Friday, 31 May 2013

Fly posting

Fly postering has started to appear on the former blockbuster building in Twerton High Street.

I have contacted the council and am attempting to contact the new owners Morrison's to try to get the fly pottering removed as soon as possible.

It appears that the posters are for the Moles Club in Bath and the Dolphin public House.

It should be remembered that it is an offence to Fly poster and both businesses will be reported for appropriate action.

By Councillor Tim Ball

Newton Road Bolards to be installed

The issue of the parking on the grass verges on Newton Road has been a hot topic for some time now.

We have agreed to have new bollards put in place between the entrance to Redland Park and the exit from Redland Park to stop the erosion of the grass verges.

Residents in this area have ample parking to the rear of their homes and have no need to park in front of their homes.

This work should take place later this year and the bollards will be of a design that will blend in with the local area.

We are also considering having having small pear trees installed on these verges to completely tidy up the area and will be consulting residents on this issue.

There may also be a small section that will need to have some grass Crete fitted and we are seeking funding for this.

This will be another of our six to fix issues that we promised residents that we would deal with.

By Councillor Tim Ball

Poolemead Road grass verges good news

As in our promises made to residents pre the local elections in 2011 we are please to announce that we are now able to go ahead with the installation of grass Crete at Poolemead Road.

Grass Crete will allow parking on the grass verges where there are no double yellow lines and will clear up the damage highlighted in this picture opposite.

This is another of our six to fix promises that we made to residents that is being achieved.

The finances have been made available by the two local Liberal Democrats Tim Ball & Gerry Curran Councillors ward initiative fund that allows Councillors a limited budget to spend on important local issues.

The proposals are:

1.       From the telephone box down to the vehicular access into Poole House  40metres x 1.5 metres

2.       From the vehicular access to Poole House down towards Garrick Road junction (to stop at the double yellow lines)

3.       Reinstate grass verge behind the yellow lines.

We would hope that this work would be carried out later this year.

By Cllr Tim Ball & Cllr Gerry Curran

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Split bags Kelston View

We have asked for the mess that was created outside Bath City Farm on Kelston View to be cleared up.

Bags were placed outside of the farm entrance after the rubbish collection and one was split covering the area with litter.

We have asked for two issues to be addressed,

1, The Farm to put out waste at the correct time.

2, To ensure that there is no food waste to be put out in bags.

Redland Park Road sign

Curo housing have confirmed that the Numbering sign that was removed from the area close to 122 Redland park that was dangerous being repaired and will soon be replaced.

We would like to thank Curo for their prompt action with regards to this sign.

If you are aware of any other signs that need dealing with then please let us know.

By Cllr Tim Ball

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Garage mess Clyde Gardens

I am currently chasing the problem of a garage in Clyde Gardens in Twerton that has been left full of rubbish with the garage door off.

The garage looks to be abandoned and know one seems to know who owns it.

 I am concern that the garage is a fire hazard and I am asking for it to be secured in advance of getting it fully cleared.

Monday, 27 May 2013

Good News at Hanna Close

Curo housing have confirmed that the action they are taking is making an improvement to the local area.

After I made complaints last month the rubbish has been cleared from behind the garage block and the untaxed van has now gone.

The user of the garage has been reminded of the need to respect the neighbours rights to privacy and not to carry out works on stock cars.

The owner of the trailer is being pursued and will be asked to remove it.

By cllr Tim Ball

Monday, 20 May 2013

Connection Hill Closed

Connection Hill that Connects Twerton High Street to the Lower Bristol Road is closed today 20th May and tomorrow 21st May for tree maintenance works.

All other roads are unaffected.

By Cllr Tim Ball

Thursday, 16 May 2013

Double Yellow Lines

The issue of Double Yellow Lines has become an issue in several parts of Twerton in recent months

The law states that the double yellow must apply from the centre line of the road to the property boundary so the Council have no discretion on that but to enforce any parking infringement.

The Council have stepped up its enforcement through efficiency gains and it is unearthing a few of these type of problems which in the past have gone unenforced.

We have arranged a meeting with officers of the council next week to resolve some of the anomalies that have been unearthed and a resolution to the problem will be consulted upon with residents before being put into place.

The main area that this has been a problem is Poolemead Road where we are also resolving other issues and we hope that we can resolve these problems.

