Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Grass Cutting In Twerton

I have made several complaints about the poor grass cutting to both the Council and CURO ( Somer ) CURO who cut most of the communal areas have now replied and have asked that I bring their reply to your attention.

below is their reply in blue

We are having some service disruptions that have been caused largely by the adverse weather and not helped by us making some changes to the schedules that we have now rectified. I am sorry that this has led to yourself and a number of your council colleagues receiving complaints. We have employed additional resources to improve both the performance and quality and we are making considerable progress each day. Today we have posted a statement on the Curo website to inform and hopefully assure residents that steps are being taken to address this. I have pasted it below for your information. It would be really helpful if you could sign post any residents to this in the event that you receive any more complaints. It is in the news section of the web site.

‘’There are currently some delays with grass-cutting and other grounds maintenance works. The continued heavy rain is one of the main reasons for this but we are working very closely with our contractors to get back on schedule. An additional team has been taken on to tackle the back-log and significant progress is being made. The situation is being reviewed on a daily basis and a further update will be provided shortly. We apologise for the inconvenience that has been caused and assure all residents that we are doing all that is necessary to provide a high standard of service."

by Cllr Tim Ball