Wednesday, 27 February 2019

Wedgwood Road - Tree Maintenance

Please take care if you are out and about on Wedgwood Road tomorrow, 28th February as Curo will be cutting back some of the trees in the area as part of their maintenance programme.

Monday, 25 February 2019

Clean Air Zone - Update

After residents from across the city have put pressure on the Conservative administration, it has now been confirmed that the proposed Clean Air Zone being voted on at a special cabinet meeting next week is set to be put in place.

However, they are opting to exclude ALL cars in the revised proposal.  Full details of these proposals can be viewed here.

Waterloo Buildings

It was a pleasure to see the new fencing that we asked for has been erected at Waterloo Buildings replacing the old worn out dilapidated fencing that made the whole area look so untidy.

During the next few months it is hoped that the fencing will be painted to make it look even better.

A group of residents have already volunteered to put some sympathetic planting in where the old shrubs have been removed and along the grass bank opposite your homes and to lead the painting of the fence.

It is also hoped all residents that are able, will join in this group as has been the case in Landseer Road, together we can make Twerton even better.

Please watch out for further updates.

Saturday, 23 February 2019

Street Issues - Twerton & Whiteway

Over the past 12 months, Tim Ball and Sarah Moore have visited every street in the area numerous times and have created a list of issues in each street that they have either observed themselves or have been raised directly by the local residents, eg lack of parking, poorly maintained footpaths/roads, overgrown hedges, poor street lighting, regular flytipping, abandoned vehicles and many others.

Tim and Sarah are working hard to get all these issues resolved, however, some of these have a financial cost, which needs revenue to be put into a budget to deliver or may not be the responsibility of the Council and so other companies need to be involved.

Please email or if you have issues in your street that have not been addressed as they may already be on their list or can be added to the list. 

You can also report minor issues, eg blocked drains, Flytipping, excessive litter etc via the FixMyStreet app yourself.

By working together we will make Twerton and Whiteway the best it can be for all residents.

Friday, 22 February 2019

Twerton High Street updates


We are pleased to see that the Graffiti that was on the Old Co Operative building has been removed as have areas along the high street.

We have asked for further work to take place to remove the remaining Graffiti.

Rubbish bins in Front of the parade.

We have a meeting next week with Curo to find a place to put a secure compound off the High Street for the storage of rubbish bins and recycling.

Bath City

Bath City Football Club are advertising their proposals we are asking all residents to make their comments known during the consultation process that they are running with their development partners. please follow this  link Bath City.

Lower Bristol Road Dangerous Parking

We are working with the Police and Bath and North East Somerset Council to get the dangerous parking resolved on the Lower Bristol Road.

Not only are cars parking on the pavement on a very busy, dangerous road but they are obstructing the view of pedestrians attempting to cross the road at Connection Hill.

We are concerned that some one will be killed at this point so have asked the Police and Council to take enforcement action to prevent this dangerous parking.  We have also asked that a large section of this particular area has double yellow lines installed.

High Street - Connection Hill - Temporary Footpath Closure

Please be aware there is work proposed by Western Power Distribution from 27th February for up to 14 days, which will mean the footpath leading from the top of Connection Road to the Lower Bristol Road (by the side of the Electric Sub station) may be closed off. 

If you usually use this route, the next footpath to the Lower Bristol Road is via Mill Lane.

Wednesday, 20 February 2019

Fix My Street

After receiving a presentation at last night's full Council from a Twerton resident drawing to the Council's attention the frustration that many people have been having identifying who to contact concerning street lights and community areas in Twerton, I have written to Curo suggesting that they sign up alongside the Council to using the fix my street app that would make sharing of information much easier and the complaint or question could seamlessly be allocated to the correct organisation to respond.

Many areas in Twerton are owned by Curo and many others by the Council and neither responding to residents requests without a lot of prompting.

This issue is not just confined to Twerton but is authority wide so needs a solution that covers the whole area.

Again I give thanks that this matter has been drawn to my attention and I hope that my suggestion is taken up by Curo.

Anybody wanting to find out more about Fix my street that is now widely used by Councils please follow this link Fix my Street

A copy of my email is below

It was raised by a member of the public at the full Council tonight about residents having problems with issues of who owns what in the community areas, like lamp posts  communal areas and cleaning to name but a few.

I would like you to consider using the fix my street app alongside the Council so that when residents report a problem it can be quickly sent to the right areas responsible and save duplication for both Curo and Bath and North East Somerset Council.

I am happy to enter further discussions with you on this matter before you dismiss this idea out of hand.

