Monday, 26 September 2016

Even More Busses through Twerton

Following my post in July concerning the state of the roads across the Twerton area, I am extremely concerned to see we now have an additional bus service running!

We now have a number 17 service being run by Wessex Connect that comes up Watery Lane, Poolemead Road, Wedgewood Road, Kelston View, North Way and then on around areas of Southdown before going back through town and up to the University of Bath.  This bus service is running from 6.45am with the last bus scheduled to come through Twerton at approx 3.15am

This now means that the above roads have almost 200 large busses EVERY DAY running on them. These are residential roads most of which are in urgent need of radical replacement as they were deemed not to be in a fit state to take the original level of bus usage, let alone the additional quantity now being run.

There is an infant school on one of the roads and large numbers of children playing near them, putting safe routes to school in danger and also increasing the risk of children not only being injured by the increased traffic, but their health will also be affected by the increased pollution being produced across this area.

I have written to the Council this morning and requested that immediate action is taken to remedy this situation.