agreed to clear the bed in front of 32 Landseer Road this winter and prepare it for seeding or turfing. This will be co-ordinated with the replacement of the Cherry Tree".

By Cllr Tim Ball & Cllr Gerry Curran.

Thursday, 25 October 2012

Landseer Road Cherry Tree

I have asked the council to replace the Cherry Tree that was cut down a few weeks ago out side of 32 Landseer Road with another one, the tree was apparently dead.

I have also asked that the area is given a good clear up with brambles and nettles being cut back form the shrub bed  area.

By Cllr Tim Ball

High Street

I have asked for two very dangerous paving slabs to be replaced on Twerton High Street one outside of the CO-OP and the other alongside Blockbuster.

I would hope to see these replaced or repaired in the next couple of weeks and will keep a check on the area to ensure progress.

By Cllr Tim Ball

Litter pcks continue

I have continued my litter picks on Friday of Last week and spent time picking up litter in Dominion Road and Freeview Road.

In all I collected several bags in the time I was out and met several people who were surprised to see me picking litter but also very pleased that it was happening.

I will be out again this Friday if you want to join me then let me know via my contact details.

By Cllr Gerry Curran

Old park area Redland Park

I have managed to reach agreement with Bath & North East Somerset Council to remove the fencing around the old park area in Redland Park.

The fencing will be removed in the next few weeks and the area will be grassed over abandoning the wild flower area that never worked.

By Cllr Tim Ball

Monday, 8 October 2012

Changes to number 5 bus time table

First have announced changes to the number 5 time table as of 7th October.

The timetable will be revised and the frequency increased on Mondays to Fridays from every 15 minutes to every 12 minutes. 

The frequency will be reduced on Sunday & Bank Holidays evenings from every 30 minutes to every 40 minutes. The service via Haycombe Drive to run later, until 1900 on Mondays to Saturdays. 

Saturday, 6 October 2012

Knightstone Action day 10th October

Knightstone Housing will be running and action afternoon on Wednesday 10th October from 1pm till 3pm for residents of Boyce Close Long Valley Road & Tanners Walk.

If you are a Knightstone resident why not pop up or down to Tanners Walk and have a chat with Knightsone staff.

Both myself and Cllr Gerry Curran will also be in attendance and look forward to meeting local residents we will also take the opportunity to knock a few doors and talk to more shy shy residents.

By Cllr Tim Ball

Litter Pick Long Valley Road

I had and enjoyable afternoon litter picking with a friend along Long Valley Road on Friday Afternoon.

It was nice to meet local residents and do a good deed for the community.

 In a short period of time we collected two bags of rubbish and left the area much cleaner than we found it.

By Cllr Gerry Curran

Friday, 5 October 2012

New metal fencing is soon to be erected at the bottom end of Redland Park to match work already done in other Parts of Redland Park.

The Work will be carried out in late October on Curo properties, I have also persuaded Curo to put this high quality fencing on one property in Newton Road that leads into the estate as this will tidy up the area and give a greater impact on Redland Par itself.

By Cllr Tim Ball

Thursday, 4 October 2012

Waste Centre to Close

The dates have now been confirmed for the above temporary closure of the recycling Bath recycling centre for essential Maintenance. 

The site will be closed   - from Monday 8th October and will be reopening 8th December.

For latest news please visit

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

one House into two flats proposal

We have a planning application this week in Freeview Road that splits a family house into two self contained flats if you want to view the application or make comments then please follow the link below.

Conversion of house into 2no self contained flats
Application reference: 12/04136/FUL received on 17/09/2012

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Lamp broken for nearly three months

I have asked that this lamp in the Highway at Newton Road is repaired as soon as possible.

