Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Mill lane Bridge

Essential inspection works will take place at Mill Lane Bridge will mean delays exiting Twerton to the Lower Bristol Road.

Detailed Examination Of Above Retaining Walls Using Road Mounted Mewp, Ladders And Small Hand Tools. Works To Be Carried Out Between The Hours Of 22:00 Tuesday 2nd August - 06:00 Wednesday 3rd August 2016.

Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Safer Roads - Latest

Councillor Tim Ball and I today met with the Divisional Director for Environmental Services, together with her colleague to further discuss the state of the roads in Twerton.

Whilst we were meeting, they were both shocked by the high number of large busses that use our roads and were not aware of the considerable number that travel these badly damaged roads often either empty or with just a couple of passengers.

It was agreed that we will be looking at 2 key things, the cause of the rapid decline in the condition of our roads and how the roads can be repaired.

Tim and I have already had discussions with FirstBus who have agreed to attend 2 meetings in September for residents to come along to and have their say on what sort of bus service we would all like to cover this area.  As soon as the locations for these meetings have been confirmed, we will circulate this around the whole area to ensure as many residents can attend.

We have asked the Council to prioritise North Way as an urgent need to totally repair this road, not just lay tarmac on top of the considerable damage that is there.  Then moving onto Kelston View and then other roads across this area to ensure they are all brought up to a standard that we can use safely. 

We understand there has been no money put aside in the budget for any of this work, however, this will now be fully costed with a view to get the work into the future road repair budgets and get the work completed.

We will continue to push for this work until we get the outcome we need and will not drop this until the work has been completed. 

Positive meeting with Cabot Learning Federation

Lib Dem Councillors from South West Bath that included Twerton Councillor Tim Ball have met with the Chief Executive of the Cabot Learning Federation, the Academy Chain which sponsors Bath Community Academy, to discuss the future of the school. 

Councillor Dine Romero (Southdown, Lib Dem) commented:
Lib Dem Councillors from South West Bath wards had a positive meeting this morning with Steve Taylor, the Chief Executive of the Cabot Learning Federation. We were grateful for Mr Taylor’s assurances that support will be put in place for children who are currently working towards their GCSEs. 

We also welcome his agreement that there is a need for continued education provision on the Bath Community Academy site. The discussion now needs to be about transformation rather than closure. This needs to be the right sort of provision for the community and for the city as a whole.

“We intend to call a public meeting with parents and the local community in the near future, probably in September. This will be an opportunity for an exchange of information and views.”

Twerton Arch

Twerton arch the entrance to Twerton via the lower Bristol will close tonight from 12.15 am till 6 am for detailed inspection of the bridge.

Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Rubbish Kelston View - UPDATED

After receiving complaints from residents about the amount of rubbish being scattered along Kelston View from rubbish deposited outside Bath City Farm gates on rubbish collection day each week.

We are working with the farm and council to try to resolve this issue, and have suggested that the farm build a wooden containment unit outside the farm gates to keep the rubbish bags in until collection.

We will keep residents postured on progress.


Since releasing this post earlier this morning we can already confirm that the Farm has acted promptly in putting this in place, as you can see below:

We would like to thank the Farm for their prompt action in building this to help prevent the rubbish bags from being attacked and for their continued great work in supporting our local community.

Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Bath City Farm Fun Day Saturday 16th July

 Bath City Farm are gearing themselves up for a Big Farm Fun Day, which they are  holding with Southside Family Project this year, on Saturday 16th July, 12-3pm.  The Farm very much hope you'll be able to join them for an afternoon of fun, games and entertainment and help them raise money for the Farm and Southside Family Project.  

To help make this year's event extra successful, they are asking for donations of good quality, clean teddies, bric-a-brac and unopened bottles for their stalls.  You can drop donated items 9am-5pm Monday-Saturday.  

There'll also be a cake stall on the day, so if anyone would like to make a cake to sell, please bring them to the farm on Friday 15th July, between 9am and 4pm in a container (with your name and phone number marked clearly so we can return it to you), or wrapped in cling film

They will be very grateful for anything you can donate

Monday, 4 July 2016

Shophouse Road High Street Junction

A new crossing has been installed at the bottom of Shophouse Road very close to the Junction with Twerton High Street.

As part of the works the traffic priority has been changed meaning traffic from the Lower Bristol Road has to give way when approaching this junction.

I have asked for the sake of safety that advisory signs are put in place warning motorists of the change.

The work that ha been carried out has been done with financial support of the 4 councillors for Twerton & Westmoreland through the councils ward councillor initiative fund,