Thursday, 4 February 2016

Rose cottage, elected Mayor etc.

Councillor Tim Ball spent several hours at Rose cottage today talking with local residents talking about issues that affect them.

Rose cottage is a very good community cafe that is open on a Wednesday and Thursday from 9 am till 2pm. They offer a special lunch with a drink for £4 or under with Kids meals even cheaper so well worth a visit.

Some of the issues that were discussed today were about the planning application for a single bed roomed dwelling in pace of the old public toilet block that local residents say they want but planners seem to have a different opinion of.

The other planning matter for discussion was the land at Bath City Farm that has a planning application for housing that no one thought was a good idea.

The issue of the travellers site on the Lower Bristol Road came up and several questions were asked and when the answers were given that rent was being paid by occupants, most residents agreed that it was a good idea.

The final subject was about a directly elected Mayor for Bath & North East Somerset that everyone said was a total waste of money and would lessen democracy rather than increase it.