This has been broken now for nearly three months and it is about time it was fixed.

by Cllr Tim Ball

New classroon at Twerton Infants

We have a new planning application for a new Nursery class room at Twerton Infant School if you would view the application or make any comments then please follow the link below

Installation of prefabricated modular building adjacent to existing nursery building to expand early years provisions.
Application reference: 12/04057/FUL received on 12/09/2012

By Cllr Tim Ball

Have you been speeding today


The new Twenty Mile and hours speed limits are now in force in the whole of Twerton. many new signs have now been erected detailing the new speed that is in force on all residential roads across the area.

The warning is if you are doing more than Twenty miles and hour in the Twerton area you are speeding and subject to a fine and or penalty points on your Licence if you are caught speeding.

The Police have been out today reminding residents of the new speed limits.

Please help keep a child safe and keep down to the new 20MPH limit


By Cllr Tim Ball

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Broken kerb stones

I have managed to get Curo (Somer) t remove the broken kerb stones from the walls an pavement edges in Pennard Green.

I have asked that these areas are repaired as soon as possible.

Public consultation - Additional licensing of Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMOs)

We wish to make you aware of the current public consultation that has just started regarding additional licensing of Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMOs) in B&NES.

The Council is considering extending its current licensing scheme to require all shared HMOs to be licensed around the Wards of Oldfield, Westmoreland and Widcombe as well as small parts of adjoining wards including Bathwick, Twerton, Lyncombe and Southdown.

Additional licensing would allow the Council to ensure that HMOs meet minimum standards to protect the occupants in terms of health, safety and welfare. It would also help improve management of these properties which is beneficial not only for the occupants of HMOs but also for the wider community and, provide consistent standards for landlords.

The consultation seeks your views on whether additional licensing should proceed and if so, what should be included and how it could work.  The consultation will run until the 30thNovember 2012 and we welcome your views and comments.

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

unkept gardens

one of the two in Cleeve Green
I have been chasing CURO with regards to untidy gardens in the area that they were cutting until recently.

I have received assurances that theses areas will be brought up to standard over the next few weeks.

It seems a shame that it is the most vulnerable elderly people who have disadvantaged the most as it is mainly there gardens that have been left.

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Street Crime Freeview Road

On / around the 26/08/2012 in the FREEVIEW ROAD area of Bath an occupant of a residential property was awoken early in the morning after hearing voices in the back garden a neighbour also reported seeing someone shining a torch in the back garden - It is possible that the offenders were interested in gaining access to either the shed or garages.

If you have information about any crime, phone the police on 101 or you can call anonymously to the independent charity CRIMESTOPPERS 0800 555 111.

Monday, 3 September 2012

Twerton Schools go back

Twerton infant School goes back on Tuesday morning this week 4th September school starts at 9am .

St Michael's Junior returns on Wednesday 5th September with School Starting at 8.45 am.

I am sure that many parents will be relieved with the Children returning.

by Cllr Tim Ball

Friday, 31 August 2012

Twerton Pact Last Night

I have had a quick briefing on the PACT priorities at last nights meeting.

The meeting agreed 3 priorities and these are in no specific order

A Boards on the High Street

Street Drinking in Twerton

Sorting out the No Right or left hand turns into and out of High Street from connection Hill.

It was also raised about white keep clear lines along Garrick Road that one resident thought that Councillors should have pushed for along Garrick Road and made disparaging remarks about them not being done. Key residents at several locations in Garrick Road have been spoken to and do not support any parking restrictions and unless any clear substantiated evidence is brought forward this will not be pursued.

Another resident raised issues about anti social behaviour and how all the agencies need to work together in a joined up fashion, A separate meeting I understand is being arranged to resolve this issue.

The priorities given above are all in the best interests of Twerton Residents and we will do our best to deliver them.

The next meeting is to be held at Southside community Centre Kelston View on 13th December at 7PM.

By Cllr Tim Ball

Thursday, 30 August 2012

Twerton PACT

The Twerton Pact meeting takes place tonight at 7pm at Twerton Village Hall go along if you can and have your say.

Unfortunately I am not able to attend tonight's meeting but I am sure that any issues raised will be passed onto me.

