Saturday, 23 April 2011

New Mini Recycling Centre – The Parade, High Street, Twerton

Somer Housing are planning to arrange for B&NES to install a Mini Recycling Centre (MRC), for residents living in the flats at The Parade. Wheelie bins will be provided in a fixed frame, in the car park area next to the garages.

The current situation involves the B&NES recycling contractor, May Gurney, collecting the individual recycling boxes from outside of the flats. 
Following Health & Safety issues with the collection crews travelling down the stairs with full recycling boxes, Somer now feel it would be more beneficial to provide residents at The Parade with a Mini Recycling Centre.

This would involve residents taking their recycling down to this area and depositing this in the appropriate recycling bin. There would no longer be a recycling box collection or a blue bag collection for cardboard, meaning residents would not have to store recycling in their flats until collection day.

We have expressed some concern to Somer about the security of the recycling area and are insisting that the bins are secured in this area. 

Somer are writing to all residents this week and if supported they will arrange installation by the end of June.