Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Bus stop issues

We are dealing with several issues with regards to the installation of Bus Stops in the Twerton area.

At Kelston View we are investigating why the bus stop makings have extended 4 meteres over the front of the Bus Stop build out and we have asked for this to be reduced by 2 to 3 meteres to allow parking which is limited in this area.

We were given as a reason for this extension of the Bus Stop markings was the need for a bus to be able to pull out particularly if cars we parked on the opposite side of the road. ( we have never seen cars parked there )

We have suggested that white lines are painted to avoid this problem on the opposite side of  the Road  that will ensure that no parking can take place there and allow buses to pull out, that we hope will do away with the need for the 4 metere extension.

We are pleased however that the broken bollard has now been replaced and hope that it will now be left alone.

If any one has problems with the new Bus stop installations then please let us know.