Tuesday, 29 January 2019

HMO application Haycombe Drive

We have a retrospective planning application to convert a 4 bed dwelling house at 181 Haycombe Drive to a 6 bed roomed HMO.

We have raised objections to this planning application as we feel that a six bed roomed HMO in this location is far to much for the community and have asked that it is refused, we have asked that if approval is recommended that it is sent to the planning committee to be determined in public session.

The application can be viewed or you can leave comments at this Link 181 Haycombe Drive.

We are concerned that far to many properties are being converted into HMO's without permission being sought.

It is good to remember that all HMO's now require a license as well as planning permission.
The council Licensing policy for HMO's can be found on the link below.

Bathnes HMO Licensing