Thursday, 27 March 2014

Newton Road (traffic calming)

We are pleased to announce that in the budget this year we have managed to get the traffic calming of Newton Road by St Michaels junior school included.

The school has had a number of children knocked over in the last few years very close to the School and it is now time to get this matter resolved.

The planning and design of the traffic calming will take place over the next few months prior to installation later in this financial year.

We will publish links to the developing plans as soon as they arrive and ensure that adequate consultation takes place with local residents and the school.

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Bus Updates Number 5 Twerton

I have again this morning raised the problems with buses running late on the number 5 Bus Route.

I was disturbed last night to receive a phone call from a very elderly lady who told me that she had to take her husband back home as he could not stand any longer after waiting for over half an hour at Poolemead Road.

I have made a formal complaint this morning to First and drawn the issue to the attention of the councils supported bus service team.

I have also escalated it and have let the traffic commissioner know about First problems in running a service.

Below are the contact details for First and the Traffic Commissioner

First Customer services.
Empress Road.
0845 602 0156

Traffic Commissioner if phoning it is option 4 when you reach the automated switchboard.

West of England

Sarah Bell
Jubilee House
Croydon Street


Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Firt Bus in Twerton

Yesterday we posted pictures of the new bus shelter being put up at Newton Road in Twerton and saying how good it was to see all the good work that the council was doing to help bus passengers.

I am afraid today it seems like First Bus are totally letting us all down by running a service that is not fit for purpose.

The number 5 service is supposed to be every twelve minutes in the day time but yesterday I arrived at the bus stop at Walwyn Close at 10.10 am and waited until 11.05 am for the bus to turn up.

This morning I had a complaint from a resident who tells me that the bus that should run about twenty pat eight did not turn up until nearly 9 am.

I have made formal complaints to First Bus about these issues as these are not one off issues and as I have received many other complaints.


Monday, 17 March 2014

Newton Road (Bus Shelters)

Cllr Gerry Curran at the new Shelter
The first of the New Bus Shelters has been put in at Newton Road opposite the Cost Cutter Shop.

This is the first of many news shelters that will be going up in the Twerton area over the next few months.

It should be noted that all of these shelters have new seats that the residents had told us that they wanted.

Sunday, 16 March 2014

Twerton High Street

Twerton High Street will be closed next week from 7pm till early morning for essential resurfacing works.

The number 5 Bus will be diverted along the lower Bristol Road and come down Pennyquick and rejoin Newton Road before making its way to Whiteway each night from 7pm.

The works are scheduled for six nights but may be finished earlier.

Kelston View (steps)

We have asked for the hand rail to be repaired on the steps near to 23 Kelston View that has been broken for a while now.

We hope that the hand rail will be repaired as soon as possible as it is important on the steep banks along Kelston View.

Sunday, 2 March 2014

Kelston View (Bus stop)

It looks as if we have found a solution to the bus stop markings at the bus stop at Kelston view close to Wedgewood Road flats.

The original plans meant we would loose two parking spaces that area badly needs. We have agreed that alterations can be made to the bus stop that will restore these parking bays, but will still allow for bus movements to be carried out.

The law requires that ample provision is made for disabled persons to be able to use the bus and that is why it is important that the bus can pull up on the raised curbs.

With the alterations we are able to do this and still be able to retain the much needed parking spaces.

Saturday, 1 March 2014

Road Closures (Bath Half)

Access to the Lower Bristol Road will be restricted by both car and on foot tomorrow morning as the Bath Half Marathon goes along the Lower Bristol Road.

The Link to the leaflet giving times of road closures and parking restrictions is given on this link .

Bath Half Road Closures

The half marathon covers a two lap 13.1 mile (21.1km) traffic-free course straddling both sides of the River Avon. The race starts and finishes in Great Pulteney Street, in the heart of the World Heritage City of Bath.

This annual event attracts thousands of runners and spectators alike please have a look from the vantage points but remember the restrictions.