Monday, 19 August 2013

Twerton toilets update

Residents will have noticed that the toilets have remanded open whilst we negotiate with a private sponsor for these toilets .

Councillor Gerry Curran has had initial talks on this matter that seem positive, but nothing is secured at the moment.

As those who have used the toilets in Twerton will have noticed these toilets are in urgent need of modernisation and we have t be realistic as to what we are able to achieve in the short term and security of use is also and important matter to ensure that criminal activities don not take place.

We have become aware that a debate may be held in the council with regard to the council closure of toilets program.

It needs to be pointed out however that the Council can not alter the program as it was an issue agreed by Council in a budget debate and we believe that the only safe way to secure public toilets in Twerton is through private sponsorship.

By Councillor Tim Ball