Monday, 19 February 2018

Post office closure alarm.

We have been concerned for some time now about the future of the post office in Tweston High Street,  since the Southern Co operative chain decided to close the store the post office was housed in.

 We have been told over the weekend that the post office Wedgewood Road may not be operating as an early March as the store has changed hands.

If we are to lose  both post office  stores it will mean that there is no post office in the south-west of Bath.

 We have today contacted post office counters asked them for a response on the future of the post office at both Twerton High Street and Wedgewood Road.

 We are very concerned about the effects of losing one post office from this area let alone prospect of losing both.

We will update this blog soon as we hear back from the post office counters concerning the issues that we have raised with them.