Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Hanna Close Street Sign

I have asked for the vandalised street name plate at Hanna Close to be replaced as soon as possible.

I think this is a Curo sign as it is quite new but have also asked the council to check that it is not theirs.

If you know who vandalised the sign then please let the Police know.

Cracked paving slabs

I have asked for the cracked paving slabs to be replaced at The Parade Twerton High Street.

I have also suggested that a new bollard is put in place to stop lorries parking on the path of which I feel is causing most of the damage.

By Cllr Tim Ball

Its a start by Curo

Curo have made a start at clearing the land near to 1 Dominion Road and although it is not perfect it is much better than it was a few weeks ago. I will chase this matter until the land is either developed or managed in a more suitable way.

The grass areas in Twerton are much better than they were a few weeks ago but there is still more room for improvement with some gardens that were being dealt with by Curo still needing some attention.

By Cllr Tim Ball

Resurfacing Works watery lane

I am pleased to see that part of Watery Lane has been resurfaced as this has removed some of the quite dangerous pot holes that were appearing and the worn surface that had become quite dangerous in the wet.

There are many other roads in the area that need attention but if you know of one that is particularly bad then please let us know.

By Cllr Tim Ball

Pot Holes Twerton High Street

I have asked for the dangerous Pot Hole in Twerton High Street just up from the Old Crown Public House to be filled in as soon as possible.

The Pot Hole is seen as holding quite a bit of water as some unsuspecting motorists found out in the rain the other day.

By Cllr Tim Ball

Monday, 30 July 2012

Rubbish Collections

Please don't put out too early
I have asked the council to chase up on the residents who are putting their rubbish and recycling out on a Monday afternoon in Twerton when the collection is not till Tuesday morning.

The amount of rubbish bags are increasing that have been split open by a Tuesday morning spilling rubbish over our streets.

What happens if you put them out early
It would be helpful if residents who are putting their bags of rubbish out so early would refrain from doing so until the evening if they can't wait till the mooring of collection.

By Cllr Tim Ball

Friday, 27 July 2012

Highland Road railings

I have asked for the railings below 51 Highland Road to be repaired. These railings have been in a poor state of repair for quite a while now.

I understand that these railings are the responsibility of Curo who I have asked to them to ensure that the repairs take place as soon as possible.

By Cllr Tim Ball

Refuse collections Kelston View

Picture by Sean Moore
I have received numerous complaints about the amount of bags being left out with food waste in them on Kelston View.

It seems that despite the Council running a very good food waste collection service some people are ignoring this and leaving food waste in their bags allowing birds to attack the bags overnight and leave a mess everywhere.

The council have reacted and will be running a educational program to encourage residents in the area to recycle their food waste and not put it out in their black sacks each week.

I have asked that the council monitor the area and ensure that it is cleared up regularly after collections.

By Cllr Tim Ball

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Grass Verges Newton Road

I have made quite a few complaints about the grass verges on Newton Road outside the new Houses.

Curo (Somer) have replied telling me that they have been and will continue to communicate with residents living in Newton Road that they should not be using the grass verge for parking purposes.

They also tell me that they are also enforcing this where they are able to.

A long term sustainable solution has to be found and I am pleased that they have told me that they will be working with colleagues in the Council’s Highways team to  find a more permanent solution to this particular issue.

In the meantime, they have arranged for remedial work to be undertaken to the damaged areas to bring them back to a more presentable position.

I would like to thank them for their attention to this matter that will hopefully bring about a solution.

By Cllr Tim Ball

Land by 1 Dominion Road

I have made quite a few complaints about this land recently and CURO ( Somer ) have finally come back with a full reply that I am happy to bring to your attention.

For those who don't know this is the land by Hanna Close.

CURO reply below in blue for your attention.

I am very sorry that the land issue at Dominion Road continues to be unresolved. It was intended last year that we would offer the land to tenants whose properties were adjacent and extend their current garden space as we felt this was the most appropriate and straightforward solution. 

This did not proceed as we later established that it could provide a much needed space for future development. It should have been cleared and maintained at this point, but we failed to do this.

