Monday, 27 November 2017

Potential Council Ward Boundary Changes

In July this year, the Local Government Boundary Commission for England asked local people for their help to draw up a new pattern of council wards for Bath and North East Somerset Council.

The Commission is also looking at reducing the number of elected councillors to 59 (from 65).

The initial consultation ended on 2nd October and the responses and recommendations put forward can be viewed here.

Draft recommendations from the Commission are due to be published at the beginning of December for consultation until approximately mid-February, with the final plans scheduled to be published at the beginning of May 2018.

The new boundaries could alter which ward you would fall under and which Councillors would represent you, however, the alternations would not come into effect until the next local elections, currently planned for May 2019.

Saturday, 25 November 2017

Linley Close

Due to a total lack of communication between BANES Council, Curo and Curo's management team Friday morning all the rubbish from the flats has been dragged out and left along the length of Linley Close leaving piles of black sacks to be attacked by birds.

Only one pile of rubbish along this road was cleared on Friday whilst the rest has now been ripped open by animals and birds.  Only one set of the flats that were cleared were actually due for weekly collection, therefore they should not have even been put out.

Add to this the lack of footpath maintenance and large piles of slippery leaves, this road is in urgently need of some attention.

We have asked that all the waste is cleared and that all these leaves and footpaths are cleaned up and made safe for all residents to use.

Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Bath City Football ground redevelopment

Last night was the first community engagement session at Bath City Football ground to take a look at what the community would like to see on the site as part of the proposed redevelopment.

It was a really great event and very well attended.  It was refreshing to see so many people taking the time to put their views forward.

The notes and outcome of the meeting will be written up shortly and published on the football clubs website.

We are looking forward to further meetings about this redevelopment and are hopeful that, if developed successfully this site has the potential to rejuvenate Twerton and benefit a large number residents. 

New litter bin for Garrick Road

We are pleased that the council have agreed to the installation of a new litter bin on or near the footpath between 1 & 11 Garrick Road.

This comes after a request from local residents who complained that there was no where to deposit litter in the area.

We are determined that the area is as clean as possible and where we can we will get bins put in.

However it is also very important that people don’t drop litter and take it home with them if there is no bin to put it in.

Tuesday, 21 November 2017

How can people in flats recycle when this is the norm

Is it any wonder that residents living in some of our flats in Twerton don’t recycle their waste if the receptacles that they need to put the recycled materials are left in a state like this by the council.

The bins pictured are at Walwyn Close in Twerton and are shared by 3 blocks of flats residents tell me it is over 3 weeks since these were last emptied.

We have been onto the council regarding these bins and have asked that they are kept clear on a regular basis.

It is no good the council threatening to fine people for not recycling properly if they don’t provide the facilities that are usable  by residents.

Saturday, 18 November 2017

Pennyquick Park is dumping here correct

We are investigating why the council have started dumping leaves
🍁 in Pennyquick Park.

The practice seems to have started last year at a low level but has increased this year with other garden related waste being deposited there as well.

The park already has a low level of Ticks with some local dogs already being infected.

The damage also being done to the park is very clear.
We will report back on these pages when we have more information.

Friday, 17 November 2017

Missed bins and missed recycling collections not a good start

The roll out of the new refuse collection and recycling seems to have run into just a few hurdles in the first two weeks of its running.

Complaints have been received that refuse collections have not been made at several houses, these have all been reported.

Tonight complaints have been coming in that Tanners Walk has not had its recycling collected and we have asked the council to resolve this matter as soon as possible.

If you have problems with your collections then please contact council connect or ring 01225 394041.

We have also been told today that if you are elderly or disabled and unable to dispose of your old bin or have exceptional circumstances your old bin may be able to be collected, please contact council connect to enquire.

Litter please clean me up

We have asked the council to clean up the lane that runs from Freeview Road to Dominion Road, it seems that unless we ask this lane never gets cleaned.

Rubbish and litter can be reported at or by phone 📞 01225 394041

Letter regarding old refuse bins

Councillor Tim Ball has written to the conservative administration on Bath & North East Somerset Council about the old refuse bins that people are left with now that council has imposed its new bin and bag policies.

The letter is reproduced below.