The priorities raised at the last PACT meeting are.

Agreed 26th April 2012
1) Contravention of no entry signs in Redland Park - Police

2) Twerton walkabout, date to be arranged. To identify areas needing attention. - SOMER Housing and BANES

3) Parking on grass verges in Newton Road - SOMER Housing and police

Grass Cutting Poolemead Road

I have resolved the issues of the grass cutting not being done at the top end of Poolemead Road and the grass has now been cut.

I have previously received many complaints that the grass was not being cut between 1 and 11 Poolemead Road despite the rest of the road being done.

It seems that there has been a problem with parked cars at this point preventing the mowers being able to access the grass. I have asked that residents are approached if this is a problem in the future to move their cars.

by Cllr Tim Ball

Redland Park Planning application

A planning application has bee received to alter the conditions of scale of the development that has previously received planning permission. 

Please follow the links below to view or make comments.

Variation of condition 6 (plans list) of application 11/03095/FUL to reduce the scale of the proposed dwelling (Erection of 1no. 3 bedroom dwelling adjacent No.18 Redland Park.)
Application reference: 12/03603/VAR received on 17/08/2012
Planning Portal reference: PP-02146543

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Anti Social Behaviour Hot Line

 Anti Social Behaviour Hot Line

Can I thank Curo (Somer) for their quick response to my comments about noisy neighbours of which they are following up.

In the previous column about noisy neighbours I gave the main Curo number 366000, I have now been advised that there is a freephone number for Curo (Somer) Tenants or their neighbours available throughout Bath & North East Somerset of 0800 755 69 69 available 24 hours a day.

By Cllr Tim Ball

Monday, 20 August 2012

Noisy Neighbours

I am currently receiving complaints about two very ignorant residents in the Twerton area both are tenants of Curo Housing and are being dealt with as an ongoing issue.

One resident of The Parade High Street has been playing Music so loud that it has affected all his neighbours to such an extent that they have had to bring in outside agencies such as the Police to help deal with the matter.

Another resident an Linley Close plays their music so loud that I can clearly hear it 300 yards away in my front room and what his immediate neighbours must be going through is beyond my ability to understand.

I have had many residents tell me that they feel intimidated by these residents and are frightened to come forward with information for fear of reprisals.

It is not acceptable for peoples lives to be blighted by the ignorant and arrogant few and if we all as residents of the area report their actions to the correct authorities that we will soon be able to put a stop to this anti social behaviour.

Curo to their credit have taken action to try to resolve these two issues but we need residents that are affected by these two and in other situations that I am not aware of to report issues that affect them.

Curo have an Anti Social Behavior hot line that can be accessed 24 hours a day through their main number 366000 the Police can also be contacted on 101 and the Council Environmental unit 477000 during office hours may also be able to help.

by Cllr Tim Ball

Redland Park Community Walk around

Victor da Cunha
Louise Swain
I have a very good walk around Redland Park on Thursday Last Week with Curo Housing Chief Executive Victor da Cunha and Louise Swain Executive Director for Customer Services and two representatives of the Redland Park community Deborah and Marg.

The visit was a eye opener for the Curo Boss and led to quite a discussion of the maintenance of the estate and future improvements that can be made.

It was agreed at the end of the visit to see what can be achieved by setting up a community forum with residents to discuss the estate and what needs to be done and how it is tackled.

The forum will include residents Curo the Council and elected members and agencies working in the area.

It was very noticeable that work has been carried out on the estate but much more now needs to be done in conjunction with residents.

I would like to thank Curo and the residents who gave up their time last Thursday I think that we have made real progress.

By Cllr Tim Ball

Updated report on High Street Paving

Bath & North East Somerset Council have agreed to repair the broken paving slabs at the Parade High Street Twerton.

I have also received confirmation that a New Bollard that I have requested will also be installed to stop any further parking on the Paving that is now broken and dangerous.

