Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Newton Road

We have asked for the School Crossing Patrol sign at St Michael's Junior School to be cleaned as soon as possible.

As can be seen in the picture the sign is covered in green moss and is hard to see by cars approaching the School from Twerton High Street.

We hope that this will be done quite quickly in order to ensure the safety of local Children.

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Innox Park

Spent an hour on Saturday morning clearing up litter in the park with Sarah Moore.

Although it looked like some one had cleared up quite a bit before we got there we still removed a good bag full of  rubbish.

It seems like some youths are gathering at the top of the park drinking at night, an we have asked the Police to keep an eye on this area.

Monday, 23 June 2014

Woodhouse Road and Carr's Close

We have asked the council and Curo to clear up the filthy mess that we found in Woodhouse Road and Carr's Close this morning.

There as we can tell is no excuse for allowing this sort of mess to build up and we hope that they
would get this sorted out as soon as possible.


Newton Road ( St Michaels Junior School )

We have asked for the bollard that has been knocked over outside of the Junior School to be
reinstated as soon as possible.

This is not the first time that this bollard has been knocked over and we will be chasing to try to find out who has knocked it over.

It is clear that as this is a concrete bollard that there must be some damage to the vehicle that hit it over, If you know who did this then please let us know.

Wooshouse Road

We have asked the Council to ensure that the grass beside 25 Woodhouse Road is cut as soon as possible,

This Council owned patch of land often gets forgotten as it is in amongst other areas that are covered Curo.

We have also asked that it is included on regular schedules.

Walwyn Close Twerton

We have asked the council to clear up this mess close to the Doctors Surgey at Walwyn Close as soon as possible.

It looks like this has been dumped deliberately and if you saw who did this then please let us know?

Missing an broken litter bins

We have asked that the litter bin that has been removed by the footpath close to the White horse Public House is replaced as soon as possible.

We have also asked that the litter bin by 13 Freeview road that is in the verge of collapsing is replaced as soon as possible.

We hope that these will be replaced shortly.

Friday, 13 June 2014

Newton Road (Traffic Calming)

We had a very good meeting at St Michael's Junior School on Tuesday regarding the proposals for traffic calming outside the School.

The proposals are being finally put together and will be out for consultation in the next few weeks .

The Scheme is a £35,000 scheme that will include build outs new sight lines new road markings as well as restricted parking during School hours.

We have agreed with the head teacher of the school that he will publish the finalised plans on the school website as well as being carried out on this blog.

The matter of road safety as far as children in the area is concerned has always been a concern and this should help ease the situation.

The Scheme is scheduled to be implemented by November this year.

Thursday, 12 June 2014

Missing Buses & Lower Bus Fares

I have had cause to tackle first Bus for failing to run a service on the number 5 bus route last night for what I have been told by passengers was up to 2 hours between about 7.15pm till 9.15 pm towards Twerton.

The problem is that although First knew there was a problem running buses to Twerton they seemed to make no effort to inform passengers waiting at the bus station or those on route to Twerton.

A very valid reason for buses not running properly was very evident as there was a very serious house fire on the Lower Bristol road at the time but this was not communicated.

I remember a child an inspector took pride in making sure that passengers were aware of a problem it seems that this failed completely last night.

First have agreed to look at their procedures and to find out what went wrong.

On a good point First have just told us that they are reducing their fares for Families and Children please follow this link for that story

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Bus Stops Kelston View

We have been having a few issues with bus stops on Kelston View in the past few moths and just when we think that we have got it sorted another problem occurs.

The first issue was with a bus stop being put in outside of Wedgewood road flats that was taking away valuable parking spaces.

We are pleased that this matter has now been sorted and the bus stop is being altered to reinstate the parking spaces.

What we could not believe is that just when this matter was resolved that the council started to put in a bus build out by 38 Kelston View that we and residents had already objected to as the bus stop is never used, again removing valuable parking spaces. This work has now been stopped until we are happy with the situation and can resolve the issue of further parking spaces being lost.

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Dominion Road

We have asked that further dislodged paving stones are put right in Dominion Road.

It seems to be a constant thing in Dominion Road that we are having to carry out this out this sort of work but essential for public safety.

If you area aware of any other issues then please let us know and we will attend to them.

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Working with Curo in Twerton

We had a very good meeting with Curo last night where we discussed some local issues that need resolving that includes.

Land reorganisation of who owns or does what and to try to rationalise who is responsible in certain areas it was proposed that Redland Park could be a pilot.

We also discussed the amount of fly tipping at at Carrs woodland and we are planning a clear up of the land in September this year.

The condition of Linley Close garages was raised and we explained that we are unhappy that it has taken Curo since March to get this area cleaned up.

We are hopeful that the  footpath at Hinton Close will soon be passed to the council so that it can be secured and used to create extra space for the Hut  and its uses.

Monday, 2 June 2014

Continuing successes for Connecting Families initiative

A Bath & North East Somerset Council initiative to support local people with serious issues affecting their home lives has had a positive impact on the lives of 58 families since it launched in April 2013.
Connecting Families is run by the Council working with local partner organisations, and provides an intensive programme of support to families.
As a direct result of this there are children back in school who were previously playing truant or excluded; high levels of youth crime and anti-social behaviour have been reduced; adults are moving off benefits and into work. As a direct result some of the cost to local public services and burden on the taxpayer are reduced too.
In one case, a young person who has not been in education or employment for over a year is now attending a local Further Education College, has secured a work placement and housing. He said that without Connecting Families he “…would still all be sat at home claiming job seekers allowance and would have no motivation”.
Another 15-year-old who had not been to school for two years is now receiving education through the Hospital Education Service as a result of Connecting Families. She says she is now more confident, is able to deal with her anxiety and depression and has secured a place with training provider KTS.
The scheme is on track to meet the Council’s target of making a difference to 215 families in Bath & North East Somerset by May 2015.
Here in Twerton we are pleased at the amount of families have received help from this initiative and are now on the road to a better life.