15th November 2017

Councillor Bob Goodman
Cabinet for Development & Neighbourhoods
Bath & North East Somerset Council
Guildhall High Street 

Dear Councillor Goodman 

I am receiving many complaints from residents in Twerton regarding the disposal of their old dustbins now that the council is insisting that the new bins or bags that they have supplied must be used in place of bins residents already have.

I am aware that some of my residents have contacted the council to enquire about the disposal of their old bins to be told that they would be charged a disposal rate to have them taken away.

Councillor Goodman can I remind you that many of my residents live at or below poverty levels and can’t afford this extra cost just to fall into line with a new council waste policy.

This is just another issue that has not been thought through at all well in the rush to get this policy through.

I hope that you can tell me that I am wrong and you are arranging free collection of these unwanted and now not needed bins. 


Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Council takes action to tackle proliferation of HMOs in Bath

There seems to be a great deal of interest in Twerton regarding Houses of multiple occupation.

The council have recently reviewed the HMO polices brought in by the Liberal Democrat’s 4 years ago.

If you have concerns about an HMO in your street and are not sure if it has permission to be there then you can contact development Management via email

All HMO’s in Twerton need planning permission.

Below is Councils press coveridge

The recommendations mean that new applications to convert properties into HMOs will be refused if more than 10% of properties in the local area are already Houses of Multiple Occupation. In addition, the will also adopt a new policy that will prevent a residential non HMO property from being ‘sandwiched’ between two HMOs.
The move follows six weeks of public consultation which began on September 4 and which was in response to increasing concerns among residents about the continuing concentration and growth of HMOs in some neighbourhoods of the city.

The new policy approach is responding to the real concerns residents in Bath have about the proliferation and concentration of HMOs in parts of our city. By putting policies in place to better control the growth and distribution of HMOs, our aim is to ensure we have a balance of types of housing within our local communities.
The council recognise that HMOs have a role to play in our city’s housing stock by providing accommodation not just for students, but also professionals. However, they should not be allowed to dominate local areas at the expense of other types of housing. This new policy means that in the future the Council will be able to prevent HMOs from taking up more than 10 per cent of an area’s housing stock.
Furthermore, this new policy gives the Council powers to refuse planning permission for a new HMO if it would result in a property being sandwiched between two houses of multiple occupation.”
Alongside the new policy on HMOs, the Council is also currently undertaking a piece of work looking at the issue of Dedicated Student Accommodation in the city, including an assessment of the need and supply of student accommodation in the area. 

Tuesday, 14 November 2017

North Way

I have asked the council cabinet to consider carrying out reinstatement works on North Way.

The council have replied that this will be considered in the capital budget making process.

The question I asked is below.

Can the cabinet member for Highways confirm that after the successful works that were carried on Kelston View this year. That sufficient money will be allocated in the Highways capital budget 2018 to carry out the works on North Way that are essential to stop this road collapsing.

Tim Ball

Saturday, 11 November 2017

Restricting access to non-urgent services

We don’t normally publish items that are not totally about Twerton or its residents on these pages but the issue below affects most residents or their families.

Please take some time to read the article from Bath & North East Somerset clinical commisioning groupand respond to the consultation.

There is unprecedented demand on health services in B&NES, which is putting huge pressure on the NHS budget. To be able to live within our means, we must consider introducing restrictions to non-urgent services.
We are proposing to stop funding male vasectomies and female sterilisations, and introduce new access criteria for fertility treatment.
We want to hear what you think of these proposals. Please fill in our vasectomy and sterilisation survey here and our fertility services survey here.

Failing to Licence a House in Multiple Occupation (HMO) Prosecution of Letting Agent by Council

Bath & North East Somerset Council has prosecuted a Letting Agent; GT&G Limited trading as Camden House, (previously known as Local Lets) for failing to make a valid application for a House in Multiple Occupation (HMO) licence. Mr Patrick Tetley, the owner and director of GT&G Limited, appeared at Bath Magistrates’ Court on Wednesday 8th November 2017 and pleaded guilty to the Housing Act 2004 offence.