By Cllr Tim Ball

Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Hanna Close Street Sign

I have asked for the vandalised street name plate at Hanna Close to be replaced as soon as possible.

I think this is a Curo sign as it is quite new but have also asked the council to check that it is not theirs.

If you know who vandalised the sign then please let the Police know.

Cracked paving slabs

I have asked for the cracked paving slabs to be replaced at The Parade Twerton High Street.

I have also suggested that a new bollard is put in place to stop lorries parking on the path of which I feel is causing most of the damage.

By Cllr Tim Ball

Its a start by Curo

Curo have made a start at clearing the land near to 1 Dominion Road and although it is not perfect it is much better than it was a few weeks ago. I will chase this matter until the land is either developed or managed in a more suitable way.

The grass areas in Twerton are much better than they were a few weeks ago but there is still more room for improvement with some gardens that were being dealt with by Curo still needing some attention.

By Cllr Tim Ball

Resurfacing Works watery lane

I am pleased to see that part of Watery Lane has been resurfaced as this has removed some of the quite dangerous pot holes that were appearing and the worn surface that had become quite dangerous in the wet.

There are many other roads in the area that need attention but if you know of one that is particularly bad then please let us know.

By Cllr Tim Ball

Pot Holes Twerton High Street

I have asked for the dangerous Pot Hole in Twerton High Street just up from the Old Crown Public House to be filled in as soon as possible.

The Pot Hole is seen as holding quite a bit of water as some unsuspecting motorists found out in the rain the other day.

By Cllr Tim Ball

Monday, 30 July 2012

Rubbish Collections

Please don't put out too early
I have asked the council to chase up on the residents who are putting their rubbish and recycling out on a Monday afternoon in Twerton when the collection is not till Tuesday morning.

The amount of rubbish bags are increasing that have been split open by a Tuesday morning spilling rubbish over our streets.

What happens if you put them out early
It would be helpful if residents who are putting their bags of rubbish out so early would refrain from doing so until the evening if they can't wait till the mooring of collection.

By Cllr Tim Ball

Friday, 27 July 2012

Highland Road railings

I have asked for the railings below 51 Highland Road to be repaired. These railings have been in a poor state of repair for quite a while now.

I understand that these railings are the responsibility of Curo who I have asked to them to ensure that the repairs take place as soon as possible.

By Cllr Tim Ball

Refuse collections Kelston View

Picture by Sean Moore
I have received numerous complaints about the amount of bags being left out with food waste in them on Kelston View.

It seems that despite the Council running a very good food waste collection service some people are ignoring this and leaving food waste in their bags allowing birds to attack the bags overnight and leave a mess everywhere.

The council have reacted and will be running a educational program to encourage residents in the area to recycle their food waste and not put it out in their black sacks each week.

I have asked that the council monitor the area and ensure that it is cleared up regularly after collections.

By Cllr Tim Ball

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Grass Verges Newton Road

I have made quite a few complaints about the grass verges on Newton Road outside the new Houses.

Curo (Somer) have replied telling me that they have been and will continue to communicate with residents living in Newton Road that they should not be using the grass verge for parking purposes.

They also tell me that they are also enforcing this where they are able to.

A long term sustainable solution has to be found and I am pleased that they have told me that they will be working with colleagues in the Council’s Highways team to  find a more permanent solution to this particular issue.

In the meantime, they have arranged for remedial work to be undertaken to the damaged areas to bring them back to a more presentable position.

I would like to thank them for their attention to this matter that will hopefully bring about a solution.

By Cllr Tim Ball

Land by 1 Dominion Road

I have made quite a few complaints about this land recently and CURO ( Somer ) have finally come back with a full reply that I am happy to bring to your attention.

For those who don't know this is the land by Hanna Close.

CURO reply below in blue for your attention.

I am very sorry that the land issue at Dominion Road continues to be unresolved. It was intended last year that we would offer the land to tenants whose properties were adjacent and extend their current garden space as we felt this was the most appropriate and straightforward solution. 