By Cllr Tim Ball

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Student block for Lower Bristol Road

There are plans for a major development of a new student block on the Lower Bristol Road at the Old Mill site.

This application is a positive one and should help clean up a rather dilapidated area and provide the extra footfall to our local shops to ensure that they survive in our community.

Erection of student accommodation (sui generis) (comprising 279 student bedrooms in studio/cluster flats and 50 bedrooms in 7 No. town houses) comprising 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 storeys in height; together with 4 No. parking spaces (3 disabled and 1 management space); 96 covered cycle spaces; 2 No. covered refuse/recycling stores; covered plant room; vehicular access from the east (Mill Lane); emergency/maintenance vehicular access from Lower Bristol Road; new hard/soft landscaping treatment, following demolition of existing industrial/office buildings (revised resubmission)
Application reference: 13/01876/EFUL received on 01/05/2013

Morrions heads for Twerton High Street

The News that many Twerton residents have been waiting for is that Morrisons are on their way to Twerton High Street and will be occupying the former blockbuster store.

Morrisons are also proposing to put in a new cash point long asked for by your local councillors and residents alike.

A new Planning application has been submitted by Morrisons and is open for comments, Please follow the link below to view the application or to make a comment.

Installation of air conditioning units with associated plant to roof and new shop front including new ATM
Application reference: 13/01866/FUL received on 01/05/2013

Friday, 10 May 2013

Last nights Twerton Pact

I was as disappointed as others that turned up for the Twerton PACT last night that it did not take place due to unforeseen circumstances.

I am in touch with the Police and am suggesting that they organise another PACT meeting as soon as one can be organised giving sufficient time for residents to be notified.

Once I hear back from the Police about the new date I will publicise it.

Thursday, 9 May 2013

Linley Close garages update

I am pleased that Curo have indicated that they will have the Linley Close garages cleaned up within two working days and that they will be actively investigated the fencing in of the recycling area.

I now await to see the action promised.

Hanna Close Twerton

I have asked Curo to clear up the mess that has been dumped behind the garages at  Hanna Close.

I was horrified last week to see furniture and old car parts dumped in this area, I am hopeful that Curo will soon have this cleared up and that they will find the culprits.

If you know who has dumped in this area then please let us know.

Redland Park Numbering name plate

I have asked that the numbering name plate is removed and repaired alongside 122 Redland Park.

This numbering plate is in a poor condition and is dangerous so it's repair is urgently needed.

Linley Close Garages

I have written to Curo asking them to clear up the mess that has been created at the garage area at Linley Close.

I have also asked that the burnt out recycling bins that have been left for over a week now are removed and that this area has the fencing around it that we agreed some time ago put urgently in place.

It is important that this area is secured before the bins are returned.

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Graffiti Twerton High Street

I have again chased up the issue of the graffiti on the wall above the former Blockbuster store and
have asked the council to ensure that it is removed as soon as possible.

Removing Graffiti from a private building always takes longer than normal as permission has to be granted from the owners.

In this case change of ownership seems to be delaying things.

by Councillor Tim Ball

Saturday, 4 May 2013

5 crimes that need solving

The Police would like your help in resolving the following 5 incidents.

Woman assaulted Twerton High Street

At approximately 03.30am on Tuesday 30th April, an incident took place on Twerton High Street, Bath whereby a female was assaulted.

The Crime reference is 40978/13/13

Attempted break in

Between 11.00pm on Sunday 28th April and 8.00am on Monday 29th April, unknown persons have gained entry to a garden in Freeview Road, Bath, whereupon an attempt has been made to force entry to the shed by burning the door.

The Crime reference is 40598/13/13  
Window smashed

Between 9.00pm on Friday 26th April and 10.00am on Saturday 27th April, unknown persons have broken the window of a ground floor flat in Linley Close, Twerton, Bath.

The Crime reference is 40031/13 

Man Assaulted Kelston View

At approximately 00.15am on Saturday 27th April an incident occurred in Kelston View, Bath whereby a male was assaulted.

The Crime reference is 39924/13

Attempted Lead Theft

At 11.30pm on Friday 26th April, offenders were disturbed on the roof of a converted church in Mill Lane, Bath where they were attempting to steal the lead.  They made off towards Lower Bristol Road.

The Crime reference is 39922/13

 If you have any information regarding these incidents please contact the Police on 101 quoting reference