Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Pedestrian Crossing Newton Road

We have received the report concerning the petition for a pedestrian crossing on Newton Road. We are disappointed that the Conservative executive member has decided not to install a crossing at this moment in time but we are encouraged that some action is being taken.

The report is below.

The reduction in accident statistics on Newton Road immediately surrounding the school suggests the Safer Routes to School funded engineering has been successful in reducing speeds, raising awareness of children crossing and therefore reducing child accidents in the immediate vicinity of the school. There is, however, a continuing level of concern about crossing this road, both during the school journey and in use by the wider community where this road is regularly crossed.
It is proposed that further investigation into the dangers encountered by school children crossing in this location be undertaken, led by an update in the school travel plan. The Safer Routes to School officer (Jessica Fox-Taylor) has provided online surveys links to engage with pupils, parents, staff, governors and residents local to the school. The Safer Routes to School officer will continue to liase with the school on their progress in updating the travel plan, and ensure any emerging need for a controlled pedestrian crossing in this location is reflected in the list of engineering schemes to be brought forward for future Safer Routes to School capital funding.
Unfortunately the candidate selected for the School Crossing Patrol post has decided not to take up the offer of the job; however Bath and North East Somerset Council will continue to recruit for this post.