Monday, 13 December 2010

Door-to-door loan companies in this area

Door-to-door loan companies operate in South West Bath. Sometimes they call on residents and offer loans of money which thave to be repaid at very high interest rates.

These loans might seem tempting but can lead to further hardship. For this reason a poster has been made to tell residents ways that they can get alternative financial help from the Citizens Advice Bureau, the Credit Union and Christians against Poverty (CAP).

The Citizens Advice Bureau gives financial advice at First Steps Children's Centre in Twerton on most Tuesdays. Telephone 01225 444791 to book an appointment. The Credit Union lends with far lower interest rates and also has an agent at Southdown Methodist Centre, The Hollow, on Thursdays between 6pm and 7pm. Call 0117 9247309.

Christians against Poverty (CAP) offers a free service for those in debt. An account is set up for you to pay off bills and debts by making one weekly or monthly payment to CAP which is distributed to your creditors. Call 0800 3280006.

To download the poster click here. Feel free to print off and pass on as many copies as you like.