This did not proceed as we later established that it could provide a much needed space for future development. It should have been cleared and maintained at this point, but we failed to do this.

 I am very sorry and have now arranged for the site to be immediately cleaned up to be maintained on an ongoing basis until we decide what to do with this land.

By Cllr Tim Ball

Grass Cutting In Twerton

I have made several complaints about the poor grass cutting to both the Council and CURO ( Somer ) CURO who cut most of the communal areas have now replied and have asked that I bring their reply to your attention.

below is their reply in blue

We are having some service disruptions that have been caused largely by the adverse weather and not helped by us making some changes to the schedules that we have now rectified. I am sorry that this has led to yourself and a number of your council colleagues receiving complaints. We have employed additional resources to improve both the performance and quality and we are making considerable progress each day. Today we have posted a statement on the Curo website to inform and hopefully assure residents that steps are being taken to address this. I have pasted it below for your information. It would be really helpful if you could sign post any residents to this in the event that you receive any more complaints. It is in the news section of the web site.

‘’There are currently some delays with grass-cutting and other grounds maintenance works. The continued heavy rain is one of the main reasons for this but we are working very closely with our contractors to get back on schedule. An additional team has been taken on to tackle the back-log and significant progress is being made. The situation is being reviewed on a daily basis and a further update will be provided shortly. We apologise for the inconvenience that has been caused and assure all residents that we are doing all that is necessary to provide a high standard of service."

by Cllr Tim Ball

Pennard Green Bollards

I have asked Curo ( Somer ) to urgently replace the bollard removed by their contractor at Pennard Green.

I have also asked for the bollard that has been knocked over to be repaired or replaced as soon as possible.

By Cllr Tim Ball

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Somer Name Change

Twerton based Somer Housing have changed their name to Curo as part of a company restructure but it has been noticed that they do not carry Twerton in their Company address lets hope that they put that right, Twerton residents are proud to live here come on Curo.

Rather than me go on this is what Curo say about themselves on their website.

Somer Housing Group – one of the largest social landlords and support providers in the South West – has re-launched with a new name: Curo.

In the past Somer operated three member organisations, each with its own name and brand: Somer Community Housing Trust, Redland and Shape. These have now been brought together as Curo.

“This is an exciting and positive time for Curo," said Victor da Cunha, Chief Executive of Curo. "It’s not just our name we’ve changed – we’re also making big changes to the way we do things, whilst making sure we put customer service at the heart of everything we do. We have big plans for the future and have set ourselves an ambitious five-year plan with a mission to '…make a positive and profound contribution to the neighbourhoods we work in – inspiring and empowering people to succeed in life'.

“Our new name, Curo, comes from the Latin word ‘I care’ and reinforces one of our core values as well as our desire to provide excellent customer services. The move away from the name Somer also reflects that we work across the South West of England, not just in Bath and the Somer valley.

“Simplifying the way the organisation is run will reduce duplication, and having a single name and brand will make it easier for customers and those we work with to know us by one name.”

We've written to all our customers explaining the changes and stressing that the new name will not affect tenancy conditions, rents or the costs of any support services.

From 2nd July, Somer, Redland and Shape will start to advertise all its homes and services under the brand Curo, with new-look uniforms, signs and vans – sporting a friendly and informal new brand.

To read more about this go to their web site on the link below.


By Cllr Tim Ball

Response from Somer on failure to clear up

I have had a good response from Somer ( now Curo ) on the issues of clearing up the land by the side of 1 Dominion Road.

1) An Email from Curo CX on Sunday
2) A personal phone call from one of the directors Monday afternoon
3) A email today form the case officer assigned to deal with the matter.

It seems that they are at long last taking notice of what has been said but only time will tell.

But I am sure Twerton residents will join me in thanking Curo for taking the matter more seriously.

Waste Collections need sorting

I have asked that the rubbish collection at Cleeve is sorted out as the mess in the picture is appearing every week.

