Tuesday, 18 September 2018

It's good to talk

We have been out talking with residents in Landseer Road recently and have picked up on various issues in the area including anti-social behaviour, broken, dangerous drain covers and street lights that do not work at night, all of which have been reported for repair.

The residents in Landseer Road have also taken ownership of their street by clearing up the streets, planting flowers and shrubs and even installing a seat so they can sit out talking with each other.

We are out in Twerton all year round talking with residents to ensure their voices are heard.

Residents often say they do not know who to talk to about issues  in their community, especially if their landlord, housing association or council are not listening to them and we are keen to make sure everyone across Twerton know we are here all year around, but also make it clear what local Councillors can actually do for them.

A lot of issues raised are things that are down to central government and locally elected individuals have very limited capacity to help, but without being asked we cannot direct people to the correct people that could help.

We also find with the rapid cuts and constant changes in services, residents feel they no longer get value for money from their taxes.

Please do look out for us in your street and don't be afraid to stop us and have a chat, we are keen to make Twerton the best community it can be.