Friday, 31 August 2012

Twerton Pact Last Night

I have had a quick briefing on the PACT priorities at last nights meeting.

The meeting agreed 3 priorities and these are in no specific order

A Boards on the High Street

Street Drinking in Twerton

Sorting out the No Right or left hand turns into and out of High Street from connection Hill.

It was also raised about white keep clear lines along Garrick Road that one resident thought that Councillors should have pushed for along Garrick Road and made disparaging remarks about them not being done. Key residents at several locations in Garrick Road have been spoken to and do not support any parking restrictions and unless any clear substantiated evidence is brought forward this will not be pursued.

Another resident raised issues about anti social behaviour and how all the agencies need to work together in a joined up fashion, A separate meeting I understand is being arranged to resolve this issue.

The priorities given above are all in the best interests of Twerton Residents and we will do our best to deliver them.

The next meeting is to be held at Southside community Centre Kelston View on 13th December at 7PM.

By Cllr Tim Ball