The court heard that Camden House, who have full management responsibility of the property, were found to be managing the HMO without a licence in March 2017. It took a further 3 months for a completed licence application to be received at the Council. The HMO had required a licence under the Additional Licensing Scheme from the 1st January 2014. 
The property was a 2 storey, 3 bedroom HMO. Tenancy agreements were held with 3 occupants, although at least 5 people were occupying the property in the bedrooms, living room and dining room. The property was found to have many disrepair issues.   
Patrick Tetley admitted to not having a checking procedure in place to ensure the HMOs managed by Camden House have a valid licence where required.
The court sentenced GT&G Limited to a £2500 fine and was ordered to pay the prosecution costs of £1360 and the victim surcharge of £250.
Additional licensing was brought in by the Council in 2014 to address issues of poor management in small HMOs with three or more persons in certain areas of Bath.  If residents are aware of any properties that are operating without a HMO licence then they can contact Housing Services on 01225 396269 or via email to For more information on the legal requirements for Houses in Multiple Occupation residents can

Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Trees at Watery Lane and Newton Road

At last a planning application to deal with these overgrown trees.

   Ward:  Twerton   App Ref: 17/05309/TPO Parish:  N/A Registered: 31st October 2017

 Expiry Date: 26th December 2017

Location: Gallaudet Unit Poolemead Centre Watery Lane Twerton Bath BA2 1RN  Grid Ref: (E)372238 - (N)164652   LB Grade: N/A Proposal: Beech (T1).

Remove crossing limbs, shorten 6 longest lateral limbs by 3m. To improve safety by the road. All trees overhanging Newton road and Watery lane.

 Crown lift over pavement to 3.5m, over road to 7m, clear from phone lines. Yew and Laurel (G1) Fell 3 minor leaning trees opposite Walwyn close entrance.

Officer:  Jane Brewer Applicant: Mr Roy Woods Agent:    Mr Neill Gretton Gallaudet Unit Poolemead Centre Watery Lane Twerton Bath BA2 1RN Unit 119  3 Edgar Buildings George Street Bath BA1 2FJ To view the case click on the link here.

Saturday, 4 November 2017

Waste & Recycling Alterations

This Monday, 6th November, is the start of the new Waste & Recycling changes brought in by the Council.

Please be aware your collection day is likely to have changed.  Make sure you read the leaflet that was delivered with your bin/bag as this contains important information about your collection.

The recycling will still be collected EVERY week, however, the day for this is likely to have changed, a lot of Twerton has been altered to now be collected on a FRIDAY not a Tuesday.

Your rubbish collection will be collected fortnightly and your garden waste is staying as fortnightly.  There is a calendar shown on the leaflet that you will have received.  This shows the weeks are split into green week and black week.  Green week will be the week your garden waste will be collected and black week is when your non-recyclable household rubbish will be collected.

After checking this information, we discovered that with this combination of changes there is going to be a 17 day wait for the first non-recyclable household rubbish collection for a number of households in the Twerton area.  We have been told by a Senior Waste Officer at the council, to accommodate this change they will be accepting additional black waste sacks put along side your new container for the first couple of collections. 

Your waste and recycling  bins/boxes/bags should be put outside your property by 7am on the day of collection, but should not be put out before 8pm the night before.  The council have said they may impose a £60 fine for anyone that is not complying with the guidelines they have provided within their leaflet, and no containers should obstruct footpaths.

If you have any questions about this please do get in touch with either the waste services team or us.

Thursday, 2 November 2017

Bath City Football Club development plans

Bath City Football Club are holding a listening event on the way in which the Twerton Park site is developed fits the needs of the local community. This is an exciting opportunity to provide facilities which will be of value to everyone in the area. There is also a need to develop part of the site in a commercial manner – so as to provide the income to secure the financial future of Bath City FC and cover the costs of building community facilities.

Bath City need residents input on this so that they draw the best conclusions. In order to start hearing residents thoughts early on in the process they are running a listening session on:

•       The type of facilities and services which will be of most relevance to you and others in the local area
•       The way the commercial element of the site is developed

This will be held on Tuesday 21st November at 5.30-7.00pm, in Charlie’s at Twerton Park, and we hope to hold repeat events according to the local demand.

Image result for bath city fc
This will be a very informal event in which everyone attending will be grouped into smaller tables of 6-7 people. Each group will be facilitated by independent volunteers, who have no agenda and are completely unbiased.

There will also be some refreshments, so it it is important that you do try your hardest to attend if you have said you will do so.

Could you please confirm your attendance via email to by Monday 6th November, in order that they can organise the venue, volunteers and flapjack!