I have asked that the mess is cleared up without delay.

It seems that the person responsible for putting out the rubbish may need assistance in dealing with how to separate their waste as it is being put out on a Monday night and being attacked by the Sea Gulls.

by Tim Ball

Saturday, 30 June 2012

Somer land complaints made on failure to clear up

I have drawn it to the attention of Somer Housing that they have ignored constant requests to have this land cleared up by the side of 1 Dominion Road.

It is well over a year since I personally went on to this land and removed many bags of rubbish.

Somer has made promises that they would clear this land up and we even heard that they were going to consider selling the land.

All of the promises have so far had an empty response as the land is now in a worse state that when it was reported to them.

About the same time as I reported the problem to them a voluntary group wanted to turn the land into a fruit garden but this all fell through.

I hope that this will now be dealt with as many local residents are fed up with empty promises.

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Pot Holes Wedgewod Road

The dangerous pot holes that have been reported several times on Wedgewood Road have now been repaired by the council.

 If you know of any pot holes that need repairing then please let us know.

Litter Bin Newton Road

I have asked for the litter bin that has been knocked over by the cost cutter Shop on Newton Road to be re sited as soon as possible.

 The bin is well used by local residents and I hope that it won't be long before it is repaired.

The bin has now been re sited thanks to quick work of B&NES cleaning team.

Anti Social behaviour Twerton High Street

I have asked the Police to stop the problem with drinkers in Twerton High Street in the afternoons. It is getting bad that residents are complaining about the anti social behaviour that is taking place. I have also asked the Police to investigate where the cheap out of date Alcohol is coming from.

Friday, 22 June 2012

Grass Cutting

Many people have made comments about the grass cutting in the Twerton area over the last two months.

We have made complaints to both the council and Somer about the failures to keep the area clean and tidy and we have received assurances that both organisation's are working hard to get the grass cutting up together.

It has been pointed out that the unusual weather conditions have resulted in the grass growing 3 to 4 times faster than it normally would at this time of year.

Dangerous Steps

I have asked the council to take urgent action to repair the steps at the side of 56 Linley Close just above the Centurion public house on Poolemead Road.

 I believe that the steps are so bad that they may need to be closed whilst repairs are carried out.

Friday, 8 June 2012

Lidl latest

There at last seems to be light at the end of the Tunnel on this long running saga as all parties now seem to be ready to sign the legal agreements that will allow Lidl on the Lower Bristol Road to become a reality.

We again keep our fingers crossed as we have been very close to this position before.

Six to Fix for Twerton

Tim, Gerry and your Twerton Lib Dems are fighting for the things that matter to you.
Currently we are campaigning to:
  1. Resolve parking issues on grass verges.
  2. Improve Innox Park with a footpath and a new gate.
  3. The remodelling of the High Street.
  4. More litter bins and noticeboards.
  5. The reforming of the Woodland Forum with more council support.
  6. Improve the appearance of the railway arches along Lower Bristol Road.
If there are things we should be campaigning for in your area, please contact us.

Twerton Community Fun Day

Many thanks and well done to Alison and her team at Twerton Community residents association who put on a community fun day at Innox Park on Tuesday despite the awful weather over 100 people turned up and enjoyed the event.

It just goes to show that the Twerton spirit of lets get on with it despite the odds is alive and well

Pot Hole Reported

There is a large pot hole on Watery Lane that has opened up in the past week since we have had all the rain.

The Pot Hole is close to the bus stop on outside of Pennard Court and has caused a few problems for motorists.

We have asked that this pot hole is repaired as soon as possible.

New Fencing at the Hollow

Old broken down fencing now gone
New fencing is being erected at the Hollow between Kelston View and Cotswold View.

Although we welcome the new fencing it leaves us suspicious to what the underlying motive for this fencing is.

We will of course dig in and find out what is going on in this area.

The Magpie seems to agree
The Pictures show the improvement that the new fencing is having on the area with the old metal fence now gone.