 I am very sorry and have now arranged for the site to be immediately cleaned up to be maintained on an ongoing basis until we decide what to do with this land.

By Cllr Tim Ball

Grass Cutting In Twerton

I have made several complaints about the poor grass cutting to both the Council and CURO ( Somer ) CURO who cut most of the communal areas have now replied and have asked that I bring their reply to your attention.

below is their reply in blue

We are having some service disruptions that have been caused largely by the adverse weather and not helped by us making some changes to the schedules that we have now rectified. I am sorry that this has led to yourself and a number of your council colleagues receiving complaints. We have employed additional resources to improve both the performance and quality and we are making considerable progress each day. Today we have posted a statement on the Curo website to inform and hopefully assure residents that steps are being taken to address this. I have pasted it below for your information. It would be really helpful if you could sign post any residents to this in the event that you receive any more complaints. It is in the news section of the web site. http://www.curo-group.co.uk/

‘’There are currently some delays with grass-cutting and other grounds maintenance works. The continued heavy rain is one of the main reasons for this but we are working very closely with our contractors to get back on schedule. An additional team has been taken on to tackle the back-log and significant progress is being made. The situation is being reviewed on a daily basis and a further update will be provided shortly. We apologise for the inconvenience that has been caused and assure all residents that we are doing all that is necessary to provide a high standard of service."

by Cllr Tim Ball

Pennard Green Bollards

I have asked Curo ( Somer ) to urgently replace the bollard removed by their contractor at Pennard Green.

I have also asked for the bollard that has been knocked over to be repaired or replaced as soon as possible.

By Cllr Tim Ball

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Somer Name Change

Twerton based Somer Housing have changed their name to Curo as part of a company restructure but it has been noticed that they do not carry Twerton in their Company address lets hope that they put that right, Twerton residents are proud to live here come on Curo.

Rather than me go on this is what Curo say about themselves on their website.

Somer Housing Group – one of the largest social landlords and support providers in the South West – has re-launched with a new name: Curo.

In the past Somer operated three member organisations, each with its own name and brand: Somer Community Housing Trust, Redland and Shape. These have now been brought together as Curo.

“This is an exciting and positive time for Curo," said Victor da Cunha, Chief Executive of Curo. "It’s not just our name we’ve changed – we’re also making big changes to the way we do things, whilst making sure we put customer service at the heart of everything we do. We have big plans for the future and have set ourselves an ambitious five-year plan with a mission to '…make a positive and profound contribution to the neighbourhoods we work in – inspiring and empowering people to succeed in life'.

“Our new name, Curo, comes from the Latin word ‘I care’ and reinforces one of our core values as well as our desire to provide excellent customer services. The move away from the name Somer also reflects that we work across the South West of England, not just in Bath and the Somer valley.

“Simplifying the way the organisation is run will reduce duplication, and having a single name and brand will make it easier for customers and those we work with to know us by one name.”

We've written to all our customers explaining the changes and stressing that the new name will not affect tenancy conditions, rents or the costs of any support services.

From 2nd July, Somer, Redland and Shape will start to advertise all its homes and services under the brand Curo, with new-look uniforms, signs and vans – sporting a friendly and informal new brand.

To read more about this go to their web site on the link below.


By Cllr Tim Ball

Response from Somer on failure to clear up

I have had a good response from Somer ( now Curo ) on the issues of clearing up the land by the side of 1 Dominion Road.

1) An Email from Curo CX on Sunday
2) A personal phone call from one of the directors Monday afternoon
3) A email today form the case officer assigned to deal with the matter.

It seems that they are at long last taking notice of what has been said but only time will tell.

But I am sure Twerton residents will join me in thanking Curo for taking the matter more seriously.

Waste Collections need sorting

I have asked that the rubbish collection at Cleeve is sorted out as the mess in the picture is appearing every week.

I have asked that the mess is cleared up without delay.

It seems that the person responsible for putting out the rubbish may need assistance in dealing with how to separate their waste as it is being put out on a Monday night and being attacked by the Sea Gulls.

by Tim Ball