Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Safer Roads - Latest

Councillor Tim Ball and I today met with the Divisional Director for Environmental Services, together with her colleague to further discuss the state of the roads in Twerton.

Whilst we were meeting, they were both shocked by the high number of large busses that use our roads and were not aware of the considerable number that travel these badly damaged roads often either empty or with just a couple of passengers.

It was agreed that we will be looking at 2 key things, the cause of the rapid decline in the condition of our roads and how the roads can be repaired.

Tim and I have already had discussions with FirstBus who have agreed to attend 2 meetings in September for residents to come along to and have their say on what sort of bus service we would all like to cover this area.  As soon as the locations for these meetings have been confirmed, we will circulate this around the whole area to ensure as many residents can attend.

We have asked the Council to prioritise North Way as an urgent need to totally repair this road, not just lay tarmac on top of the considerable damage that is there.  Then moving onto Kelston View and then other roads across this area to ensure they are all brought up to a standard that we can use safely. 

We understand there has been no money put aside in the budget for any of this work, however, this will now be fully costed with a view to get the work into the future road repair budgets and get the work completed.

We will continue to push for this work until we get the outcome we need and will not drop this until the work has been completed.