If you have any comments that you would like to make please contact us.

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Pot Holes Kelston View

Some of the Pot Holes that were reported on Kelston View have now been repaired. If you know of any pot holes that need attending to then please let us know.

Litter clear up request

I have asked the council to clean up the footpaths between Shaws Way an Newton road after finding them very messy several days running this week. I have also asked for the footpath between Freeview Rd & Dominion rd to be cleaned up.

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Twerton Crime updates

If you can help the Police with any of these crimes please contact them. Between Friday 20th and Friday 27th April 2012, unknown person(s) entered a garage, in a block of garages in Poolemead Road, Bath, by forcing open the door and removed property, including a pedal cycle, from within. Between Sunday 29th and Monday 30th April 2012, unknown person(s) damaged the wing mirror of a motor vehicle whilst it was parked in Wedgwood Road, Bath. If you have any information regarding these incidents please contact the Police on 101. Alternatively you could contact Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111.  It is important that you ask for the call to be tagged 'Neighbourhood Watch' and quote Ringmaster Message Bath Number 1225.   If you witness a crime in progress or you believe a crime has just occurred please ring 999.

Sunday, 29 April 2012

Bath City Conference 2012: details announced

The full programme of public debates, speakers, and displays at the Bath City Conference: One Hundred Ideas for Bath – organised Bath & North East Somerset Council – have been announced. All members of the public are welcome to attend at any stage during the day to share, debate, and learn about the matters that are important to them at the public debates. The event takes place at the Guildhall on Wednesday May 2nd 2012 between 2pm and 8pm. The Council will be tweeting information about the content of the day via #bathcityconf both in the run-up and during the day. “At the evening public debate, we will be asking people what opportunities they think there are for communities and the Council to work more closely to address the challenges we face, in what way Bath would be different if we made these changes, and what we need to do next to ensure this change takes place.” One hundred ideas for Bath – Conference details Proceedings will be opened by a performance by the Golden Oldies Singing Group and the day introduced by Councillor Paul Crossley, Leader of Council. There are a wide range of presentations and debates taking place that all residents are welcome to attend. 2.40pm; Tourism in Bath; Nick Brooke-Sykes – Chief Executive, Bath Tourism Plus will speak and take part in a question and answer session; 3.30pm – 3.45pm; Bath’s thriving digital scene – Mike Ellis, Storm Consultancy; 4pm; The Spa: 5 years on; Peter Rollins, Thermae Sales & Marketing Manager will give a perspective on the progress of the Bath Spa and its contribution to the city; 5pm; Presentation on the Bath Homes Fit for the Future project, including a showing of a short film about the benefits of making your home more energy efficient; 5.15pm & 6.40pm; Bath Dance Academy will be performing; 5.30pm; Bath City Centre: A Place for You – there will be presenting findings from City Centre Workshops and John Myers, who has overseen this work, will chair a debate on the issue; 7pm; “Your Council, Your community - how we can work together even better” – a presentation by the next Chief Executive of the Council, Dr Jo Farrar will precede a debate about the future of the city with input from local people. The Brunswick Room will host a number of activities to give people a taste of physical activity and its benefits.  These include table tennis, a rowing and cycling challenge, interactive displays and free mini health checks. A number of displays are also available all day how residents are being supported to reduce carbon emissions and energy bills in their homes, Sainsbury’s plans for Green Park Station, the future of the MOD sites, and how the 2012 London Olympics are being celebrated locally the Gold Challenge, Sky Ride Bath and the Olympic Torch Relay celebrations, amongst many others. The Mayor and Chair's room will be open during the afternoon. How to attend… People can come along to the Conference at any time during the day. Although no prior notification is required, the Council is encouraging people to register their interest to gauge numbers. Call Stacy Pritchard on 01225 395429 or email  

Pot Holes reported

The pot holes that have been causing concern on Wedgewood Road Have been reported and we would hope that they would be repaired shortly.