Thursday, 14 February 2019

Bath City Farm - Community Asset Transfer

Bath City Farm is set to become more secure in having a long term lease for it's land being secured by a community asset transfer from the council.

Councillor Tim Ball said: “locally The Liberal Democrat’s have supported the creation of the Farm and have lobbied to have its long term future secured, we are delighted that we have been listened to”.

The Farm will now be secured for the enjoyment of many families from across our area and the whole City.

Sunday, 10 February 2019

Pennyquick Park - Bin update

We are really pleased to confirm that a works order has finally been put in to install a bin by the pedestrian gateway entrance of Pennyquick Park (near to Shaw's Way end).

The bin was promised to us and local residents and park users almost a year ago and we have been chasing for this to be put in ever since.

We are hopeful that this should be put in place in the next few weeks.

Kelston View - Handrail request

Having been asked recently by local residents with assistance in making some of the steps along Kelston View safer, we are pleased to confirm we have received agreement to install Handrails.

These are hopefully going to be installed very soon, however, we will confirm as soon as we have received a date for these.

Saturday, 9 February 2019

Housing Laws are changing

A new law will come into effect on 20th March that will allow tenants the right to sue private landlords if they are failing to keep their homes up together.

The Homes (Fitness for human habitation) Act will allow residents to go to the courts if their accommodation is not maintained well enough. This will apply to residencies of less than seven years.

Issues that are considered as part of this new act include.
  • Repair
  • Stability
  • Damp
  • Internal Arrangement
  • Natural Lighting
  • Ventilation
  • Water Supply
  • Drainage and sanitary conveniences
  • Facilities for preparation and cooking of food and for the disposal of waste water
  • Hazards under the Housing Health and Safety Rating Scheme
It includes properties that are too hot or too cold and those that have issues with noise alongside those issues listed above.

Tim Ball and Sarah Moore will be working with local residents to help them understand where to go for help if their properties are not being adequately maintained and what these new laws will mean for them.

Bath City Football Re-development - CONSULTATION UPDATE

As you are aware Bath City Football Club are looking to re-develop their stadium, this is in conjunction with a developer that is also looking to make significant changes to the way Twerton High Street will look.

We have been in touch with Bath City Football Community coordinator and we can confirm they will be holding 2 further public consultation events.

These will be held on:

  • Wednesday 20th February, from 2pm to 8pm at 115a High Street, Twerton, BA2 1DB

  • Saturday 23rd February from 12pm to 3pm (before kick-off at the home game with Slough Town) in Charlie's Bar at Twerton Park

Please do make sure you go along and have your view heard, do not assume someone else will speak for you.

Thursday, 7 February 2019

North Way - Road Surface update

Small section of North Way

Following a number of emails, meetings and conversations with BANES Council, we are pleased to say we have finally received confirmation that some money has been allocated in next years' budget to be voted on at this month's Council meeting, to make some of the long standing repairs that are required on North Way.

The road is used by a lot of large buses as well as other traffic and is now is such bad repair that it is dangerous.

We will of course not stop chasing the Council until this repair work is properly carried out and not just patched up.

We are also working to get other roads in the area fully repaired and will update you further on these are they progress.

Tuesday, 5 February 2019

Kelston View - Rubbish Bin replacement

Last month a litter bin on Kelston View was removed without warning.  When we contacted the council we were told it was damaged and would be replaced when new bins were in stock.

Sarah Moore chased the council yesterday (04.02.2019) to see when the new bin would be replaced and received a response to say it would be installed by the end of the week.

We are pleased to say that the bin has been replaced this morning and hopefully this will help to reduce the amount of litter that has been appearing along the street.

If you have any similar issues, please do contact us.

Bus Shelter Changes Haycombe Drive

 The council are replacing the glass at the bus shelter at the circle Haycombe Drive with a metal mesh that will hopefully reduce the maintenance.

The mesh has been ordered and will hopefully be in place during the next few week.

This is a trail and if it works will be introduced in other shelters.

The Shelters shown are in other areas where its is working.
As always the cost of maintenance is born by the council tax payer and in ever decreasing budgets this will only put up council tax.

If you witness any one vandalising a bus shelter or know who has then please inform the Police and let us know as well

Monday, 4 February 2019

Southside Youth Hub - Can you help?

Do you have an interest in helping to support young people?

Southside Youth Hub is looking for volunteers to help out at their evening Youth Clubs
For 11-19 years from 6pm to 8.45pm.

A DBS check and training will be given. 

If you are interested please contact:
Babs Mcphail Senior Youth Development Worker on 01225 394482