Friday, 17 November 2017

Letter regarding old refuse bins

Councillor Tim Ball has written to the conservative administration on Bath & North East Somerset Council about the old refuse bins that people are left with now that council has imposed its new bin and bag policies.

The letter is reproduced below.

15th November 2017

Councillor Bob Goodman
Cabinet for Development & Neighbourhoods
Bath & North East Somerset Council
Guildhall High Street 

Dear Councillor Goodman 

I am receiving many complaints from residents in Twerton regarding the disposal of their old dustbins now that the council is insisting that the new bins or bags that they have supplied must be used in place of bins residents already have.

I am aware that some of my residents have contacted the council to enquire about the disposal of their old bins to be told that they would be charged a disposal rate to have them taken away.

Councillor Goodman can I remind you that many of my residents live at or below poverty levels and can’t afford this extra cost just to fall into line with a new council waste policy.

This is just another issue that has not been thought through at all well in the rush to get this policy through.

I hope that you can tell me that I am wrong and you are arranging free collection of these unwanted and now not needed bins.