Friday, 31 August 2012

Twerton Pact Last Night

I have had a quick briefing on the PACT priorities at last nights meeting.

The meeting agreed 3 priorities and these are in no specific order

A Boards on the High Street

Street Drinking in Twerton

Sorting out the No Right or left hand turns into and out of High Street from connection Hill.

It was also raised about white keep clear lines along Garrick Road that one resident thought that Councillors should have pushed for along Garrick Road and made disparaging remarks about them not being done. Key residents at several locations in Garrick Road have been spoken to and do not support any parking restrictions and unless any clear substantiated evidence is brought forward this will not be pursued.

Another resident raised issues about anti social behaviour and how all the agencies need to work together in a joined up fashion, A separate meeting I understand is being arranged to resolve this issue.

The priorities given above are all in the best interests of Twerton Residents and we will do our best to deliver them.

The next meeting is to be held at Southside community Centre Kelston View on 13th December at 7PM.

By Cllr Tim Ball

Thursday, 30 August 2012

Twerton PACT

The Twerton Pact meeting takes place tonight at 7pm at Twerton Village Hall go along if you can and have your say.

Unfortunately I am not able to attend tonight's meeting but I am sure that any issues raised will be passed onto me.

The priorities raised at the last PACT meeting are.

Agreed 26th April 2012
1) Contravention of no entry signs in Redland Park - Police

2) Twerton walkabout, date to be arranged. To identify areas needing attention. - SOMER Housing and BANES

3) Parking on grass verges in Newton Road - SOMER Housing and police

Grass Cutting Poolemead Road

I have resolved the issues of the grass cutting not being done at the top end of Poolemead Road and the grass has now been cut.

I have previously received many complaints that the grass was not being cut between 1 and 11 Poolemead Road despite the rest of the road being done.

It seems that there has been a problem with parked cars at this point preventing the mowers being able to access the grass. I have asked that residents are approached if this is a problem in the future to move their cars.

by Cllr Tim Ball

Redland Park Planning application

A planning application has bee received to alter the conditions of scale of the development that has previously received planning permission. 

Please follow the links below to view or make comments.

Variation of condition 6 (plans list) of application 11/03095/FUL to reduce the scale of the proposed dwelling (Erection of 1no. 3 bedroom dwelling adjacent No.18 Redland Park.)
Application reference: 12/03603/VAR received on 17/08/2012
Planning Portal reference: PP-02146543

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Anti Social Behaviour Hot Line

 Anti Social Behaviour Hot Line

Can I thank Curo (Somer) for their quick response to my comments about noisy neighbours of which they are following up.

In the previous column about noisy neighbours I gave the main Curo number 366000, I have now been advised that there is a freephone number for Curo (Somer) Tenants or their neighbours available throughout Bath & North East Somerset of 0800 755 69 69 available 24 hours a day.

By Cllr Tim Ball

Monday, 20 August 2012

Noisy Neighbours

I am currently receiving complaints about two very ignorant residents in the Twerton area both are tenants of Curo Housing and are being dealt with as an ongoing issue.

One resident of The Parade High Street has been playing Music so loud that it has affected all his neighbours to such an extent that they have had to bring in outside agencies such as the Police to help deal with the matter.

Another resident an Linley Close plays their music so loud that I can clearly hear it 300 yards away in my front room and what his immediate neighbours must be going through is beyond my ability to understand.

I have had many residents tell me that they feel intimidated by these residents and are frightened to come forward with information for fear of reprisals.

It is not acceptable for peoples lives to be blighted by the ignorant and arrogant few and if we all as residents of the area report their actions to the correct authorities that we will soon be able to put a stop to this anti social behaviour.

Curo to their credit have taken action to try to resolve these two issues but we need residents that are affected by these two and in other situations that I am not aware of to report issues that affect them.

Curo have an Anti Social Behavior hot line that can be accessed 24 hours a day through their main number 366000 the Police can also be contacted on 101 and the Council Environmental unit 477000 during office hours may also be able to help.

by Cllr Tim Ball

Redland Park Community Walk around

Victor da Cunha
Louise Swain
I have a very good walk around Redland Park on Thursday Last Week with Curo Housing Chief Executive Victor da Cunha and Louise Swain Executive Director for Customer Services and two representatives of the Redland Park community Deborah and Marg.

The visit was a eye opener for the Curo Boss and led to quite a discussion of the maintenance of the estate and future improvements that can be made.

It was agreed at the end of the visit to see what can be achieved by setting up a community forum with residents to discuss the estate and what needs to be done and how it is tackled.

The forum will include residents Curo the Council and elected members and agencies working in the area.

It was very noticeable that work has been carried out on the estate but much more now needs to be done in conjunction with residents.

I would like to thank Curo and the residents who gave up their time last Thursday I think that we have made real progress.

By Cllr Tim Ball

Updated report on High Street Paving

Bath & North East Somerset Council have agreed to repair the broken paving slabs at the Parade High Street Twerton.

I have also received confirmation that a New Bollard that I have requested will also be installed to stop any further parking on the Paving that is now broken and dangerous.

By Cllr Tim Ball