Monday, 13 December 2010

Safety by the School gate

Our Two Local Schools both have safety problems with Children getting to the Schools and crossing the roads safely

St Michaels Junior School has had a problem with Children being knocked down whilst crossing the road mainly due to parked cars being in the way and Children running out in front of unsuspecting traffic. We have resolved some of the problems by having wooden bollards placed along the entire stretch of the road opposite the school.

A petition was presented to Bath & North East Somerset Council on 16th November by a concerned local parent calling for a pedestrian crossing on Newton Road to enable safer crossing of the Road. Although the school has had a crossing patrol person in the past and another is due to start we feel that a formal pedestrian crossing will help focus on a single crossing point on the road, at the moment children cross at various locations. Tim & Gerry are supporting the petition and would ask that if you have not signed the petition yet then you are able to still sign a copy at Boots the Chemist Twerton High Street.

The Problems at Twerton Infant School are getting quite bad with Cars parking on the hatched no parking area outside of the School causing a danger for children crossing the road.

The Police have been very good in being present when they are able but this is not enough as people still park there when the police are not in attendance, It is only time before a nasty accident happens.

We have asked the council to take action and have issued a 7 point plan to help resolve the issues outside of the School.

1) The Police tell me that the yellow school markings are not adopted and we have asked the Council to regulate these lines.

2) We have asked for road markings to be placed on the road from both directions saying "SLOW SCHOOL"

3) We have asked for the steps opposite the School gates to be looked at and repaired and to see if they can be adapted into a single dedicated safe crossing point for the School.

4) We have asked for the road surface is repaired outside of the School and painted red to indicate a danger.

5) We have asked for a 20MPH scheme is brought in outside of the school.

6) We have asked for new signs on the approaches to the school as the current ones are not good enough.

7) We have asked for further parking restrictions to be considered from The Junction of Sheridan Road to the Junction of Shaws way to be operational from 8am till 4pm.